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  1. ...always room for some more gritty fourth line types ..... especially after SL has worked his magic on them down on the farm ... right bargainbin?
  2. What is becoming a very depressing reality for me is that Bergevin is not going anywhere and will continue on as General Manager of this team for the foreseeable future. This, combined with the disappearance of Molson from the public eye and hence displaying his utter disregard for the fans of this franchise, is as close as the organization can get to extending the middle finger in the direction of the fans of this organization who have put up with this attitude far too long. I have been a fan of this team for over 50 years and that will not stop overnight because of the current level of apathy and incompetence at the senior management level of the franchise. However, living in Calgary gives me a buffer to this ongoing idiocy and I am not faced with inflated ticket and merchandise prices to support a team which frankly thinks I am an idiot! Calgary has a young and exciting team and has something to look forward to in 2017-18. My dollars for tickets etc will go to them because they deserve it. I usually try to see one or two games a year in Montreal but I did not do that last season and I will NEVER attend another game in Montreal while Bergevin is the GM. I feel sorry for the great and loyal fans in Montreal who deserve better but until the fan base gets very vocal or stops buying tickets and merchandise, nothing will change. I will still follow the Habs and hope they do well and watch some TV games but not fanatically as I have in the past because it just ain't worth it. They are a boring team that cannot score and their only player who brought the fun back into the game is playing for the Nashville Predators trying to win his first CUP! I am already planning a trip for next season with a couple of friends to go to Nashville and catch a game there. Hope it is a blast!!! This team is about to enter a very dark period in its history with bargainbin leading the way like Lieutenant William Bligh trying to circumnavigate the globe by sailing around the Horn ..... who will be the team's Fletcher Christian?
  3. Well it looks like the PK for Weber trade orchestrated by the foxhole buddies BERGEVIN and TERRIBLE finally put the team into the Cup final. The only small problem is that the team is the Predators. I hope David Poile has the manners to send a big thank you card to Bergevin if he wins the Stanley Cup and certainly general manager of the year. Yeah ... this is the guy who will lead us back to the Cup? Has Geoff Molson been spotted lately or should we start putting his face on milk cartons?
  4. We are in dire need of a general manager and an owner with a backbone who will go out and hire one!!!!!
  5. One of the other by-products of Molson activating his cloak of invisibility and leaving Bergevin in charge of the sinking ship is that agents will see this becoming a backwater franchise and will not allow their clients to sign with the team. Money remains important but most high end stars want to win primarily and how can you claim that Montreal wants to win with the circus going on in their front office (or perhaps best described as NOT going on).?
  6. I agree H93 .. we need to get started with whatever strategy now!!!!! There are major contract decisions to be made! What depresses me is people keep talking about all these theoretical moves the Canadiens should make to get better and expect Bergevin to execute on this strategy. Marc Bergevin has proven himself to be uniquely unqualified to be a general manager in the NHL. He has no organizational strategy to improve development at our farm team level and was incapable of properly assessing how badly Michel Terrible was hurting this team's chances due to an unhealthy personal relationship with the coach which ended up costing us PK. This is compounded by the presence of a weak owner who has also apparently added a cloak of invisibility to his repertoire. Bergevin is incapable of properly developing talent within this organization or acquiring it from outside the organization. He has shown that over 5 years with this organization. We do not need a larger sample to prove the obvious! He seems intent on trading away whatever talent we do still have and is overly invested in the marginal players that he is overpaying in dollars and term ..... ie Shaw. This team is capped out and yet ... how many "elite" players would you suggest this team possesses? The cap has been horribly mismanaged and the sad part is I see Montreal media and even some fans trying to rationalize some of the decisions that have been taken ... ie $6MM to Plekanec, $3.9MM to Shaw, $4.1MM to Emelin .... JEEBEZ people ... wake up! I see people calling for $5.6MM to Markov next year and that we should pay Price $10MM to extend. We will not win anything paying a goaltender $10MM per year cap hit no matter who he is. And Markov is not worth any where near $5.6MM anymore and his bargaining power at 39 is minimal. His actual pay this year was around $4.25MM and that is what he is worth ..... You cannot win the Stanley Cup without one or two ELITE talents plus a small core of very good players in support. We have one "elite" player and that is Price. Bergevin traded away our other "elite" player to downgrade to a very good player who is older and has less offensive upside. We have two very good players in Weber and Patches. We need at least two or three more Very Good players to compete. If anyone thinks we are going to accomplish that with Bergevin at the helm I am afraid that they need to be prepared to be very disappointed.
  7. Having watched the Maple Leafs debacle from 1968 through last season (48 years) Montreal fans should be well prepared for what awaits them.
  8. Not having to watch this mediocre team for another 4+ months .......
  9. I am feeling you T-P ..... I am completely fed up with the attitude of this organization which starts at the top with Molson. I don't know if he is any good at hustling daddy's suds for a living but we do know one thing for sure and that is he is a lousy owner! His complete silence after the season ended and we had to suffer through Bergevin's excuse fest displays either one of two things(or perhaps both): He is completely over his head and doesn't know what to do He is completely disinterested in the fan base and could care less what happens with this team It is quite possibly both because to this day I cannot imagine how any owner would have been dumb enough to let his GM trade a generational hockey player like PK without getting a motherlode of return on the deal ..... ie I have just traded PK to the Laffs for their #1 draft pick .. say hello to your new #1 centre Austin Mathews ...... or ..... we have traded PK to the Islanders for John Tavares ......... not I have traded PK as an afterthought to get him out of town to Nashville for what used to be a very good defenseman Shea Weber but is now not even close to PK's trade value except that Nashville knew I was desperate to dump him before his contract locked in so they fleeced me! Molson's willingness to standby while this team deteriorated under Michel Terrible was disgusting when he knew the foxhole mentality and buddy buddy regime that existed between Terrible and Bargainbin. I long for the days of George Gillette!!!!!!!!! Gillette was far from an ideal owner but at least he was self-made and not just an EDIT son type whose daddy has a lot of money. I will always care for what happens with les glorieux because of my long association as a fan but I cannot allow myself to care as much any longer knowing Bergevin is still the GM. As long as he remains this team will be mediocre at best and in no way will be a legit cup contender. The real tragedy is that in one or two years Bergevin will be fired and the new management will probably blow what's left of the core into smithereens in order to tank for draft position so the inevitable is only being delayed. If the likes of Price/Patches/Rads care about competing for a Stanley Cup they will recognize the reality here and advise the Habs that they will not be re-signing in Montreal....
  10. What a pile of cow chips!!! What does Nilan know about putting together a team? The guy is punch drunk and can barely talk ...... Is Bergevin on thin ice if they have another mediocre season??????? Is this how fans feel? He deserves another year to accomplish nothing? I do not understand what is happening here. Why are people not screaming for Bergevin's neck so that the invisible owner wakes up from his nap and does the right thing. The window to fire Bergevin is now before the expansion draft and before major decisions are taken. Next season is way too late and the die will be cast ........ MOLSON ....... ACT NOW!
  12. He does what he does because apparently, there are no consequences to being a loser with no plan. Where is the erstwhile owner Molson these days? Has he gone into hiding? The only hope of having a coherent plan was to fire Bergevin and move forward with a new management team with a strategy clearly articulated from the top. That has not happened and instead now we find ourselves in this weird limbo where we have the so-called GM shrugging his shoulders at the year end presser complaining how hard it is to be a GM and essentially blaming the players. Molson was no where to be seen .... in other words ...... you guys are on your own!!!
  13. It makes me weep!!!!