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  1. I agree, however it`s too bad that our youngster Lindgren will have to be subject to the humiliation of playing behind such a dysfunctional team.
  2. Same here. This once proud team has become a disgrace and a laughingstock thanks to its clueless Owner and incompetent GM.
  3. HIO Show
  4. This Owner is clueless and the status quo will remain IMO.
  5. Except in this case who cares. This management can only cry wolf so many times before fans get bored and desensitized by the deceptions and lack of transparency.
  6. I selected numbers 2, 3, 4, 5. I wish a new Owner could be part of the choices but I`ll mention it anyway.
  7. Who, Hemsky, MB or both lol
  8. Tell that to our brilliant Owner.
  9. God help us if MB is in charge of any rebuild whatsoever.
  10. I know eh, what a joke.
  11. That would NOT help the tank.
  12. At least we have a sound GM & a committed Owner to take us into the next season lol.