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  1. When I said ruined I don’t mean it as from being a super star, I mean it as ruined them from being anymore than they became. All of the players I mentioned and more I feel could have turned out better. But again players don’t tend to grow when they are always demoted or benched. They grow from playing, building chemistry and getting comfortable in the game. All I was meaning is that players are held back and misused and it hurts them from becoming the player they could be. Mark my words the same thing will happen to kotkineimi  

    Yes scouting is a huge issue, but again how many players have the Habs developed into anything in the last 20 plus years? I think a lot of the players we had a chance with would have become much more on almost any other team. But as long as the coaching staff only wants to play vets, grinders and “character” it won’t change. The nhl has become a speed, skilled and young mans game and the Habs have not adapted. If they don’t they will always be what they are, a middle of the pack team. 

    At the end of the day let the kids play! Let them make their mistakes. 


  2. I know the development of players isn’t “rumours” but just to touch on previous posts, what player have the Habs “developed” in the last what two decades? Because all I see is them ruin skilled players in the way they develop. Galchenyuk, eller, kostytsin just to name a few. Players don’t develop when you destroy their confidence by punishing them for making mistakes and constantly moving them around the lineup with different players every game. Example fleury can make one mistake and get benched while Weber can make mistake after mistake and not miss a minute. At least a young player will learn from their mistakes and improve but players like Weber are already the player they are going to be. 


  3. Okay so I don’t often post but I’m gonna give it a go. If I were gm I would do 1 of 2 things 

    1. If we are not going to contend I would trade all the vets that I could price, gally, Weber, petry, etc. As it stands we’re wasting them all, by the time our younger guys are ready to make an impact the vets won’t be.  Get as many prospects and picks as we can and look to be contenders in 3-5 years. Personally I feel it is an insult (mostly to price) to stay the path we’re on, he deserves to truly compete for a cup. 

    2. (This would be my preference) trade Domi for the lhd that we desperately need and I feel we need more than Domi. Domi is skilled but he can’t control his emotions, this WILL cost us when it matters. I compare Domi to kadri, both in skill and the emotion side and ask Toronto how that turned out. He virtually cost them the playoff series 2 years in a row because he could not contain himself. 

    I actually think a major trade now and small moves at the deadline could make us contend. My major trade now would be something like:

    domi poelhling and a 3rd

    to Anaheim for

    fowler and comtois 

    (or domi for Fowler straight up)

    making the lines 

    tatar danault gally 

    comtois kotkaniemi Drouin 

    lehkonen suzuki Armia 

    byron cousins Thompson/weal 

    Fowler petry 

    Chiarot weber 

    mete fleury 



    as I said I don’t feel we are that far from being able to contend this move and one or two at the deadline could do it, I don’t see us getting much better. Just and idea    



  4. i dont know about price for the vezina, nominated for sure but i think it should go to rask (and i hate saying that for any bruin player). however i do think price for the hart. if you take him out of montreal and where is the team? at the bottom. is that not what the hart is for? how important you are to your team, " most valuable player to his team "


  5. i know, it just angers me so much. its like dd gets sneezed on and looses the puck. if only eller could have 5 or so games with pac man to build some chemistry, i feel management would be like dd who?

    i really like eller, he plays hard, hits hard if we loose him in favor of dd i will be sooooo po'ed (to say it lightly)


  6. right now eller should be our # 1 center, pleks at # 2, and gally a at # 3 (to gain experience). i feel that if eller was put in all the situations dd gets (all the best ones) he would have 40 + points right now.... on what other team in the league is dd a # 1

    better yet what other team is dd even in the top 3


  7. Ok, this is my shot at if I were GM. now this is not including what i feel should be done with coaching, that is a whole other can of worms. First I feel it is a must to resign PK, and I would give him whatever it takes. 8-8.5 will look really good in a few years when the cap is up much further (just a prediction,i feel it will only go up), next i 100% would resign Eller. I would let Murray, Bouillon, and Parros walk at the end of the year, without thinking about it.Now for some trades. these are just ideas.

    To Winnipeg

    Tomas Plekanec

    Josh Gorges

    Martin Reway

    Patrick Holland

    2nd round pick


    Evander Kane

    Yasin Cisse

    Broken down it is pretty much Plekanec,Gorges and a 2nd for kane and Reway,Holland for Cisse. Cisse is a RW prospect with size (6'3" 210lbs)

    To Edmonton

    Zachary Fucale

    Travis Moen

    Raphael Diaz

    Magnus Nygren

    3rd round pick


    Nail Yakupov

    Anton Belov

    Gives Edmonton a goalie for the future, two decent D prospects and a player with hustle grit and heart.and i think Edmonton needs that. For us, Yakupov i feel Edmonton would part with and he already has alot of chemistry with Galchenyuk.

    Players i would consider as pieces would be Bourque, Beaulieu, and gallagher(yes Gallagher, if the return is worth it)

    I would also move Brierre, Desharnais, for picks ( whatever we could get ) i would shop Gionta to a contender at the deadline, i feel we could get a nice peice in return. i would also consider moving Markov at the deadline because i feel some teams would give alot for him for a cup run ( however i would rather resign him )

    So our lines could look like

    Max Pacioretty - Alex Galchenyuk - Nail Yakupov

    ????? - Lars Eller - Evander Kane

    Michael Bournival - Louis Leblanc - Brendan Gallagher

    Brandon Prust - Ryan White - Stefan Fornier

    now i dont know who to slot in the 2nd line LW maybe an option or a piece we pick up for Gionta or Markov. And i would really like to give Fornier a shot, hes a big body who will go to the net (and we NEED that) and he will drop the gloves.

    options - Michael Mccarron, Connor Crisp, Jacob De La Rose, Yasin Cisse, and Sebastian Collberg

    On D

    Jarred Tinordi - Pk Subban

    Alexei Emelin - Greg Pateryn

    Andrei Markov - Dalton Thrower

    options - Anton Belov, Davis Drewiske, Nathan Beaulieu

    This would add size to the team and we need that, and our top two lines would be amazing. Defense is still iffy but i would continue to build around Subban. Also with these moves i did not take into consideration contracts and cap hits so that could rise an issue. thats my view, cheers and thanks for reading.


  8. I am new to this so i hope i do it right.

    I think that there are still alot of questions with the team. the only thing i would like to see for sure is a first line of

    Pacioretty - Eller - Bourque

    this gives us 3 big bodies all that can score, play physical and go to the dirty areas. also we have to give Eller a "real" shot at the top 2 lines, how is he going to progress if we keep him on the third? we should have Galchenyuk c the third line for a year or two so he can be groomed to move up to top 2 lines.

    Gionta and Desharnais should be moved. Gionta is aging and very prone to injury, and i watched all the games last year and it seemed every time he got to the blue line with the puck he would slap it, not very often would anything come from it and it usally missed the net and was turned over. and Desharnais well he has never done anything but bennifit from being on a line with good players ( pacioretty & cole ) and they are both TOO SMALL, we have Gallagher & Briere and both are much better.

    so i quess my lines would look like

    Pacioretty - Eller - Bourque

    ??? - Plekanec - Briere

    Prust - Galchenyuk - Gallagher

    Moen - White - parros

    i would swap out parros for Dumont, and move white to the wing depending on the game.

    on D, well i think other people have been right on with what it should be with who we have, something like

    Subban - Tinordi

    Markov - Emelin

    Gorges - Bouillon

    I know Emelin is hurt andwont be ready for the start of the season so people to give a chance would be..

    Nygren, Beaulieu, Ellis.

    these are just my opinions, so any insight or arguments are welcomed, i love talking hockey.