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  1. Oh sorry "double post" lol, i post it on the other thread. My silly french/cursing winning prediction for tonight 4-3 Habs !
  2. My silly french prediction, with a lot of cursing. 4-3 Habs. Alex Bezlile first goal lol ( I thought it was Bélile )
  3. Hellll yeah! Tatarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  4. My silly and angry prediction! 2020 sucks!!! At NHL 20 3-2 Habs ( cursing a lot lol i'm mad today lol )
  5. Weeeeeber BBQ easy goal haha Ok i will stop reply, i not good luck tonight lol
  6. 1-0 Montreal ! Here my silly prediction! Shea Weber late 3rd period goal! In the 5 hole lol Wrong link -_- sorry lol
  7. DAMN my 1-0 prediction ! xD hahahahaha GOOD JOBBBBB real playoffs!!!
  8. lol my 1-0 prediction in OT is possible now. But yeah boring game a little bit lol. Still nice!
  9. My prediction with NHL 20! 1-0 Habs in overtime :O! Haha Have fun!
  10. 2-1 Montreal! Here my NHL 20 "proof" lol. Had fun guys!
  11. I made it before the game! There is my winning prediction of tonight game! In french sorry!
  12. Hey! I was doing some silly french predictions some years ago! With NHL games. I just did 1 for tonight! 5-2 habs lol! If you want to see it during the intermission! Here the link!
  13. Don't know if i will be able to post it during the day ( school ) but... My french comedy prediction Good season everyone!
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