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  1. Wouldn't it feel good on Monday, HTL?
  2. Very true. I'm going to wear my Habs tuque on Monday to annoy many people. So delicious!
  3. MMW, the Habs either lose in OT or win in SO!
  4. I just can't help but feel both teams are trying to run the clock down to get a point each.
  5. 5 minutes left. Looks like the game is set. Waiting for Carey to be pulled and then empty net goal.
  6. What a silly penalty! Self-inflicted damage...
  7. HNIC's first intermission without Don Cherry and Coaches Corner now is so boring.
  8. Is he in the bargain bin? If not, MB won't bother.
  9. Nope, just more passing and missed opportunities to shoot.
  10. Missed opportunity by Domi. Should've gone for the 5 hole between the goalie's legs...
  11. Actually it's $10.5 million to be precise.
  12. OMG!! How could they not score from that sequence of play? Talk about poor finishing.
  13. Lehkonen should've taken the shot instead of passing to Danault...
  14. No kidding. 2 penalties so far. Maybe more to come?
  15. Danault passing again when he could've shot at goal. [shakes head]