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  1. A comparison can absolutely be farcical and still comparative. In no way does the armless analogy fail: Galchenyuk is being handicapped. Galchenyuk is great offensively, he should be in our Top 6. Not every player is a two-way guy. And that's totally an area that he can work on- not while on the fourth line. By the same token, we have a lot of guys who are great defensively but it doesn't mean they are Bergeron, Toews, or Kopitar. How is one more admirable than the other? Every player has their strengths and you play them accordingly. 1. Everyone struggled out of the gate this year. Perhaps with the exception of Drouin. All the more reason to have Chucky spend more of those minutes with him. 2. Right. He's valued as an offensive player and put in situations where the coaching staff feels he can succeed. 3. Moot point. Do those forwards with higher quality of competition perform better? Do they play on lines with players who would be considered weak competition. Galchenyuk is apparently supposed to be driving a bottom 6 line. We have bottom 6ers that can do that. If we don't think he can do it on the top line, why would we think it works with lesser linemates. I don't think it means he needs to be insulated; I think it means he needs to be supported. So what if he's not one of these guys who makes everyone around him better? He also scored tonight in spite of all this. If you'd prefer we trade him and get a more reliable forward out of it, that's an understandable viewpoint. EDIT Again, not to say one must always sing his praises. I loved Desharnais when he came through big, when he had chemistry with Patches, when he battled hard, and when he held our third line together. But he wasn't top line talent, we should've been paying him a bit less, he was preventing younger players more deserving of his role from breaking out, and the defensive aspect of his game was not so great as to warrant overlooking his need to be sheltered on a scoring line.
  2. Washington vs. New Jersey NY Rangers vs. Columbus Ottawa vs. Calgary Detroit vs. Las Vegas
  3. Tampa Bay @ PittsburghSt. Louis @ FloridaDetroit @ ArizonaBuffalo @ San Jose
  4. We're a few games in, but I wholeheartedly intend to steal this one. NJ @ Toronto Pittsburgh @ Washington Boston @ Colorado NYI @ Anaheim
  5. Run and gun doesn't work when you don't have at least 2 solid scoring lines together. Pacioretty Drouin Gallagher Galchenyuk Plekanec Lehkonen Those are your top two lines.
  6. What have we been saying? But also importantly, what is he going to show us?
  7. Pacioretty Duchene Lehkonen Hudon Drouin Gallagher Danault Plekanec Shaw Byron De La Rose Hemsky
  8. True. Drink when you're thirsty, people. It doesn't mean it's "too late." The poster below me knows a fair bit about their genealogy.
  9. So this is where you've been, Clues. Chipmunks Push mower or ride-on?
  10. Pittsburgh Washington Columbus Toronto Montreal Tampa Bay Boston NYR Ottawa Philadelphia NYI New Jersey Florida Buffalo Carolina Detroit Edmonton Nashville Dallas Chicago Anaheim San Jose Winnipeg Minnesota Calgary Los Angeles St. Louis Colorado Las Vegas Vancouver Arizona PIT/NYR WSH/CBJ TOR/BOS MTL/TBL PIT/WSH BOS/TBL PIT/BOS EDM/MIN ANA/SJS DAL/WPG NSH/CHI EDM/ANA WPG/CHI EDM/CHI EDM/PIT
  11. Was this something we all discussed? There was an influx of draws lost on the right side of our zone because of handedness?
  12. Think about the teams that were able to roll us over with 9/10 goals last year. Pittsburgh and Columbus.
  13. I thought Fleischmann did well for us if I'm recalling correctly. As a third line guy, I thought he was fine, impressive even sometimes with Desharnais and Weise.
  14. Mm. Therrien had said prior to training camp last year that you can't play tough love with everyone, that doesn't work anymore. It doesn't get the most out of some players. It's an old school hockey mentality. Galchenyuk drove his line last night. To me that silenced the criticism of his whole camp. He hasn't been placed in a position to succeed. And he somehow managed to overcome the bitterness he must be feeling and single-handedly sparked a two goal lead in the dying seconds of the 1st period. Need I remind anyone of how many goals were scored in the first 6 games of the preseason? His effort lit a fire under us and it deserves more than Danault and Shaw on the third line.
  15. I think Weber has helped get the most out of a lot of players, a lot of whom turned out to be elite in their own right. Josi and Suter are the two biggest examples for me. And he was the same age as Suter when they were coming up. He's got a Barret Jackman level of influence.
  16. I thought Alex's only criticism was in the dot as well. For me it was. Not every high-flying center is a Bergeron, Kopitar, Lehtinen, Gainey. He wasn't notably bad defensively, he distributed the puck well, he took advantage of turnovers, and he can score. Tyler Seguin's still doing it. Eh, whatever.
  17. He'll either bulk up or he won't. Ryan Ellis, Torey Krug, Sami Vatanen, Jared Spurgeon, Brian Campbell, Tyson Barrie.
  18. Pacioretty Drouin Galchenyuk Hudon Plekanec Gallagher Lehkonen Danault Shaw Byron Mitchell Hemsky Mete Weber Alzner Petry Schlemko Benn Price Lindgren I hope it all eventually shakes down to this. I wish we could push Lehkonen higher into the Top 6, but Galchenyuk needs to be there. It is absolutely unfair to stick a player of his caliber on the 3rd line and say he's unfit to play. This past game he put up a goal and an assist while Lehkonen and Shaw were held off the board. And a lot of you may feel like his camp placed him there, but a few players might not sustain the juice they showed in camp. Galchenyuk will thrive when given top 6 minutes. Even when slumping- how many times do you see Pacioretty on the third line?
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