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  1. I'd love to see a deal or a trade happen with Buffalo for us to acquire Evander Kane.
  2. Watching my team sinking to new lows due to management incompetence and an owner who seems to care less is infuriating.
  3. All I know is we will NOT win the CUP this upcoming season. We have no offence, an aging defense and we put all our chips into our goalie. Big mistake.
  4. If the Habs management compensate our fans for the lack of goals this upcoming season, it should work out pretty cheap considering our lack of offence.
  5. Agreed wholeheartedly unfortunately. NOT impressed. Weber is past his prime and Subban is just coming into his own. It's like comparing apples to oranges.
  6. Everybody I'm talking to says we're screwed thanks to MB's decisions. The beginning of the end started with the Subban trade. Now here we sit no further ahead. We gained Drouin & lost Radulov. Our present offence and our pylon-style defence will not win us the Cup, period.
  7. Habs are in a HUGE bit of a pickle this coming season unless we get quality offence.
  8. HIO Show:
  9. Agreed, we should have traded Price & Weber and loaded up offence.
  10. Dirty move if it's true. Bargaining deceitfully and in bad faith. Habs management looking worse and worse. Seems the owner cares more about beer sales than this storied Franchise.
  11. Missed our chance to trade Price to get a stronger offense. Our GM has completely missed the boat.
  12. Agreed. A GM gone wild and an owner too busy counting his beer $$$. Habs are expendable for them, except for us fans.