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  1. Even if he does he's too arrogant to admit his mistake in this trade, let alone listen to us peons.
  2. It`s only once the Maple Laffs Organization started listening and committing to their fans; to their concerns and suggestions in fostering the right changes that the team finally took a turn for the better. The Habs Organization would be wise to take a page from theirs in that regard with their own fan-base. However never gonna happen with Mr. Do Nothing Molson and Mr. Arrogance Bergevin.
  3. One can also easily observe how naturally gifted Subban is, and how he elevates and enhances his other teammates play with his skills and simply by his presence on the ice. Subban was our biggest loss since the Roy & Chelios trades IMO.
  4. By the time we win the Cup again MB`s stamp will be a forgotten nightmare IMO.
  5. Hear hear Juggalo. I`m sure most Habs fans, including myself, echo your sentiments. Time to ACT Mr. Molson! Don`t let this once proud team spiral into continued shame, incompetence, mediocrity and lack of direction. Please have the fortitude fire MB. Respect the fan-base and restore this team to its winning ways again. To winning many more long overdue Stanley Cups.
  6. Wholeheartedly agreed eldag. MB & our Do-Nothing, nonchalant owner will yield us exactly zero Stanley Cups IMO. People are wasting their time with their wonderful suggestions on the best trades to make us a contender etc. MB has admitted publicly and continues to do so that it is hard to be a GM and it is hard to acquire the players needed to make us a contender and win. If that isn't a defeatist attitude I don't know what is, but apparently all is well with our owner. Completely out of touch with the fan-base and what it should mean to own and manage the greatest NHL team in history. What a waste. Another mediocre season awaits us.
  7. Don't expect it. This owner will back MB before he does the fan-base IMO.
  8. Absolutely, but even so, Subban has MORE than proved his worth, both before he was traded and now also.
  9. MMW. Our do-nothing owner will do exactly as expected. NOTHING!
  10. Yup. Watching Subban last night, he is naturally gifted and makes his teammates appear larger than life. For example, I noticed Beaulieu's decline almost happened in tandem with Subban's trade.
  11. We could only hope, but MB would be the LAST to make it happen.
  12. Those were my very thoughts exactly. I have grown so frustrated at the lack of action from Molson, and the overall acceptance that mediocrity is acceptable for this team after what happened last season, and this season's debacle and our total lack of offence. Unfortunately I believe Molson will DO NOTHING as usual and that the status quo will continue into next season. At least the Subban trade is constantly there to remind MB what a huge mistake he made in trading him. Not that he would ever admit it.
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