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  1. Patches Eller Galchenyuk DD Subban is always fun to watch in the SO's
  2. Lots of great sigs on this site! anyone feel like helping out a new member with possibly a galchenyuk or a PK sig with my username? Thanks in advance
  3. Hey everyone! Shane here, fairly young montreal fan (23) been following the team as long as i can remember as the montreal canadiens were always a household name, grandfather, father, and now me haha. i joined this forum to get a little insight about visiting montreal. im not sure if this is the right place for this but im gonna try anyways. Me and my girlfriend recently booked a 7 night vacation in montreal and i have tickets for 2 games, Isle on nov 10th in the White zone, and Tampa on nov 12th in prestige. im really pumped for my first NHL games and i was wondering what to expect, i hear beer prices are pretty expensive at the bell centre . lol and are white zone good seats? also if any forum members are residents of montreal, maybe a little list of things i can check out for a week? already heading to the hall of fame, and the bio-dome and im sure the girlfriend will be very interested in some of the amazing shopping malls you have the offer. one last thing, where the best spot in montreal for poutine ? looking foward to being an active member on this site ! thanks
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