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  1. PLUS: I heard that "fill in the blank" may be put on waivers...so there is that
  2. Blame nobody but....fill in the blank
  3. By the way...moved family away from Grorgia (Russian mafia helped us)
  4. Well...hopefully see y'all next season...late this year..blessings!
  5. I just learned that the Habs organization fired kinot...to take effect immediately
  6. Congrats to the Lightening....obviously the far better team
  7. Well we made it all the way to the big one...surprising...yes...but they brought us hope and fun
  8. Ok...I don't see it as him but... PS I think Bowman was the last great coach the Habs had... but that is me
  9. Yeah...I have not been super impressed with the coaching of DD period. Just saying. IMHO
  10. Come on boys...I would hate for CP to only win one game in his first ever SC series
  11. Some scotch whiskey and an expensive Vodka on my bookshelf....hope we cam celebrate after tonight but it begins tonight.
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