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  1. So..erh....Muller isn't the HC we were hoping to provide a fresh spark, after a 2 playoff game audition..
  2. This series is done! Focus on drafting the best possible pick.
  3. Just not happening tonight. Wake me up if the Habs manage to take it to OT........
  4. Game 2 was a must-win or die. The series would've been effectively over if the Habs had lost Game 2 because this Habs team can never come back from any 0-2 series deficit. The statisticians and superstitious will point to historical trends of the Game 1 winner most likely to win the series. It didn't work for the Habs in their previous playoff in 2017, so keeping the series even kept the Habs' chances of progressing to Round 2 alive.
  5. Muller gets the opportunity to show what he's capable of as a HC. Will his playing style be better than Julien's i.e. less "defensive" and conservative, and follow a more fluid passing attacking style, or will be it just as weak as the PP he coaches?
  6. Astonishing scoreline! Couldn't believe it when I checked the score. Then I watched the replay. Players did what they needed to stay alive in this series!
  7. Against Flyers in the playoffs, it's Julien vs Vigneault. Curent coach vs ex-coach. IIRC, the last time this happened was also the last time the Habs qualified directly during the 2017 playoffs. Also Julien vs Vigneault then. Expecting a different outcome this time, eh?
  8. IMHO, eliminating the Penguins was the biggest upset of the qualifying rounds! Sure there were other surprise outcomes, but if you compare roster quality between head-to-head opponents, the disparity between Penguins and Habs was the greatest. That's probably the sole 2019/2020 post-season highlight for the Habs.
  9. I just came here to GLOAT at the Leafs ! $40 million powerhouse forward line can't qualify for the playoffs despite playing on home ice throughout! Enjoy, HTL! Are you going to stick it to Leafs fans around you? PS: Boston, the top league team prior to season stoppage, finished last in the round robin and are seeded 4th in EC. But they seemed to have an easier draw than 2nd seeded Tampa.
  10. Same. Though it's possible, I'll be surprised to win this series. LOL, sad but true. WIth Tampa "the Habs' nemesis", there's absolutely no chance to win the series. With Flyers, the chance is slim but still possible.
  11. Very true. I'm going to wear my Habs tuque on Monday to annoy many people. So delicious!
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