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  1. Probably.....when did they start going down south (my expression...no wait kinot-1 or perhaps his side-kick kinot-2's) last year..before or after the All_Star break? Not saying this will happen..but..for a moment I was taken over by Rick..whew
  2. Last year we had a good PK..this year.. meh...should say they don't care
  3. Somebody..quick..show them the picture what the net looks like...sigh 2
  4. Nope...I have to type with one finger and can't chew gum while I am doing that.
  5. Montreal @ Buffalo.....Montreal NY Islanders @ NY Rangers......Rangers Boston @ Columbus.....Boston Detroit @ Tampa Bay.....TB New Jersey @ Florida.....Florida Carolina @ Winnipeg.....Carolina Washington @ Pittsburgh.....Pittsburg OR: Just the opposite of what I picked. :)
  6. Just one word to that: SIGH!
  7. True...I usually like (d) all MT goalies...."usually" The poster below me has lots of silver (see the response below..it will be interesting...NOT)
  8. Welcome HG! You will enjoy this site and forum. Blessings!
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