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  1. TSN690 said Gally has been on the ice more than skating...they are right
  2. He is old and is showing it...though the last series he played a lot better...
  3. Ok...put more pressure in the o-zone...even if we have ti keep CC on all the time lol
  4. This is why I don't get excited when we have the PP
  5. They better practice the PP ALL summer...win or lose the SC
  6. I understand that....but when the boys do hit they get called it seems ...aggressiveness on both is important
  7. Would rather they hit the net more too...esp. one that continues past the goal line
  8. So TB will have to take someone's head off before they get a call
  9. I was a gopher when I worked at CBC many moons ago..go for this go fer that
  10. From n ow on do not let them have a PP anymore...sigh
  11. If this is the best officiating crew I would hate to see the worst
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