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  1. I wish we could just move away from the whole Francophone thing and the politics of what ties this team down.
  2. And that is my own opinion, not coming from the Laffs fans, because they could care less about us anyway. We have become insignificant as a whole.
  3. Perhaps so, but at the same time, I see no future for our own team as long as Molson & Bergevin are running the show. We are destined to lose unless things change.
  4. We must try to be objective and open minded regardless which source it comes from LOL.
  5. Cherry defending Subban. Agreed with his assessment in this case.
  6. Yup and as I keep saying, the Subban trade was the beginning of the end for our team under this management.
  7. We'll never hear the end of this one if they win it lol
  8. Maybe it's in Molson's and MB's world LOL
  9. My delusional Laff fan buddies are STILL thinking they're gonna win the Cup after coming back and beating Boston LOL. It's almost like religious fervor.
  10. 100% Agreed. We have to move on and evolve with today's NHL and do what it requires to produce champions. Traditions begone.
  11. MB & Molson have turned this team into a mockery and into every example of how NOT to manage an NHL team. Laurel & Hardy. Heckle & Jeckle. These guys are a JOKE and the rest of the NHL knows it very clearly.
  12. Unfortunately Molson will NEVER fire Bergevin. They are foxhole buddies.
  13. Me too. That was the beginning of the end for us thanks to Bergevin & Molson. That's why a cleanup from the top to the bottom has to happen before we can become a Stanley Cup contender again.