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  1. la meme chose s.v.p.
  2. I thought you were supposed to be jinxing habs_93????
  3. Winnipeg @ Buffalo Vancouver @ Washington Chicago @ Ottawa Carolina @ Tampa Bay Florida @ St. Louis
  4. M’y vote goes to not only the most talented but best looking member of the organization ... YOUPPI 🙌!!!!!
  5. Saw the Leafs/Canucks tilt last night. Good game with lots of action end to end and good goaltending. Canucks are tired tonight and against Canadiens you get the usual snooze fest 🛏 .. too bad
  6. Me three please!
  7. St. Louis @ Philadelphia Carolina @ Boston Vancouver @ Toronto Tampa Bay @ Ottawa NY Rangers @ Arizona
  8. haha .... you drive a hard bargain FFAB!!! I love Price but am more upset with the contract that Bergevin (the gift that keeps on giving) laid on him which makes no sense to me in the reality of the CAP world within which the teams have to operate. Surviving as the GM in Montreal would be tough on anyone and almost impossible if you are not fluent in the parlez vous ...... that said I have some ground beef in my freezer that would do a better job than Bergevin
  9. Maybe about the same amount of time as the owner?
  10. Pittsburgh @ NY IslandersSan Jose @ OttawaFlorida @ Detroit Buffalo @ Winnipeg
  11. Couldn't agree more my Alberta brother. Sergachev will be a top 4 (possibly top 2) D-man for many years with high end offensive skills. Drouin is already expensive, has been a bust so far, has not proven that he can be a top 6 forward, and in no way is a #1 C.
  12. Florida @ Boston San Jose @ Toronto NY Islanders @ Philadelphia Tie Carolina @ Pittsburgh Tie Tampa Bay @ Montreal Buffalo @ Minnesota New Jersey @ Dallas Columbus @ Colorado
  13. There's always an optimist in the crowd!