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  1. IMHO, Bourque has best chemistry with Pleky. But since it's not realistic and likely disruptive to make this change, Sekac would be 2nd best choice. But first, MT has to bring the rookie back into the lineup.

    The remaining guy on the line must be a fast skater able to read the game, and make defence-splitting passes.

  2. He just needs to work more on his finishing. We've seen many scoring opportunities come his way but.... :ph34r: . I don't believe he's a bogey shooter :P ....remember how he dispatched Tampa in last playoffs with clinical precision :) ?

    Right now, I think he and Eller needs to improve passing chemistry. Too often, one is a step ahead/behind the other, resulting in a setup gone awry / puck intercepted / missed puck.

    The man just needs lots of TLC. Come on, MT, give him a hug and more pep talks to boost his confidence. Drop Prust and insert Sekac into the line. Or move him into Pleky's line. Never give up on the BIG MAN!!!!

  3. With all his injuries taking a toil on his body, Prust is definitely a shadow of his former self and his best years are behind him. The last few games are telling. Can't get a shot on target, slow and losing the puck battles.

    When is his contract up? Need to offload him. His only value now is to fight but we're way past the enforcer modus now.

  4. Don't understand why some people still want to get rid of Bourque :angry: ? This is a BIG guy with SKILLS to boot B) . He can out-muscle defenders and shove his way through.

    He just needs more consistency and probably more TLC from the coaches to bring out his best. Give him more time to gel with Sekac. Eller is looking more and more like the weakest link on that line.

    Don't ever trade him, unless in exchange for a Malkin/Crosby type.

  5. I think MT should still take the gamble and replace him with another player. Maybe re-phrase that: slot another player into the DD line and put in White/Moen in the 4th line.

    All series long, we've been patiently waiting and waiting....hoping for his one moment of brilliance to overshadow all his disappearing acts.

    But this is crunch time. A few assists here and there, but we need more.

  6. He better be producing in the series against Rangers. If he keeps floating around ineffectively, might as well give up his slot and let others have a goal. Even the fanciful passes without goals have started decreasing.

    What has to give to "turn on" Vanek?

    Initially, I was one of those who were keen to have him re-signed at all costs. But now, I won't feel much regret if he walks after this playoffs.

  7. What happened to the goal scoring talisman we knew :unsure: ? He seemed to have fizzled out after Game 1 against Tampa. In fact, the entire first line is getting less effective as the games went on.

    Tonight, he wasn't even present in the game. Does he have a problem with MT?

  8. 1. Plekanec (but he's getting poorer every year :( )

    2. Gallagher (grit, perserverance & courage. like a Scrabby Doo :) )

    3. Bourque (hoping the big man can use his size to inflict more hits and score :P )

    4. Galchenyuk (needs to let him play more minutes. Looking at our future No. 1 centre B) )

    5. PK Subban (No. 1 D-man but just keep his mouth shut and stay out of the penalty box. :D )

  9. I'm not sure how excited I should get the next time they tear up the regular season, because they are beating up on the SE division and other teams who wisely don't bring their A game until it really matters.

    I fear the Habs peaked way too early in the season (around end of March), fatigue/injuries started to take it toil in April, leading to breakdown in the playoffs.

    The urgency this year was to make the playoffs after last year's shocker. But once that was achieved in the win over Buffalo, it seemed the pressure was off and the players couldn't step up any further. It was like they had given their all and had nothing left to dig deeper.

    It's really about pacing.

  10. Clear out the UFAs/RFAs. Don't re-sign Bouillon and Ryder.

    Trade Gionta for a big, skilled right winger. Trade Paciocetty for a skilled playmaking winger to rehabilitate DD.

    Make Brandon Prust new captain.

    Trade Gorges + Diaz for big, tough D-mn. Get rid of Drewiske. Spend big $$$ to bolster defence. Get a younger, bigger Markov replacement in preparation for compliance buyout.

    Overall roster should have a 60:40 ratio of D-men vs forwards.

  11. That we have a mediocre defence, barring PK Subban.

    That our veterans are past their prime.

    That our No. 1 goalie refused to come clean about his groin injury before season started. If he had come clean and sought treatment, Bujai could cover the first half of the season and we get a healthy Price back in time for playoffs. Would have given Senators a run for their money.

    That our GM's trades didn't exactly pay off. Ryder was best trade but couldn't step up for playoffs. Halpern was so-so. Drewiske was a disaster.

    That coach stubbornly refused to play a healthy Kaberle, even when our defence injuries mounted. Preferring to drop inexperienced AHLers into baptism fire instead of calling up veteran defenceman.

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