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  1. I do not know . The poster below is a Jays fan.
  2. Nope! The poster below likes hot girls .
  3. Aw, you got me there . Well, they're 50/50, but I'll pick the Oilers, because I get to see them more. Don Cherry or Ron McLean?
  4. Such a nice forecast this week! They're actually calling for below 20 temperatures! Can I say perfect running weather?
  5. Coke! Habs or Leafs? Haha, kidding ! Mountain Dew or Sprite?
  6. False. The poster below has been to Saskatoon.
  7. Ah, ok. Could you make a thread for me? I have a question about the TV schedule.
  8. True! It's Wayne Gretzky . The poster below is a coffee drinker.
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