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  1. Yeah. A little too trigger happy, there.
  2. Well dang. Too bad we have to sit through an 82 game season knowing it's this good right now.
  3. That's nuts. I didn't hear about it. You guys must've been all about that before the game. Has Sven been doing well with St. John's, then?
  4. We seem to be doing a lot better with shots.
  5. Ah. I was just thinking a third line with him and Shaw would be neat. I also really like him as a person. And the Kings have become really disenfranchised with him since he's not churning out 50 points a season any longer. They might be eager to get rid of his contract. With the right pieces going the other way or salary retained...
  6. Anyone else interested in Dustin Brown?
  7. Atlantic 1. Lightning 2. Canadiens 3. Senators 4. Panthers WC 5. Red Wings 6. Bruins 7. Leafs 8. Sabres Metropolitan 1. Penguins 2. Capitals 3. Islanders 4. Flyers WC 5. Rangers 6. Devils 7. Blue Jackets 8. Hurricanes Central 1. Predators 2. Blackhawks 3. Blues 4. Wild WC 5. Stars WC 6. Jets 7. Avalanche Pacific 1. Sharks 2. Ducks 3. Oilers 4. Flames 5. Kings 6. Coyotes 7. Canucks
  8. I like these lines a lot. Obviously not going to happen with this organization, but I'd like to see Sergachev beat out guys for a top-pairing spot this fall.
  9. I really thought at least some of you would react better than this. Weber is in no way a horrid return for Subban. It freed up cap space. We'll probably be able to add a decent top 6 forward with the cap savings. Not Stamkos but maybe Ladd. I'm sad to see him go, but in no way do I think Bergevin is just casting him aside, it was a tough decision for him to make and I think he's sad to see him go as well. He definitely saw more in him than Therrien. But in no way do I feel we got shafted or that BErgevin's lost direction of this team.
  10. He did this to my satisfaction. He said he's not shopping him; that's all I need. The deals I've heard seem like a joke, if those were Bergevin's asks then any team would've taken them. I think the "Gretzky was traded" trope is more to blame for the media thinking that this isn't put to rest. Bergevin said he's taking calls, he doesn't know who's calling when he picks up or what they want and if he did he'd likely hang up. As it is, he's said the conversations have been cut very short. He only hasn't said he WON'T be traded because if it was something like OEL, Garland, 3rd for Subban, Desharnais, 2nd then it starts to make more sense. Even so, he's very well liked in Montreal and it may not happen. Just to be clear: I hope it doesn't- I love him.
  11. True. Edmonton doesn't have the caliber of defenceman we'd want back for giving up Subban- even with great forwards, we'd be taking a step back. With his announcement today, I have a hard time believing he would have closed that deal.
  12. Silly BigTed, no one's a better player than Ryder.
  13. Pacioretty Galchenyuk Holloway Eller Plekanec Gallagher Carr Desharnais Andrighetto McCarron Mitchell Danault Markov Subban Beaulieu Petry Barberio Ellis Price Condon This is how I would field our healthy team now, barring anything happening with Markov, Desharnais, 1st Rounder, or Stamkos in the offseason.
  14. Which he won't be given. For the same reason Gally is on the wing again.
  15. Who's to say though, really? Have you gotten into water? Have you dived under the surface? Have you had a hold your breath contest under there? Have you fallen asleep in the bathtub? Almost is a slippery word. You needn't have been in the process of drowning to have almost drowned. Someone could have even thought about drowning you but they changed their mind at the last second.
  16. Oh, the weather outside is weather.
  17. It's really less about my tongue and more about technique/ a bit of double-jointedness. Same. I think it's 2.
  18. True The poster below me knows their blood type.
  19. I've never met Ewan McGregor.
  20. My girlfriend pedals the Cadillac around. I'll go with that one as well. 1. I got a rod hockey table for Christmas 2. I can lick my elbow 3. I've met Ewan McGregor
  21. False. The poster below me has clothes on their floor.
  22. False. The poster below me has aced an exam.
  23. True. False. The poster below me chews their nails.
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