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  1. we will see, i personally hope price returns to his old self or somewhat close to it, if this is a start to a better season for him i'm all for it
  2. he has played better, but a few good games are not gonna help him, he has had a few good games in stretches this year, but then he falls back to sub par goaltending
  3. he has had some good games, but he's not playing well at all, i have watched the games and i won't fault him on every goal, but you can't let in 4 goals a game and be exciting to watch, now domi has been exciting to watch Droin to and most of our forwards, on the other hand i believe a farm goalie could outshine price
  4. that where most people thought we would be, just out of the playoffs or just in, might be a crummy draft year for us with no playoff hockey, but on the bright side they are exciting to watch, well everyone but price, think he may be the worst starting goalie this year by stats
  5. PP issues could stem around playing the same guys almost the whole PP, Think if they would play more lines they could possilbly score more goals, anyone else notice this or is it just me
  6. Domi has been a great surprise, He gets my vote
  7. He's good, just not 10 mill good, but nice to see price have a good game, and sad to have to say it when he's making 10 mill a year
  8. Man I love the way the team is playing, anybody else loving the Habs this season
  9. What a waste of a time out, I wanted to see some kotka not drouin
  10. Price sucks, he's not worth that contract, how does his save percentage and goals against have to show he's not the same goalie he once was
  11. Price is not our problem as long as we score 4 goals a game, I hope he picks up his game, but with his contract he should be lights out every night, so far it's a horrible contract extension With what he's making people should never worry about his game
  12. I'm not sure Weber would be my guy, he's been injured so long who knows how that will affect his play, and what if he gets injured again, hope MB Is not jumping in to this to fast
  13. Pray price gets back on track or we may have a 10 mill paper weight on our hands
  14. get over the 1st pre season game, people get it you don't like AG, Maybe you don't like scoring, or maybe you forgot he spent time on the 4th line, and the scrubs he played with, it's cool, but don't judge a player by 1 pre season game, that's lame
  15. other than gallagher we have no 1st line players, maybe a few draft picks and some of 3rd 4th liners, we could grab at least 1 more top line guy, would love to see drouin or domi step in and fill those roles, but i'm not sure they can, i would love a rebuild but if we can win now we need some good trades, no more pluggers, and price to have the best season of his career.
  16. news is we have alot of centers, think we are still missing on the quality centers, but Domi will start at center, so management believes Domi is a better center than AG, we will see https://www.tsn.ca/bergevin-domi-to-play-centre-drouin-at-wing-1.1174529
  17. about since 93, first hockey i watched was Roy taking Montreal to the cup, will never forget that
  18. half way through last season i tuned out, hopefully they can at least be fun to watch
  19. how many teams have as many wingers as we do, think we might set a record, centers are overrated
  20. i don't like this trade for the return, it did not fill any holes, we just drafted 2 centers, if it were any other team this would be an ok trade, but when you move another key piece of your team and don't fill any holes, your just heading back to square 1 and making this deal pointless, tatar may have played some center, but essentially hes a winger and Suzuki until he plays a season in the AHL hes really nothing since montreal cant develop anyone properly, would have loved straight draft picks
  21. it's just one game, depending on who we play him with and system we use he could thrive, but here in montreal we will probly move to wing
  22. just don't like giving excuses for the poor team, this team by managements own mouth is what they put together to compete, saying there rebuilding gives them an out when this team crashes again.
  23. i think if MB did not have so long left on his contract he would be fired, that's alot of money to eat, but i'm hoping molson is seeing that players don't want to play here, well the good ones. MB gave this organization a bad name, let's hope when he's fired it goes with him
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