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  1. Alomar got five games
  2. When I said ruined I don’t mean it as from being a super star, I mean it as ruined them from being anymore than they became. All of the players I mentioned and more I feel could have turned out better. But again players don’t tend to grow when they are always demoted or benched. They grow from playing, building chemistry and getting comfortable in the game. All I was meaning is that players are held back and misused and it hurts them from becoming the player they could be. Mark my words the same thing will happen to kotkineimi Yes scouting is a huge issue, but again how many players have the Habs developed into anything in the last 20 plus years? I think a lot of the players we had a chance with would have become much more on almost any other team. But as long as the coaching staff only wants to play vets, grinders and “character” it won’t change. The nhl has become a speed, skilled and young mans game and the Habs have not adapted. If they don’t they will always be what they are, a middle of the pack team. At the end of the day let the kids play! Let them make their mistakes.
  3. I know the development of players isn’t “rumours” but just to touch on previous posts, what player have the Habs “developed” in the last what two decades? Because all I see is them ruin skilled players in the way they develop. Galchenyuk, eller, kostytsin just to name a few. Players don’t develop when you destroy their confidence by punishing them for making mistakes and constantly moving them around the lineup with different players every game. Example fleury can make one mistake and get benched while Weber can make mistake after mistake and not miss a minute. At least a young player will learn from their mistakes and improve but players like Weber are already the player they are going to be.
  4. I completely disagree about domi, as I posted in the if I were gm thread. Both Suzuki and kotkoneimi are more or less on par with domi’s face off %
  5. Okay so I don’t often post but I’m gonna give it a go. If I were gm I would do 1 of 2 things 1. If we are not going to contend I would trade all the vets that I could price, gally, Weber, petry, etc. As it stands we’re wasting them all, by the time our younger guys are ready to make an impact the vets won’t be. Get as many prospects and picks as we can and look to be contenders in 3-5 years. Personally I feel it is an insult (mostly to price) to stay the path we’re on, he deserves to truly compete for a cup. 2. (This would be my preference) trade Domi for the lhd that we desperately need and I feel we need more than Domi. Domi is skilled but he can’t control his emotions, this WILL cost us when it matters. I compare Domi to kadri, both in skill and the emotion side and ask Toronto how that turned out. He virtually cost them the playoff series 2 years in a row because he could not contain himself. I actually think a major trade now and small moves at the deadline could make us contend. My major trade now would be something like: domi poelhling and a 3rd to Anaheim for fowler and comtois (or domi for Fowler straight up) making the lines tatar danault gally comtois kotkaniemi Drouin lehkonen suzuki Armia byron cousins Thompson/weal Fowler petry Chiarot weber mete fleury price kinkaid as I said I don’t feel we are that far from being able to contend this move and one or two at the deadline could do it, I don’t see us getting much better. Just and idea
  6. Or Carolina is happy because MB did them a favour in getting aho locked up at a decent price