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  1. Sadly they are back to their old ways...but they still have time to wake up and play great
  2. Yeah but you are like me...you will be upset...lol...I can't remember who TB played last SC
  3. Reminder to the boys, whom we love: Nobody will remember that you had a great playoff series that got you here to the big show IF you lose 4-0 or even 4-1 or 4-2 in this series
  4. Playing regular season hockey again??? Or back to it should say
  5. Heh. He probably thinks it its the best 5 out of 7
  6. May be but they seem to play better on the road, actually
  7. Yeah CC played like a rookie tonight ...but he will make up fo it next game
  8. Wait until next year...o wait...another game yet...lol
  9. Better team slammed us tonight...well...the whole series so far
  10. I like that: "offensively challenged for a long time"?
  11. Just a terrible game for the Habs tonight....played like thy did in the regular season
  12. How much do you want to bet that DD will keep the same lines next game??? No imagination
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