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  1. Washington @ Toronto Buffalo @ Montreal NYI @ Ottawa NJ @ Detroit Chicago @ Florida Tampa Bay @ Pittsburgh
  2. If Bergevin actually got Edmonton to deal Draisaitl for Weber and no other Montreal roster players involved, I would take back 20 of the worst things I have ever said about him. For Edmonton ... such a trade would be exponentially worse than the P.K. for Weber catastrophe and would probably land Chiarelli in a psyche ward for at least 30 days of observation ........ IMHO not going to happen but ....... Dare to Dream!
  3. My Picks for a shootout: Wyatt Earp Doc Holliday Davy Crockett
  4. oops ... my bad!
  5. Well ... it is the American Thanksgiving break and our results have been sufficiently mediocre to garner 14th place in the Eastern Conference with 19 points but we need to try harder. Arizona has opened up a 6 point lead on us for rock bottom and we still need to climb over the dead carcasses of Buffalo and Florida to reach the bottom rung which the Desert Dogs are currently clutching with a vice-like grip. We need the boys to bear down now ... no more loser points by snatching regulation draws from the jaws of defeat in the final minutes of games!!! More ice time for our fourth line and Alzner and Morrow should do the trick. Price's pending return might help with his sub .900 save percentage and if we can just take a few more penalties with our laughable PK at work .... dead last should be ours for the taking!!!!!!!!!
  6. Gained another loser point making our fight for the bottom against the Arizona Desert Dwellers even tougher!
  7. Pittsburgh vs. Boston NY Islanders vs. Philadelphia Tampa Bay vs. Washington Edmonton vs. Buffalo Tie Vancouver vs. New Jersey Detroit vs. NY Rangers Ottawa vs. Columbus Tie Toronto vs. Carolina
  8. Sorry ... I forgot Pittsburgh over Vancouver
  9. Buffalo Detroit Toronto New Jersey NY Islanders Washington Carolina Calgary Tampa Nashville
  10. Two desperate teams often make the best trade partners ... case in point: Edmonton and Montreal Montreal has a frantic need for a #1 centre and has some aging and very expensive assets that are not positioned to help the team win ie Price and Weber. Edmonton has a frantic need for a veteran high end blue liner and better goaltending but has some high end offensive talent hence: The Trade Weber and Price to Edmonton for Draisaitl and Talbot Rationale: Montreal has not had a high end centre for so long I cannot remember who would qualify. Draisaitl answers that void and together with the other scoring forwards on the team could form a very respectable offensive attack. Weber is still a highly valued blue liner around the league but he does not bring what Montreal needs to add on their back end which is speed and offensive skills. Their defensive structure will still need to evolve. Price is the best goaltender on the planet but his contribution will not be enough to push Montreal over the top without offense and some puck moving defensive help. Getting Talbot will provide a capable tandem pairing with Lindgren. I think BOTH teams would benefit immensely from such a trade and while the Habs may have to take back some of the Price salary, they have the cap room. Both teams would become more respected contenders immediately and Montreal could then concentrate on fixing their back end issues. Phone lines are now open ......
  11. I only saw the last 10 minutes or so ... where was Weber?
  12. ...on to Nashville ..... Bon soir Messr P.K. ..........