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  1. I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!!! I find myself shouting this after every game they play!
  2. Congrats on the extension Plekky!

  3. Feeling optimistic!

    1. kinot-1


      I'll bite,,,,,about what? lol

    2. careypricefan


      About next season! and of course Lars and PK

    3. kinot-1


      OHHHHH, I see now. Let's see how optimistic you are after MT gets ahold of the new team.

  4. So proud of this team. Thanks for all your effort boys

    1. careypricefan


      Without it they would have never made it to game 6 of the ECF

    2. careypricefan


      I know what you mean and agree its sad that not all gave 100%

  5. God I Love This Team!!!

  6. To quote someone awesome...."Today is such a Habulous day!!"

  7. I was shocked to see his name on the score sheet
  8. GOD I LOVE THIS TEAM!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Thank you hockey Gods!!!!

  10. I still believe and just remember that we beat Boston

  11. Buffalo Bills are my favorite NFL team. Has been all my life. Thats why the Habs are so special to me. They are the only team I support that rewards me with winning seasons and playoffs!
  12. Jimmy Eat World is my all time favorite band
  13. Heaven is for real: 7/10 Saving Mr. Banks: 12/10
  14. It's only 2 games. The sky is not falling!

  15. I used to want him to resign with the Habs but now I could care less. Take the money and use it towards Subbans new contract
  16. Man crush on Carey Price is growing!

  17. Tell me about it! I actually teared up when we beat Boston!
  18. If he really is being lazy, he will certainly snap out of it when he has the stanley cup final patch on his jersey
  19. Anyone else think the win last night may have helped our chances in resigning Vanek?
  20. I really hope tonight isnt the last time we see Vanek in a Habs jersey
  21. The play when he coughed it up and then sprinted all the way back to make a defensive play was amazing
  22. How far do you think we need to make it in the playoffs for him to want to re=sign with us? No obvious answers like win the cup
  23. What does everyone think the chances are of Vanek re-signing with the Habs?
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