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  1. Good outside perspective from the media. All are agreed that this trade was a disaster along with the rest. How MB continually trades our best assets for low returns. How the Montreal Fanbase are the most engaged and the most knowledgeable in all of hockey...
  2. Why didn't Alex Galchenyuk work for the Canadiens? Try asking his father http://montrealgazette.com/sports/hockey/nhl/montreal-canadiens/why-didnt-alex-galchenyuk-work-for-the-canadiens-try-asking-his-father
  3. Like someone mentioned in another post, at least demote the guy(MB) to another position so he can do no further damage.
  4. We all know how awful this trade is. Sorry to rub salt in the wound:
  5. Bergevin has made VERY good trades!!! In favor of all the other teams but our own.
  6. One of Bergevin's intangibles?
  7. How Bergevin remains employed is truly mind boggling! Either he has something he holds over Molson, or Molson himself is totally incompetent. Either way, we are not even close to winning the Cup, not with these two clowns in charge. It's like the patients are running the asylum.
  8. I predict that this upcoming season, it's gonna hit Molson in the pocketbook where he'll be forced to fire his little buddy IMO.
  9. Yup agreed. Thanks to Bergevin, and Molson empowering him, the CH is being disgraced by these two clowns.
  10. Our GM seems to be losing his marbles. It tragically funny.
  11. Indeed. When it comes to intangibles, we have the best GM in the league able to diagnose this enigma.
  12. This GM needs to be gone ASAP. This all rests on Molson. Give your head a shake buddy! Your lousy beer will be boycotted until you feel the pain.
  13. No way Edmonton would be so foolish as to trade Lucic for Alzner one on one IMO. Thanks to Bergevin we hold the weaker player who is grossly overpaid. Besides, in his own minuscule way of thinking, our GM is probably convinced we have the better player.