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  1. rip.........
  2. ya remember people pk was also not being traded ,would price wave his no trade clause for a chance at the cup, why not
  3. love the kid
  4. rip. they do not make them like him anymore
  5. hope so,
  6. more like primeau is looking way to good, so send him back down
  7. tuukka playing, then we might just win this game
  8. i see no reason why we should win this game, that is why i will go with a 3-2 habs big upset win
  9. we need to trade for real d-men the joke is over
  10. i will go with a 4-3 habs win..........
  11. he got fired for saying --you people-- what next you people . imo as a veteran don is a hero, people died and went to war for free speech interesting how left wingers can say what they want but right wingers can not. the only reason you left wingers can come on here and say what you want in safety is because right wingers went to war and died for you