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  1. I think it would be interesting to get the views of our members on what direction the team needs to take heading into the future. In my view this is a critical time we are entering for les glorieux for a number of reasons and it will be imperative that the right person is making the decisions that will shape this team for years to come. One only need look at the direction the Maple Leafs have taken to know that it is possible to build a successful and exciting team through the draft and with judicious trades and free agent acquisitions as long as those making the decisions are competent and focused. So, it behooves us to ask the important questions around the future direction of this team and based on those considerations, determine if we support the current GM Marc Bergevin, or decide that the team would be better served with a new leadership direction. If a new GM is required the team must act fast as there is not only the Entry Draft to consider but also the Expansion Draft preparations that must be finalized. A major decision must be made as to what to do with Carey Price. This decision will impact several other areas of free agent possibilities and potential trades. We must consider whether Radulov can be re-signed, and whether Markov should be brought back and at what cost? Do we keep Weber or try and trade him now for scoring help when his trade value may be at optimal level? How do we handle Alex Galchenyuk? Do we keep any or all of the current assistant coaches? What about the coaching and management of our AHL franchise? Are we happy with our player development and scouting functions? Please give this some serious thought and offer your opinions and suggestions. I will also offer my thoughts in subsequent commentaries. We all hope for better from our team as I am sure Mr. Molson does and who knows ... maybe we can help shape the direction?
  2. It is funny how we could not win a cup with PK according to MT and MB so they got rid of him .. last I checked PK is still playing and the foxhole buddies have only themselves to play with ...
  3. The Habs look like a tired and beaten team just trying to hang on ...
  4. We really miss Shaw and Mitchell .. Flynn has done nothing. The 4th line is far too slow to be consistently effective. I am afraid the game has gotten away from us and the 3rd period could get ugly.
  5. Well ... that may be too much to overcome
  6. We need the hockey gods to smile on us .. we need a lucky break that gets us a goal ... we have worked hard but just not enough going our way
  7. Does the anthem guy have an abnormally red face? Fell asleep in tanning booth?
  8. I would be very happy to see our team survive the series with the Rangers but after seeing tonight's lineup I think it highly unlikely that we will be advancing anywhere other than to the first tee .......
  9. Unfortunately H93, I also think a decision may have to be made very soon whether this is a total rebuild or a retooling. I think we are all in for THIS season which was really thrust upon us by Bergevin. Let's see what happens tonight. If we are eliminated by the Rangers, I believe major decisions will need to be made including what we do with Carey. Allowing the team to slowly rot from the inside as is what happened with the Leafs (many times over) should not be palatable.
  10. I am very sorry to hear about our line up changes ... partly driven by injury to Shaw. Davidson is back in ..... good! Emelin is staying in which means Bo sits .... BAD! Big Mac draws in on 4th line ..... good! King stays on 4th line ....... BAD! Shaw out with a UBI ..... BAD! Flynn in for Shaw ....... you have to be kidding me BAD!!!!!!! What happened to Mitchell? Bo has not exactly lit it up in this series but essentially CJ is deciding now that Emelin gives us a better chance to survive and win this elimination game than Bo. Bringing Flynn into the line up ... let alone on the 3rd line defies any logic I can fathom ...... I am afraid that tonight may be very hard to watch and produce a very sad result .......
  11. Also agree .... our advantage is speed and getting in on the fore check where we can apply the body judiciously and with purpose ..... guys like GallyB/Shaw/Lehks/Rads/Danault/Mitchell excel at this part of the game and getting into the dirty areas in front of the net. If we are simply trying to outhit the Rangers we will lose ...
  12. The State of the Habs is easy to depict ..... DIRE I have rewatched most of last night's debacle and believe me it wasn't any easier the second time through. Here are my observations for what they are worth: 1)Once again Julien made some odd choices of asset deployment and it cost us. Reinserting Emelin had absolutely no upside when done at the expense of Davidson who, I have concluded, is a much more reliable team player than the former. Emelin made two major gaffs in the game, the first one in the first couple of minutes wherein he was beaten down the middle forcing Carey to make a huge save and the second in OT which cost us the game. On the winning goal he turned the puck over carelessly in the neutral zone and then allowed the pass to come across the front of the net for the winning goal. Now, I am not assigning all the blame to Emelin but I very much wonder if the result is different had Davidson played and not him. 2)Danualt is at best a 3rd line centre so why is he on the 1st line? Last night he was hopelessly outclassed and maybe that is what is making things tough on Patches to get going. TRY SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!!!!! Ted has suggested The Gallies with Patches and moving Rads to 2nd line with Pleks and Byron ... let Danault go to 3 with Shaw and Lehks. I would skate Mitchel, Ott and Big Mac on the 4th but getting rid of King at this point is a dead horse issue because of Julien. 3)Something happened with Weber and Markov after the Rangers tied the game at 2. They seemed to stop skating altogether and looked lost. My theory is that Markov cannot handle the minutes anymore and has become too slow to be paired with Weber who is also slow. I really think Weber should pair with Bo and drop Markov back with Benn and have Petry with Davidson. Markov was second in ice time behind Weber with 28 minutes and that cannot happen again! 4)Our best players had better start producing NOW! That means Patches - Rads - GallyA - and yes - Carey .......... Price has been okay but that is the problem. Okay is not good enough when you are considered the best goalie in the world. He has been outplayed by Lundquist who has stood on his head. Rads has been good but we still need more and GallyA ... well ... enough has been said there. Patches ... it is now or never man ... you are our best offensive player and have one assist so far .... NOT GOOD ENOUGH! I do not know if any of the above suggested changes would make a difference and in fact ... I have my doubts. I just don't think this team has enough talent and that is what I come back to when I recall picking the Rangers in 6 max. I am cheering like crazy because you always hope the playoffs will be special and maybe this is the year but man o man if you can't handle a mediocre Rangers team .... who could you beat? Julien frustrates me because I know he is a good coach but he makes questionable moves and forms favourites ie Emelin and King which makes one wonder how he evaluates player value. We are not a good enough team to be leaving more capable players in the press box so that the coach's less gifted favourites can play. His stubbornness on this score cost him his job in Boston so I am guessing this is something we will have to get used to with CJ going forward. I am not optimistic we have another win in us but I will be cheering like crazy on Saturday .... c'mon boys!!!!!