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  1. You know i don't believe i could give bad luck to a player, but when i have Rinne's avatar he was garbage in the finale, i removed it after Game #2 just to see what's gonna happen and he's good again... If i was superstitious i'll believe i removed it just in time.
  2. It's not like Pittsburgh scored these goals in the second period or late in the game, they just totally stop playing after scoring these 3 goals in the first period.
  3. To be honest, i'm not sure if they are.
  4. Sad thing is, Price is Stanley cup material, but there's a limit for the miracles he can do with the team he's got in front of him. So that gives him the reputation of a playoffs choker in his stats, when he's not. Hell, Habs never score so few goals in a 6 games series, he could not give a better chance than that for his team to win. Now for the question, if Pittsburgh offered Crosby straight up for Price, do you do it? My answer is yes. Pittsburgh won the cup with Murray, Chicago won 3 cups with Niemi/Crawford, it's the proof you don't need an elite goaltender to win the cup... You need a team in front of him, and it starts with a first center (even if Bergevin think it's not necessary, bleh)
  5. Rinne is my favorite goaltender with Price but he was horrible tonight. Nashville deserved to win big time.
  6. I can't wait to see them winning their first 10 games and then failed in the Playoffs (or missing the Playoffs) ! I CAN'T WAIT!
  7. Every time Nashville won it's like i relive the '96 Colorado's run to the Stanley Cup with Roy.
  8. 5 years - wins total of 3 play off rounds. Not impressive. He has had 5 years to improve our center line. As of today, our center line is even worse than when he first took over. And by the sound of it, he doesn't even think it's much of an issue either. We had the worst collapse in our history last year and nothing really changed. It's not even a question to me, he should have been fired already. I was very disappointed by what I saw and heard from MB at his press conference, he seems genuinely clueless about how to get this team what it needs to go to the next level.
  9. It's still look bad. They never made the 3rd round of the Playoffs with Weber, they do it with Subban in his first year with the team. Not saying Subban was the biggest factor in their victory and not saying that it's because of Weber that we lose, but it's still look bad. And it's the proof that Subban is not a so bad influence in the locker room. If you want to trade Subban, do it to brings offense, not just to became older on the same position.
  10. Mr Leadership, Mr Team Canada, Mr "Best defenseman in the world" Shea Weber never leads Nashville in the Western Conference Finals. Mr No Leadership, Mr No Team Canada, Mr "Bad defensively" PK Subban did it in his first year with the team. I'm done with this team until Bergevin's get fired. I never thought i will be like that and believe me i hate to say that, but i'm tired of the same b... well... i don't know how to say that politically correct.
  11. "Nos Excuses" If you know what it means in french,
  12. This. People talk about the Red Wings, i think it's obvious we will never be able to build a team without tanking like Detroit have done.
  13. Failed in the first round when Subban's team swept the Blackhawks? Marc Bergevin...
  14. En tout cas les deux gardiens sont les étoiles de cette série en ce moment...
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