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  1. My french prediction again... lol ! lets hope !
  2. Just for fun! It's boring a bit but a guarantee win to see! Have fun
  3. Yé pllllate, j'ai tellement pas le temps pour ça ! mais bon ! On gagne a soir!
  4. On gagne ca encore !
  5. Little more realistic then the last one lol, but still haha! Lets hope for tonight !
  6. On lache pas! Ça leur porte pas chance quand jfais ça, mais bon ! haha
  7. Prédiction des séries ! Avec la nouvelle toune de Ron Founier!
  8. French prediction! with new Ron Fournier song!
  9. Just like my prediction
  10. PK Subban is too sad that's why he cried before the game xD. But yeah my videos are not much realistic xD
  11. I'm little bit late.... But still !!! Here my french prediction!!!
  12. En retard... mais bon !!!