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  1. an evening full of ups and downs to start settling in towards a new season. I don't hope this is a sign of what is not to come, for we waited another 2 periods of awkwardness before we scored a goal, .. but as unpredictable as always, .. it's turned out to be 3 in a row, and the game seemed over after that. nice to see young blood getting acquainted with each other, and Mete/Juulsen wasn't hard on the eye (in my view) and showed potential. the powerplay, .. not sure which team has the advantage after the opposite team gets penalized. shooting .. please shoot the puck! .. there is no need for gritty rebounds from Gallagher and others like him that we have acquired to go for rebounds when no shots are taken, .. doesn't matter if you miss, keep shooting and you can only get better. nice that the season is starting, and nice to comment on new faces, rather than dispute here over the same disputes for lack of newer disputes to dispute about. hockey's back, and thus so are we, nice to be able to watch these pre-games over here (Holland, I'm sort of a Dutch/Canadian), and witness the warming of skates before the season starts. and this season could be anybody's game, just keep peppering the goalie, we may not be great, but i'n hoping for not as bad and worn out as we were. looking forward to watching Drouin, Domi, and others in the next 3 games to come this week.
  2. I'll probably watch all the games, like the most of you I'll be hoping we get something done or at lest that we may hope to see some growth this season. I lost hope for competing for the cup after we said goodbye to Rads, because I really believed that the team could learn a lot from him, he could show how it was done, and I loved his tooth-less smile I'm in rebuild mode, even if MB isn't, .. you can't win a cup with just Price and Weber, so if they make the play-offs, fine, .. but I wish they would get serious and that management would stop playing possum or wannabe. I hope the best for the new guys, maybe it'll be better than I think, but for now, #25 still seems a long way away.
  3. must have been '67 / '68 since I started watching hockey, my dad was a leafs fan, so was my brother, but I was set on Montreal, their game just looked better, .. or maybe it was just the jerseys, .. but I still recall the impact of some of the great players of that time, .. Hull, Mikita , Keon, Orr, these types of players is what makes hockey great, and because of the speed on the ice, nearly always (over)exciting to watch.
  4. agree, I grew up watching Beliveau retire, The Pocket Rocket wearing the C, F. Mahovlich coming over from Toronto, Y. Cournoyer being nick-named the Roadrunner, Dryden as a champion Rookie, Lemaire and Lafleur in their starting years, Laperierre on defense, and then some. for most of us older viewers (I believe) you are right by stating more names than the one or two. Montreals "Golden Years" were accompanied by good and great(er) players. in the Golden years, there was no speaking of making the play-offs, the NHL knew (even with Bobby Orr) that Montreal would be a team to face come play-off time - and even Boston had more than just Esposito and Orr - after 6 years of madness we start a rebuild, a team trying to make the play-offs. (how often I have tried to close that book) a contender these days has at least 2 elite players, and decent back-up. we need still to find what we have. so I must agree, though Pacioretty now gone, a rebuild is all that is left. and about the trades, .. like the young guns up-coming, we'll just have to wait and see. we lost our first 2 games of their try-outs, at least we scored a goal a game (yawn) .. the one light I do see, is that we can only go up from here, .. and let's hope they can start to excite us again. hopefully soon.
  5. sorry for the late reply, and in being late, reading most of your posts I'll try to stay objective to my own opinion, for I have read many good and bad reasons to (dis)like him. how has MB done this last year? .. quite well actually .. he is taking good care of himself, .. and seems to be planning ahead. although this is about t the last year or so, I can't seem to shake that he has strayed from a contender to a there's nothing left team. the only way he now can go is up. hauling in prospect's like it's Christmas Eve, and now saying we need 3-5 years to develop. how long is he signed for? .. he's already leaning towards an extension by convincing Molson & Montreal that this team will only be good right after he signs another term. - so from his personal point of view, he'll be running towards an A or B. as for the team, he has not done much more than anyone else in his position, picking a lot of picks, and I'm sorry, but with the cap MTL has left, I still believe he could have done something more. he in one way or another is trying to convince us of something we already knew (the team is not well), and blames everything on something or someone else. he still does, hence the T-shirts. miracle on ice is what you look for when you do not have talent, talented players come with certain attitude, they can afford to. anyway, all in a nutshell, I'll go for an E, as he has done nothing more than speculate. i will say though, that coaching may improve due to the last signings, but that too will have to be seen.
  6. Pittsburgh Penguins‏ @penguihs Volgen@penguihs volgen Meer Blockbuster! :The #Pens have acquired forward Max Pacioretty from the Montreal Canadiens in exchange for Zach Aston-Reese, Domink Simon, a 1st round pick and two 2nd round picks. All info: http://pens.pe/5dwafaw I read it as a quick tweet, more were not amused. and just seeing it quick after a nightshift got the best of me.
  7. sorry guys, I read somewhere this morning (European time) that he went to Pittsburg , but I can't seem to find anything on it, must not have been so.
  8. seems to me that the worst part of it is that no-one (of any real status) is willing to come to Montreal, seems only 3rd/4th line players are willing, but they have lesser of a choice. does this mean that the good/better players are not willing to play under MB? i have heard the Canadian market is not friendly (tax-wise), and yet J.T. and others have gone to Canadian markets, and as said, they can make up for losses by doing tire commercials .. so is it just that this man (MB) is just simply too hard to work with? I still believe (even though he (MB) has enough NHL experience), he has never really accomplished anything through out his own career, with the exception of staying in the NHL for a (very) decent amount of time. maybe not a fair analysis, but in this case, I`ll stick to my guns. Questions that still remain are Why get rid of Galchenyuk before giving him a season at center? Why Plekanic, unless only for teaching purposes? Why are we the only team (that could buy ourselves a new one), that cannot seem to get a signature on paper for any decent players? why are we still one of the lowest scoring teams year after year?, for how many one-goal game wins does Montreal have even after gaining top position in the division? what the bleep happened to the defense after last year? why do we still only have 1 true first line player? more questions rise, but all to do with the past, and all to do with the Molson/ Bergevin regime. last question .. when are we going to get better?, and I mean really better, not biting your fingernails until the very end, because we secured just another one-goal game? and I know there is youth upcoming, but although I appreciate shots on goals and scoring chances, .. I like when they score a little better.
  9. indeed the right word of choice, .. just plain Embarrassing.
  10. I feel more that he is not willing to admit to the fact of a full rebuild, perhaps because of the signings Weber / Price, .. which would sound near senseless in a full rebuild. and maybe he promised Carey a Cup in Montreal, or at least for him to be part of it .. admitting then to a full rebuild may get Price`s moral down to the same level as Patches was after finally finding a match in Radulov and losing him just when they thought they had something going.
  11. Subban, at the time of his trade, I too, believe he was too much to handle in Montreal. MB is (what I think) not the kind of guy who lets you stand in his way (mind wise). he had a job to do, to get Montreal going again. Timing has everything to do with it. MB (and maybe Molson) thought it was best that after "no excuses", to put all focus in a win now attitude. But then he screwed up, .. forgetting the importance of Markov / Radulov, and in never finding this team a decent Centermen. Price dropped in value, (still better than many others), Weber became ill, and no-one found Pacioretty on the ice, nor were they able to free him up. so they sticked to the weber shot or Galchenyuk`s one-timers, and the odd goal from others with the exception of Gallagher, / Byron. and scoring the 3 goals/game again seemed too much to ask. MB, he panicked, and was edgy, thats why (instead of doing nothing), bought and shuffled many 3rd, 4th, and 5th liners. and got us into this (his) mess. I truly believe he wants to get us out of this, but I wonder if he is capable. the win now, is at least, another year away, if we`re still headed that way. (sign JT with Patches, and some other, you do have a decent line) to build from. otherwise, sell and rebuild, and stop trying to do both. PK, is maturing, he has seen (and felt) the power of the franchise., they simply got rid of him, and Nashville may be the better place to mature, for a more creative style of play. but in his maturing, we may need (again, and even in the future) to argue the decision of the trade. sure, it changes nothing, but we have lost very much, these last few years, and until today yet to find our gain. so Hab-fans have the right to discuss issues over and over, because this isn`t Nashville, .. it`s Montreal, and we ruled. how can we show or tell our kids what this team was like. a cup every decennia, until 2000, how can we let Pittsburg rule?, why the beep is Las Vegas doing so good? anyway, understanding to both sides of the argument. and I guess we`ll be talking this over and over, till they start to show us something else to talk about.
  12. unless they do decide, or find a way to get Tavaris, then I would like for him to stay, otherwise I`m inclined to agree.
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