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  1. I love this kid. His play has been dynamic but also responsible. He had the highest +/- of any player on that ice tonight. He fits well on Weber's left side. I love the way he pinches in the offensive zone to put on the pressure. I don't remember the last time I saw a Habs defenceman pick up a puck behind the red line and bury it in the net. But I think he knows when to be responsible and not get caught out of position; but he has the speed to recover as well. He knows exactly how to talk to the Montreal media; he hasn't said once that he has this in the bag- but he does. So, he's at least earned his 9 games. Management might want to get a better look at Schlemko, but I think he's probably better suited to playing next to Benn on the third pairing. One of Streit/Davidson/Morrow becomes your 7th man.
  2. I have a feeling DLR is going to gradually take over his spot this year as it would be easier to let go of Torrey than a young guy who could potentially be more. To me, Mitchell has been an amazing 4th line center. Do we see a trade midway through the season? What's the return? 4th round pick?
  3. They need scoring punch to get a win and gain confidence. I think that's all he's coming up for.
  4. Best thing that could happen to this team: Mete forces them to keep him on the NHL roster.
  5. We probably had a good deal on the table, too. Out of the ones to be considered, that one and the Hamhuis deal would've been good for them. Luckily, we saw that Bergevin knows how to move on. A more incompetent GM might have given up Galchenyuk+Sergachev+1st all for Duchene alone. Now we have both Drouin and Galchenyuk and I'm excited to see what they can do.
  6. Hm. There ya go. It just seemed like he had a lot of speed with no finish on his breakaways this year. XD
  7. 1. Drouin 2. Galchenyuk 3. Lehkonen And never under any circumstances ever Paul Byron.
  8. Hudon, Reway, and Jerabek are who I'd be watching if I were there. Anybody viewing the camps? Lindgren will likely outperform Montoya but may or may not steal his spot on the roster.
  9. Anaheim have constantly patched their top line with 3rd liners to play with Getzlaf and Perry. San Jose is testing Boedker on their top line. I would consider Teravainen a middle-sixer playing above his roster spot. Jake Guentzel and Connor Sheary don't belong on a top line anywhere else in there league, but if Pittsburgh spreads the wealth elsewhere, then Crosby can make their talent shine through. New Jersey has zero top-flight D in my opinion. That's less okay, because they on't have a proven commodity to shelter them. Who do I think we have that is truly 1st line talent? Pacioretty, Galchenyuk, Drouin, Weber. But sometimes you've got to try unproven talent where it can thrive most.
  10. Even if you don't like Schlemko there, to me this means they know they can't plug Alzner there just because he's the best D on that side. He's trying younger, mobile, puck-moving D there and if one of them turns out to be more competent than we thought playing on a top line... Also, is anyone else watching Will Bitten? He wouldn't make the big club right off, but he's been consistently producing on three different teams in the O, around PPG the last two. A year or two in Laval with a few call ups might have us a good 2/3rd line center in a few years time, perhaps. Hard-working and defensively responsible. Biggest knock so far is that he's unproven and a bit on the small side. Think if we had Gallagher as a center.
  11. Powerplay has Weber and Benn as solid options. Gelinas could make the second unit if he makes the squad. Best forward options: Pacioretty, Galchenyuk, Drouin. PK will feature Alzner and likely Weber. Davidson could also play well here. Most defensively responsible forwards: Pacioretty, Plekanec, Gallagher, Shaw.
  12. Just that he's an unsigned 2013 draft pick, Avalanche passed on signing after each amazing season, three medals, and finally this season he wins the Clark Cup and the Hobey Baker. Now they come knocking because their window is closing and Butcher's refusing to sign. He'll go to UFA on the 15th. Kid's pretty much a rock star sticking it to the Avs and waiting to get his pick of team from any one of the 30 others now interested.
  13. Schlemko isn't slow. Honestly, I'm highest on playing: Jerabek/Davidson Weber Alzner Petry Schlemko Benn That leaves one player to prove himself tremendously but doing it next to Weber rather than having three guys on the left side playing in situations where they can't.
  14. What if we tested McCarron on the first line on the right side with Pacioretty and Galchenyuk? That allows Drouin to slot in on his natural side on the second line, Danault centers and Gallagher plays 2RW which is more suited to where he belongs. If it works and is clicking, then it allows us to spread our talent so that no one is really overreaching in their place on our lineup. Pacioretty Galchenyuk McCarron Drouin Danault Gallagher Lehkonen Plekanec Hemsky Byron Mitchell Shaw A similar thing could be said of our LD spot next to Weber, so that one of our younger speedier guys get a bona fide shot and Alzner isn't filling a role that he can't fulfill. Our management is constantly saying that you build through the draft, and yet guys that we've been high on are often relegated to the bottom 6 if they can't carry a top line within the first few games. This goes for Hudon as well.
  15. Pacioretty Galchenyuk Gallagher Drouin Danault Scherbak Lehkonen Plekanec Hemsky Byron Mitchell Shaw Jerabek Weber Alzner Petry Schlemko Benn Price Lindgren I'd take Vanek back for another year. That would look better on our right side. Hudon could also if Plekanec was shed for cap relief.
  16. I don't know what you think you're trying to pull with all this positivity here, pal.
  17. Apparently Schlemko's better with that. Certainly not a top pairing guy, but they may try anyone with Weber. The smartest thing our GM could do right now is trade for a 1LD since they're not available as FA anymore. Play Alzner with Petry and allocate Schlemko to the third line with Benn. With Weber on the first pairing, that's a solid defensive core with one hole at 1LD. Barring a trade, I'd think the even smarter thing to do with our cap issues, would be to give our latest call-up the spot next to Weber. We take way too long with our prospects. If someone shows us the stuff at development camp, we put him on first line duties Weber to start the year. He either rockets to success or he doesn't, but you at least give him a few games to try it out. Jerabek shoots left; he's an option. Most of our prospects are righties, but Juulsen has the most flash. If he clicks you could also try him. Davidson could also emerge, he's older and also proven more defensively responsible.
  18. Shattenkirk Weber Markov Petry Schlemko Benn Third pairing's kinda slow. We'd have to pay Shattenkirk dollars if he's even interested and if MB's even interested. Then he'd also play his off side. I know we're looking more critically at Alzner, but Shattenkirk is the more appealing option to me right now.
  19. Have we been talking to Shattenkirk at all? Is it a problem for him to play on his off side?
  20. I'm fully on board with the terminology. But we've heard for months that this was going to be a weak draft. And the one person in this organization who I've had full confidence in is Trevor Timmins.
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