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  1. Tatar Domi Poehling Drouin Danault Gallagher Lehkonen Kotkaniemi Armia Byron Cousins Suzuki Mete Weber Chiarot Petry Kulak Juulsen Price Lindgren If Suzuki doesn't completely impress out of camp, then Evans takes his spot.
  2. The bid for Aho was smart. Canes aren't known for spending money and they'd just taken on the full value of Marleau's contract to buy it out. Bergevin added more dead space to that. They matched because their organization is dead if they don't pony up and spend with the big boys, but Carolina is losing money this year; although, kudos to them for not Melnyking their players. There was a chance that we would get Sebastian Aho on a contract that wouldn't screw our cap and that's something. In 5 years he walks to FA and will be worth possibly more than 8 AAV. We'll see where we both are in 5 years.
  3. Whoa. Just returned to the forum and tired of this guy's attitude already. Don't care if I made it personal; there's no need for this stuff.
  4. No concerns about lack of RWers? Good players are just good players? I hope so, because I like what I've seen out of Hudon.
  5. I'm waiting for "We have a trade to announce."
  6. If we don't make moves before the 3rd pick, we will later with our 2nds and roster players.
  7. He's been speaking a lot about positional need and taking the player that he feels will be a key part of the team moving forward. I think that guy is Kotkaniemi. When asked if he'd trade down he replied that the risk you run is that the player you gave up assets to draft isn't there. He mentioned they were prepared in any event and had several players that they were high on given their availability and our interest. The only example he listed was if Carolina were to make an unforeseen move at #2. So I think he stays at 3. We either draft Kotkaniemi or there's a minute chance we get Svechnikov. Or it's Zadina, or Veleno, or Hughes.. I don't know, I'm just a guy.
  8. I think they got good value back and didn't demand more because Galchenyuk's value was at all time low for a player with his potential. So their plan is to draft Kotkaniemi and have pieces like Drouin, Domi, Scherbak, Gallagher, Hudon, Mete, Juulsen play alongside him in a few years. Who plays 1C in the meantime? Can Ryan Poehling also step into the Top6? Who do we acquire with all this cap space? If Price doesn't step up, do they risk hurting his pride and choosing Lindgren over him? What do we see from Shea Weber?
  9. He will and it won't be disastrous. He'll sign a 1 year 1 million two-way contract. He'll play at least 19 games for the Canadiens then he'll either travel with the team through the playoffs or we miss again and he's traded to a contender for a chance at the Cup. Then he'll either resign elsewhere or retire with 1000 games played as a hab.
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