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  1. One thing I did notice in retrospect was how Booins defended on the power play. They pressured the Habs D , not letting them get set up for a shot. While habs sat back in the box. I wonder if this is what Booins do for all teams or just good coaching by Julien ?
  2. Although I couldn't bear to watch the third period, the first two didn't seem to have an inordinate amount of dump and chase. I was going to try to keep track but my vision was blocked with tears. Was anyone taking note of dumping versus carrying?
  3. Where can I find more info on this Corsi and Fenwick you speak of? Sounds like a commercial during Judge Judy.. "Are you prone to slip and fall in department stores"-call the law offices of Corsi and Fenwick, we're on you side.
  4. What do you remember about the tragic high sticking incident that ended Mondou's career? It was against Harford right? Also I seem to remember it being Lee Norwood's stick, but on wikipedia it says Ulf Samuellson.
  5. Hi I am Mondouman. I am still sad to this day about the shortened career of Pierre Mondou. I loved to watch him play here in Halifax with the Voyageur. So difficult to choose an alltime favorite player, Cournoyer, Robinson, Flower, Carbo, Gainey, the list would go on forever. My oldest sister was in love with "Les Gros Bill" and she is the reason I became a habs fan in the late 60's. I could go on and on but this is ans intro. I don't know why it took me so long to join this forum but here I am at last.
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