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  1. I've always liked Couture. His handling of Lucic's hissy fit last night only helped that.
  2. False. .. ... The poster below me saw Nixon resign.
  3. True. The poster below me owns their home.
  4. Propp. I was trying to goad you guys toward Drouin, but you played this one right into my hand.
  5. False. The poster below me has made several girls cry.
  6. Two things: 1) Men are supposed to mature well before 25. If they don't then they usually never do. There's a reason not every under 25 in this league is a basket case. 2) I value a GM who speaks honestly with the fans. Fool Vancouver 400 times, shame on you; fool us once, shame on us. We'll see how he is when he comes back, but he's, rightly so, on a short leash now.
  7. I knew Doan only got his first a couple years ago, but he hasn't called it quits yet.
  8. Alright, I've been checking up on these forums for the past two years- I even followed game day threads page by page at work instead of just checking up on the score. Never been so happy to see a dancing giraffe in all my life; I guess, I'll start posting.
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