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  1. Cool to see the Habs not let an early Buffalo goal take control of the game early. Man, Kovalchuk is such a puck hawk. The way he pounced on that rebound--pure instinct!
  2. Definitely congrats in order. I've been a member (under a couple of different names) since back in 2005 and enjoy this forum more than any other I've been a part of thanks to the thoughtful posts of so many great people--the three being honored are a case in point.
  3. Like how the Habs just blew it open to start the third. Also, I know we all are aware of Gallagher's net presence, but I'm still so impressed by his balance and focus with two Leafs around him.
  4. Nice beating the defending champs, especially coming back from a deficit in doing so. Like the presence in front of the net on many of the goals.
  5. Well, it's the Habs were able to tie it up down by two in the third. Just wish they could've closed it out in OT. Liked Armia getting in the thick of things in front of the net...and Kotkaniemi's goal showed a nice, quick release
  6. Sadly, this is what we've come to expect. Oof.
  7. I had a few older accounts (zachary-jean from 2005-8; muskeg 2009-2014) that were lost in board and password confusion. The former is my name, the latter a band I was in at time of creation. Current username is the name of a doom metal band transposed. No special meaning behind it; I think I was listening to them when creating my account .
  8. A few things I liked from the game: -A lot of traffic in front of Vancouver's net. The tying goal doesn't happen without Shaw's coincidentally placed leg. -Coming back from a deficit in the third. -Price's play.
  9. What's frustrating about Price is that he's become inconsistent. His play will be so poor a thread like this starts, then he's lights out for a couple of games in a row.
  10. Liked the Habs refusal to pack it in when down by two. Showed a lot of character, something noticeably absent in past years.
  11. Like the Habs spirit last night. Didn't turtle after giving up the lead to Washington.
  12. Really liked the goal in all that traffic last night. A lot of white shirts in front, but he managed to force it through.
  13. Always sweet to beat the Bruins, especially by shutout.
  14. Nice to see Habs win in a decisive fashion against a star-laden team. They kept up with Toronto, too. I'm looking at the positive side of things
  15. Really hoping the Habs come out looking good and, I don't know, hungry. Even if they don't win, as long as they play like they care about winning.
  16. Keep it classy, Max. Keep it classy. A great "attitude" acquisition by Bergevin.
  17. Sometime in the early 90s. I was about 8 years old and got this giant commemorative book about the history of the Cup. The near ubiquitous presence of the Habs on nearly every page was so mysterious to me. Then, one afternoon I was flipping through it at my grandmother's house (she's from Lévis), and she told me all kinds of stories about the Rocket. Been hooked, for better and worse, ever since.
  18. I'm really curious to see how Galchenyuk performs this year. I have a feeling it'll be, you know, really well. Better than Domi, anyway.
  19. Scary, isn't it? It'll be a long 82 games, that's for sure.
  20. I guess if the team is dead set on naming one, Gallagher. Honestly, though, I'd rather they hold off for this year. It's bound to be a miserable one and I feel like being named captain would be giving someone a nice fat "Blame Me" target.
  21. I thought for a second they signed him to fill a hole on D.
  22. I like the Vegas story and all; it reminds me of the year the Little League in my hometown had to create an extra team because there were so many kids who didn't get "Drafted" onto the 6 preexisting. We wound up winning the championship. But I really want to see Ovechkin take the Caps to the Cup.
  23. I think you're right. It will be looked back on like the Roy trade--a move that hamstrung the team, setting them back for years to come.
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