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  1. I'm with you 100% on that. This was a breath of fresh air compared to other early summer trades MB has made in recent seasons.
  2. He doesn't get us through the playoffs that we won't participate in anyway.
  3. He'll find someone with 2 years left to trade for someone on an expiring contract at some point this year.
  4. There's a board in the war room in Montreal: Finish: What we need on offense. Finnish: The direction we're heading. Finished: What we're looking for tomorrow.
  5. Is the first pre-season game too early for Steve Mason night at the Bell Center?
  6. Fans: "We need guys who can finish!" MB: "How about I do you one better and get you some guys who actually ARE Finnish." The Finnish line: Lehkonen-Kotkaniemi-Armia
  7. I lurk on the forums a lot and I really value the opinions of the members here, so thanks for that. To me, it makes perfect sense to move Price (along with the others mentioned), and I believe it actually shortens the time that the team's re-build will actually take. I would be pleasantly surprised if Bergevin was actually thinking this way. Armia, Picks and the ability to get even more from a subsequent goaltender move is a fantastic return for Simon Bourque.
  8. Anyone else wondering if these moves are meant to make players like Beaulieu or Emelin, along with maybe McCarron available for something bigger?
  9. Fingers crossed. I'm dying to order my Radulov jersey, but I need a signature on an extension first.
  10. 22 years old, currently playing a tick above a point-per-game. When him and Radulov are together, it doesn't seem to matter who their other linemate is.
  11. Him and Galchenyuk are magic out there. Seems like they're making something happen every single game. Hopefully, being able to play with an up-and-coming young russian center that he has great chemistry with matters a great deal to him and we can extend him on whatever that magic day is that 1-year deal guys can re-sign.
  12. I think that Bourque and Moen could develop some chemistry if we tried them out in the press box.
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