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  1. Not in interested in Marleau for that much- at all.
  2. Agreed. Also want to add that calling his girlfriend hitting him an "off-ice issue," is unfair. I really couldn't believe it when Habs brass made him publicly apologize for the "distraction" that he caused.
  3. He didn't at all, really. MacKinnon had first line duties. Maybe insomuch as coaches like to change up lines from time to time. But he was a winger every time I went to see him with the Mooseheads.
  4. I don't like any scenario involving a trade to get those guys because it spells out Galchenyuk. And if it's for a 1C, then it definitely isn't getting done through FA, agreed. I'd be interested in Alzner. Hanzal's available but I think the better option would be to rotate 2C between Plekanec and Danault or possibly Hudon gets a shot. There's lots of talent on those top two lines to shelter him.
  5. You're not gonna see that one probably until after free agency hits, unless Bergevin has a big trade he's announcing tomorrow. But I think he's keen on adding a bigger name to pair with Weber or Petry and a 1/2 C.
  6. This is purely an expansion draft move. I'd assume Marc would've planned to forge forward with Beaulieu especially if the Sergachev deal still happened. So take away the asset we can't protect and store it in a pick. They either have to take a bad contract or a player that would've fetched a lesser return.
  7. If you wanted something of note back from Beaulieu, that would have to be protected too. The only other thing we could do if we didn't get an exempt player back was get a pick. Vegas can't select our 3rd round pick. I'm also guessing we couldn't get a deal done to force their hand to take a bad contract. So we got what we could for him before he was for sure taken and he fetched us more than Hudon might've.
  8. I'm expecting Plekanec gone, but I won't pretend at putting anything new in the lineup until we know for sure. Emelin I hope is also gone. Purely to make room for cap and upcoming contract renewals. Drouin Galchenyuk Radulov Pacioretty Danault Gallagher Byron McCarron Shaw Lehkonen Mitchell Scherbak Juulsen Weber Beaulieu Petry Markov Benn Price Lindgren
  9. Does anyone believe we head into this season with Alex Galchenyuk?
  10. The Subban one was a bit more misleading because he stated outright that Subban would not be traded. It was like a little assurance to the fans because rumors had been swirling like crazy. Kind of broke my trust in the guy because I really thought he believed that he needed Subban moving forward.
  11. Our GM makes false promises :. All GMs make false promises?
  12. Colorado has stated that MacKinnon, Rantanen, and Jost are their only untouchables.
  13. We're all hoping that's where MB's going next with this. Barring that, I'd try to move forward with Galchenyuk. His whole situation reaks of Tyler Seguin in Boston.
  14. Regardless, they're centermen. The only guys we have that I'd argue do the job well are Plekanec and Mitchell, neither are top line talent and one of them is very likely to be exposed and on his way out.
  15. A bit exciting for me too because I watched him here in Halifax. Still think Sergachev would've been important moving forward. But this team's not done.
  16. Also, a bit of overshadowed news today is that Hudon's been resigned. I doubt Lehkonen's on the way out, it might be Byron? I think we all know that it's hard to speculate on these things, though. We just have a huge logjam at left wing now is all that I can think.
  17. I wouldn't trust it with Drouin at center. My gut says MB thinks this makes Galchenyuk expendable as part of a package for a #1C. I hope they try to keep him there. If we can dangle anybody at this point, I hope it's Gallagher.
  18. I"d honestly be more comfortable with him backing up Price this playoff over Montoya.
  19. All the talk was that New York considered him a bust. Looks like neither of these teams thought he'd live up to his projected role; too slow was one of the buzz words. Still not that much.
  20. He still counts toward our protected players, though. The only difference is we can't expose him without him waiving his NMC.
  21. Correct me if I'm wrong, but playing 500 hockey is a good way to lose a 10 point lead on the division.
  22. Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa. You can't just reinvent yourself and shuffle blame onto your imaginary friend.
  23. I've also thought that these injuries have been good for getting Danault top line time and potentially getting a quality Top 6 center out of it.
  24. If I could rework their captaincy midseason, I'd tier it: C Weber, A Petry, A Gallagher. I like the 2 A system, but if the team felt like adding another, Radulov wouldn't be a bad choice either.
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