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  1. Born and raised for the first 7 years in Montreal (poor side of the town : North then Hochelaga). Live almost 18 years south shore Varennes then went up in Abitibi 2 years (Amos, Val d'or) and I'm now lost in Quebec city where nhl hockey dream is a pure fantasy!
  2. DoxiNoctae

    extra trio

    Flynn with his jersey number
  3. DoxiNoctae

    4e trio

    Fantasy trio
  4. DoxiNoctae

    3e trio

    Fantasy trio
  5. DoxiNoctae

    2e trio

    Fantasy trio
  6. DoxiNoctae

    1er trio

    Fantasy trio
  7. DoxiNoctae

    2e gardien

    Tokarski with jersey number
  8. DoxiNoctae

    1er gardien

    Price with jersey number
  9. DoxiNoctae

    extra Duo

    fantasy d-man duo
  10. DoxiNoctae

    3e Duo

    fantasy d-man duo
  11. DoxiNoctae

    2e Duo

    fantasy d-man duo
  12. DoxiNoctae

    1er Duo

    fantasy d-man duo
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