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  1. Playing it's worst against the worst teams, so nice to see the old Habs back. Also nice to know that all the talk of MB being a great GM and CJ a great coach was not accurate. I was getting worried. I really feel for CP. This is so not fair.
  2. Just wait for the yard sales this summer. There'll be tons of it.
  3. Same thing every season. Broken record. Will we ever compete again? Well, at least Buffalo follows the same pattern.
  4. Take a used worn out car, replace parts with used almost-worn out ones, to get it to drive for half a mile. Repeat ad infinitum.
  5. It will be rather weird and nauseating to see Ottawa ahead of Habs by end of next week.
  6. Bizarre. Not even one game. Smells fishy.
  7. Kinda make you wish we had made it in, doesn't it?
  8. Turned out to be a very tough conference. This team much improved over last season. And not missing Weber for half the season would probably mean we'd be in quite comfortably. A young team, it's only upward from here.
  9. Losing to Ottawa makes me want to go with crash and burn, but both are teams with lots of youngsters, new faces, and a good amount of hunger and desire, and nothing to lose attitude. Whether it will last or not is another story altogether..
  10. It's OK. MB would have made a poor selection anyway. Would have been a great thing to have in hand for a trade but this organization can do no right. Ottawa's found their tank wheels, why can't we?
  11. 8 points from a wildcard. Playing well lately. What would MB do with a good draft pick spot? Are you guys really Hab fans? Make sure the star Dman we traded Subban for is out for the year, then make sure our superstar goalie is out for the year, then bring up a bunch of kids and all is well.
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