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  1. Hey I am going to give y'all an illustration that I used about "attitudes" once..and yes it is a baseball analogy..so this is for MT..he has to put more confidence in the boys....going into he second half of the season: A man who stopped by to watch little league game saw a little boy in the outfield..so he asked the boy what the score was and the response was" We're behind eighteen to nothing". "Well" said the man " I must say that you don't look discouraged" .."Discouraged" the boy said 'Why should we be discouraged? We haven't come to bat yet." We haven't scored all the goals yet like I k now we can but they will be a comin'...
  2. Are you watching via Internet..the game that is..or live TV? and I will tell ya
  3. That too!!!!!But I made a promise I would not pick on MT (too much) until after the AS break....so...
  4. Does that mean we will be getting rid of MT after the AS?????? Say yes yes ////
  5. Sorry you haven't been feeling well...hope you get better and feel better soon
  6. Thanks, Clues...though I have no idea who Clues is????? Me want cookie..me want cookie! Me want...or brownie....me want brownie
  7. Montreal @ Buffalo.....Montreal NY Islanders @ NY Rangers......Rangers Boston @ Columbus.....Boston Detroit @ Tampa Bay.....TB New Jersey @ Florida.....Florida Carolina @ Winnipeg.....Carolina Washington @ Pittsburgh.....Pittsburg OR: Just the opposite of what I picked. :)
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