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  1. Who's gonna be our backup for Price?
  2. On the lighter side:
  3. Winning with our defensemen alone just doesn't cut it IMO, although I very much appreciate the win from Markov & Weber. Scoring from our forwards remains in a drought and is still a glaring issue which must be addressed.
  5. True that & that dynamic is gone
  6. Gallagher is a shadow of what he used to be
  7. A hat trick by Markov would be soooooo sweet!
  8. PP for the good guys
  9. This. CJ is a coach we needed a year ago.
  10. Agreed because we have no offence.
  11. We need scoring from our forward lines. We can't depend on our defencemen & our goalie.
  12. We need scoring from our forward lines!
  13. PK for the good guys