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  1. Hey..little late talking to my granddaughter via FaceTime..of course she can't talk yet..but hey
  2. Yeah...and when I lived in Toronto for 4 years I only made it over to Buffalo once. Heh
  3. Montreal @ Buffalo.....Montreal NY Islanders @ NY Rangers......Rangers Boston @ Columbus.....Boston Detroit @ Tampa Bay.....TB New Jersey @ Florida.....Florida Carolina @ Winnipeg.....Carolina Washington @ Pittsburgh.....Pittsburg OR: Just the opposite of what I picked. :)
  4. Just one word to that: SIGH!
  5. True...I usually like (d) all MT goalies...."usually" The poster below me has lots of silver (see the response below..it will be interesting...NOT)
  6. Welcome HG! You will enjoy this site and forum. Blessings!
  7. False The poster below me used to like the Laffs
  8. Wherever I wake up? Well as you can tell by my "handle" or whatever you want to call it I am further south than Canada. I was born in NS and now am a Yankee....well...I rather call myself a Southerner who has lived in Rome the last 12 years or so...GA that is! Always have been a Habs' fan (in fact only 1 out of 3 Hab fans amongst Laff fans in a small fishing village) since I was young. Go Habs!
  9. ^This. And to think I lived in Toronto for 4 years or more...until I went to the States. Leaf fans..well..are just Leaf fans...both my late parents were solid fans for the Laffs and little "o me" and about 3 others in our small fishing village were Habs all the way fans..
  10. Read? Who can read??? lol Great to know this..thanks
  11. Nice picture of a cat over kitty? Am I missing something here? lol Whooo is that???
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