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  1. Unfortunately Toronto will NEVER let Kadri go, he's the Leafs' coach's pet.
  2. The thing that keeps sticking in my craw, and I've kept repeating it so many times over and over is that this 'most-winning-est-team-in NHL-history' seems to keep settling for second best. It's not good enough to miss the playoffs, it's not good enough to only MAKE the playoffs, the only thing good enough for our team is winning the Stanley Cup and hiring the best staff, the best coach, the best GM to get it done. Never-mind they are exciting to watch, what counts is for us to actually win the CUP and to get it done. That in itself would be one heck of an exciting thing to experience once again. I'm not a professional player, I'm not a coach, I'm not a GM but I'm a loyal fan who demands more from his team and its commitment to win.
  3. I'm with you on this. This once proud organization has settled for less and therefore in the end we will get less. The Stanley Cup is but a pipe dream at this stage. Getting excited over a team because they are exciting to watch doesn't cut it for me IMO (the most exciting team to watch will be the one that wins the Cup). We need to revamp by hiring the best GM (not one who has lucked out), rebuild and do a total reset. I hope to see the CH hoist the Cup again in my lifetime but if not, hopefully the next generation will get the privilege.
  4. Paccioretty was dragging this team down IMO. We lucked out on this trade.
  5. A big loss not playing Byron.
  6. Domi first Tatar second IMO
  7. I totally agree with your view point about player chemistry which is extremely important. Perhaps that's why certain players such as Petry lose their way under the BIG shadows of certain players such as Weber, and therefore humbly bow out and let them lead.
  8. My concern is, that Petry was killing it prior to Weber's return from his injury, and that his own production has gone down since.
  9. Yes absolutely, and ask for more shared information to the administrators so that the members are not left in limbo with no explanation or reason.
  10. Or how much this team's management & ownership value their fanbase, for example without giving the IT folks and website developers a directive to update those who administer the forum prior to a forum black out.
  11. Very interesting perspective on the possible inside politics going on within our team BT. Trusting your insight and experience, I doubt you're too far off.
  12. Drouin comes to mind on this one, lots of fancy plays and back passes but not as much production as he should or could achieve. It's a speed and fast reflexes game nowadays.
  13. Exactly let the kid breathe. Sometimes it's best if he sits back and watches the big boys play to gain perspective. A wise move IMO and it shows careful investment in our talent.




    For the sake of this team Fire Therrien!

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