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  1. Not a fan of Laraque here. Carey/any player can shun the media any day of the week if they feel. I won't pretend that they have a responsibility to me as a fan to let me know how they feel about any subject at any given moment regardless of their state of mind. He regularly gives interviews, even after games when hes is righteously POed, so let this one go. To be honest, I wouldn't care if we had a player on our team that shunned the media at every opportunity if their contract would allow it. Guys like Pronger have to stay sane by taking the mickey out of their banal questions.
  2. This is a team that really hates letting the puck out of the zone. Haven't seen that for a while.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong: puck playing wasn't something Price was especially praised for in the past, was it?
  4. Anyone else bothered that Terry was called up in favor of younger guys also scoring in St. John's?
  5. This is a no good goal. You stay out of the crease, you don't plow head on into the goalie for the tailing man to collect it for an easy goal.
  6. I was watching and thinking "We're playing pretty good hockey. Tape to tape passes. Nice shot releases." Then I realized I was caught up watching the Sharks.
  7. Recognize it and pick up the players to complement the rest of the lineup before the deadline.
  8. Yeah. A little too trigger happy, there.
  9. Well dang. Too bad we have to sit through an 82 game season knowing it's this good right now.
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