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  1. Wishing Bourque well !! We may be looking at (more than) a few Bourque goal highlights ... if he ends up on the left of Getzlaf and Perry. Dare I say .... "fire hydrant"?
  2. One game later .... I think that may have been the best game for him. He seemed lock-step last night and really had the puck. Hopefully he can keep that up from here.
  3. This ... definitely. At this stage of his career it's got to be tough, and so shortly after having a really good play-offs. I really feel for the guy. It would make my day if he started lighting it up in the AHL and got called back up at some juncture ... I'd always envisaged Bourque-Eller-Weise/Sekacs as a great third line for the Habs this season. I was at the Bell Centre for the final home game last play-offs, against the Rangers (Game 5, 7-4 win). Bourque's hatty was something to behold. It was like Christmas Bells -- a bunch of "pipe and in" (Pleks' goal too). Bouque's got one heavy snap/wrister.
  4. Question: How long before Sekac << ------ >> Paranteau ? (switcheroo?) More minutes of Sekac on the ice vs Paranteau on the ice is looking like it might be a plus for this team. Preseason exhibition had talk of Parenteau's vision and passing. I'm not sure I'm seeing a whole lot of that with him. He's deadly on the shoot-out though .... head up all the way; that must just freak the goaltender out.
  5. Best to ignore rumours about attitude ... not fair to anyone. Who knows what the endgame is here, but obviously Habs were willing to part with Bourque if someone would pick up his salary. If Bourque passes waivers he does not need to be sent to Hamilton. The Habs can keep him around. Sending Courque to Hamilton only saves $900K on the cap. I was in the Bell Centre when he scored that hat trick against the Rangers in the play-offs last year ... it was sight to see I tell you. At elast two of them did loud iron on the way in. It was a pro demonstration on sniping in a big, must-win game.
  6. http://sports.yahoo.com/blogs/nhl-puck-daddy/pass-or-fail--sabres--tanking-anthem--all-about-last-place---audio-161303168.html Poor, Gio, Gorges. I feel bad for them. I know they are pro's but ....
  7. St. Vincent: 8/10 good, funny, light,, feel good movie ... with a great "Irish" joke at the start. Bill Murray was in top form. Gone Girl: 4/10 Chick-lit made directly into chick-lit movie (book author Flynn did the screenplay as well). All the guys are total dolts and the women are the dominating individuals with all the brains. Pass. (I know there are movies made the other way around too ... i don't care for those too. Women aren't bimbos either.). Funny, but I was similar on Argo, another film with Afleck -- not as good as all the hype.
  8. Fury: 8/10 .... except there is this long dinner party in the middle of a tank movie .... huh?!? The Drop: 9/10 ... another Dennis Lehane story again done very well on film A Walk Amongst The Tombstones: 8/10 ... Right up Liam Neeson's alley ... heck, that guy can make the worst movie ever at least a 7/10 all by himself, just be being himself.
  9. Alex Honnold: The Bobby Orr + Wayne Gretzky of rock climbing (free soloist): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=leCAy1v1fnI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zKuQttH1kE
  10. More (and funner) bubbles .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f92yfPFl9NY Still waiting to see some bubble ice hockey ... it'd be even better. Well, except the skates piercing those bubbles, I suppose. Yeah, maybe skip it for ice hockey.
  11. Ageed; he's not a sniper a la Patches and Galchenyuk, and not even on a Gallagher or Plekanecs level. His goals will come from using his size to make a presence around the goal. I really like Sekacs puck pursuit; he's really good on the forecheck, and to my mind, is already impressing me as the best back-checker on this team. He just doesn't let guys get away.
  12. First goal -- great to see, for the 'old' NHL rookie. Someone get Jiri's dad season's tickets .... he was a riot!! May as well get Jiri's girlfriend the same. She looked fabulous in a Bell Centre seat.
  13. You give up a clean breakaway while playing with two many men on the ice. Canadiens vs, Lightning, 2014-10-13, 18:45 of the third period. (Yeah, I never could play very myself, with sand in my ears and in my skates, from a day at the beach.)
  14. Yes, the Habs are actually planning something special for that home opener against the Bruins on Thursday .... another spanking!! Enjoy!! Wish I were at the game!
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