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  1. Legal hit my *as, blind side hit making direct head contact,dah... ;" stupid is what stupid does" as per Forest Gump Lol... Habs will pick the moment for payback. How sweet it is !
  2. All is going well,far to early to get over zealous, Go Habs Go !
  3. Allen will be in net, Price was ok but lack of discipline cost us a point. A much concerted effort is needed tonight,stay-out of the box!
  4. Kulak maybe Allen if the compensation is right.
  5. What are the terms of the signing?
  6. Habs have a tough six games coming-up, Habs need to win all six & get help from other teams to make the playoffs . Price is key but the D need to get out of the way & let Carey see the puck, Benn deflected the puck in the tying goal with 5-minutes left to set up overtime . Habs need help & luck along with a full team performance for the next 6 games, 3 on the road, 3 @ Home . Go habs Go !!!
  7. Habs must get a fair return for Pacioretty, no way can we let him play out the remainder of his contract and get nothing in return . Bergevin has no choice but to try & get as much as he can in such a tight market . No more waisting time, now is the time to trade or get a good pick or two for the future .
  8. I think the Habs are missing a couple of pieces to make this team a winner . A big power Centre is needed along with another scoring winger & maybe a puck carrying D man . No reason to press the panic button & yes the Habs a have a very good shot @ pulling together a long winning streak to make it into the playoffs . Patience is the key here no panicking just yet, Bergevin is no fool trust me on this .
  9. MB. must make a real attempt to trade for Stamkos no other way shape or form unless this type of risk-taking takes place then the Habs will just be an ordinary team & most likely will not make the play-offs for another year or two . MB. has to be aggressive in the likes of the Pens GM. Rutherford who went out shortly after coming to Pittsburgh & making some very aggressive moves on his part . Hab fans want a Cup back in Montreal & no more [edit] excuses about risk selling off the farm [edit] . MB. makes decisive moves or we Habs Nation is in for some say twenty or more years disappointment this very long dry-spell is long enough in my opinion . I would go out & sign Satamkos & bring in another piece from the Oilers like Hall or Eberle,trading PK. may be the answer to all of this as we must give-up some special talent to get-back equally as per talent & ability goes . I say do what Pittsburgh did & go out & make things happen or mediocrity is something we all better get used to . Go Habs Go !!!!
  10. To Whom It May Concern; LOL ! As I have stated in my profile I was born a Habs fanatic ! I eat;sleep;breath & dream about my Habs on a daily basis . I read dissect every article out there about the Habs be-it player personal front office activity & so on . I am born & raised in St.Catharines,Ontario Canada,Southern Ontario & reside here to those interested . I do not take any form of the Montreal Canadiens lightly & look upon my Team with all the zest & vigor I can muster-up lmao . I look forward to reading other Habs fans ideas & perspectives on our Habs & enjoy sharing thoughts & ideas regarding our great Team the Montreal Canadiens . Go Habs Go !!!! I am hoping that MB can go out & pick-up another talented forward with soft hands that can & will fit-in to the Habs structure . I guess only time will tell as offensive minded players are not easy to come-by . I look forward to hearing from other fans on matters pertaining to the Habs till then farewell & Go Habs Go !!!!
  11. Hello I just like too introduce myself & say that I was born a Habs fanatic & the 40 plus years as a Habs fan has been my main drive in life. I would love too hear from all Habs fans too discuss the Habs in any way shape or form LOL. All card carrying Habs fans are unique that only other Habs fans know why we are focused & loyal for life. Go Habs Go !!! Thank you Pappapumped !
  12. I breath,eat,sleep my Habs!!!

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