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  1. False. The poster below me has been hospitalized for a period in excess of one day.
  2. If you're a fan of this team, it makes sense that they're foreign concepts. Powerplay formations.
  3. False. The poster below me buys fancy cheeses.
  4. True. The poster below me played soccer in high school.
  5. Oh, so false. That's not even any version of me at all. The poster below me has fallen asleep during a SCF game.
  6. False. But it's a temporary situation. I'm a boy. And I'm barely out of Uni. The poster below me has had the chicken pox.
  7. False. The poster below me has sat in the bed of a pickup truck.
  8. False. I've unleashed him. The poster below me prefers analog to digital clocks.
  9. False. The poster below me has caught a puck at a game.
  10. NBA Darth Maul or Witch King of Angmar?
  11. False; my shoes can't be fitted with tires. The poster below me thinks highly of Jose Theodore.
  12. Cowboy movies. Highlighter or nail polish remover fumes?
  13. It's raining very lightly here and the wind's rustling through the trees. But it's dark out and I'm listening to it all inside along with my music. It's pretty nice.
  14. Dill pickles. Forsberg deke or Michigan move?
  15. True. The poster below me has no known allergies.
  16. False. The poster below read at least one novel this past year.
  17. I've definitely done this at work. It always says 5 mins, though. More to let people know it'll be super quick and they won't have to wait long if they do show up while I'm gone. 15 minutes doesn't really carry the same message, though.
  18. Jays making a semi-comeback similar to ours against Tampa OR pull it off seeing as they have one less game to win?
  19. Every bit of older media still exists and is available to anyone who is open to watching it/listening to it. Good stuff is good stuff.
  20. Bottom of the 13. Jays at bat; neither team can seem to put this away. Having a hard enough time getting on base.
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