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  1. After observing all the trades that have been going on since July 1, I can't help but feel the Habs' roster have basically remained the same yet AGAIN!!! While other clubs have added players and improved on paper at least, it's the usual bargain bin ritual of signing depth players AGAIN!!! Heck, I feel that even Sens have improved their roster on paper! So have Florida, Buffalo and Arizona, again at least on paper. The whole Aho offer sheet business was a fiasco from the start. It was never serious, because it could have (and was indeed) been matched easily. If you want to put in an offer sheet, make an offer the other team definitely CANNOT match. The Habs' bid felt half-hearted, as if management was not really prepared to give up the picks. So all the time wasted in a doomed, half-hearted, not serious venture in the first place. I hate to say this, but it's going to be same old, same old yet again. Repeat post-season after post-season, until we are rid of Bergevin. Pray some rich white knight personally invested to win a Cup at all costs, quickly appears and buys the club off Geoff Molson. Or we launch a mass crowd funding campaign to raise $1.5 billion to buy out Molson .
  2. I'm surprised Hudon actually signed! After how he was treated and "discarded", I thought he would very much be better off seeking a new club. The only conclusion I can draw is Hudon couldn't find a better option i.e. no other clubs showed interest. It's better to make a living assigned to the minors or play occasionally, than none.
  3. Boston WILL win the Stanley Cup, MMW for Game 7. St. Louis simply couldn't put them away when they had the chance.
  4. - Panarin - Duchene - Karlsson But bargain hunter MB will never have the guts to throw money for real elite talent.
  5. The way this edition of playoffs has played out, it feels destined that the Cup is Boston's to lose. Bettman's dream scenario?
  6. 1. Max Domi 2. Tomas Tatar 3. Jesperi Kotkaniemi 4. Paul Byron 5. Brendan Gallagher 6. Ryan Poehling 7. Jonathan Drouin 8. Andrew Shaw 9. Carey Price 10. Shea Weber 11. Jeff Petry 12. Noah Juulsen 13. Victor Mete 14. Mike Reilly 15. Jordan Weal
  7. Actually, they can. Because there's no longer any accountability to the fans and public. Any still remembers the "No Excuses" mantra at Bergevin's first introductory press conference as new GM? It was just lip service, but none of the press journalists has the courage to remind the GM at press conferences.
  8. Your comment made me laugh instantly. Bergevin has become so predictable, eh? We know what (little) to expect from him every time. Same old, same old.
  9. Columbus looking very rusty, as if they'd rested for too long. Bruins look like they will take game 1. Hopefully, Columbus can settle down, work out a playing strategy to counter the Bruins, and come back in game 2. My sense is, the longer this series drags on, it favours Columbus. If Bruins want to win the series, they have to blitz Columbus and end it quickly, while Columbus is trying to find its feet.
  10. Tampa, hands down. Because good management, good player development and exciting attacking style, deserve to be rewarded. But the series which excites me most now is Leafs vs Bruins, for obvious reasons.
  11. Might be a meaningless game, but hey, the losing streak against the Leafs is finally broken!!!
  12. Finally broke the losing streak against Tampa. But looking back at the number of missed scoring chances, especially on breakaways, really exposed the lack of finishing talent on this roster. Consider that the opponent fielded a 3rd string goalie.
  13. Not going to make the playoffs. Running out of gas and talent.