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  1. Just like my prediction
  2. PK Subban is too sad that's why he cried before the game xD. But yeah my videos are not much realistic xD
  3. I'm little bit late.... But still !!! Here my french prediction!!!
  4. En retard... mais bon !!!
  5. Ohhhhhh Radulov!!! En retard mais bon! :D
  6. 1 period late.... But still my prediction + Oh Radulov song!!! Let's channel the hat trick!!!
  7. xD No prob guys, passé proche de pas pouvoir le faire xD.
  8. I predicted 6-0 Habs ( Yeah... I'm still doing it a bit xD) Video proof in French!
  9. Encore... Prédiction gagnante!!!! Bonus : PK Subban revenge!
  10. Juste Pour Scott!!! Haha! On est rendu là... xD! Bonne game pareil!
  11. I had to do it... for Scott! Prediction Scott 1st star, beat-up 5 guys and some goals haha Good game people!
  12. Haha, j'aime trop cette screenshot là! xD
  13. Hello! I'm "back" with a french prediction! ( One day i need to do 1 in english lol, i want to try the super bowl with that "concept" and it will need to be english ) Anyways!!! And yes... Chanel Vs Galchenyuk (Japan news re-creation style!!!) Let's hope for the best! ( We need so much Carey... lol )
  14. Pour donner un peu d'espoir! Et voir un fight entre Chanel et Galchenyuk.... yep!