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  1. Not saying this Butcher kid would make and help the Habs but for a team with little IMO D prospects it wouldn't hurt to at least reach out Montreal Canadiens: Possible Reasons Why A Pitch Hasn’t Been Made to Will Butcher Yet Reasons For No Contact There’s no denying the skill that Butcher has as a defenceman, however it’s possible that the Canadiens don’t believe he could duplicate that in the NHL. Another reason, and one that makes the most sense, is in regards to Jakub Jerabek. Montreal signed the defenceman from the KHL this offseason, and his chances of making the team are pretty high. If Butcher is signed in faith that he will be guaranteed a roster spot, that could push Jerabek out. The 26-year-old could be considered the team’s own version of Butcher. Finally, the organization could’ve got word around the league or from Butcher’s agent himself on the interest from other teams. The team list will be narrowed down to 3-4 pretty soon. However, that would be disappointing if that was the case. An organization should always try to add talent, and if Bergevin hasn’t reached out yet, then it’s possible he doesn’t see a fit for him on the Canadiens. That being said there is still time for contact with Butcher. And even if they never do contact him, the Montreal Canadiens have enough talent on the blue-line to excel this season.
  2. I wasn't serious What the Puck: Building Canadiens around Carey Price is a poor plan The Canadiens were not among the dozen NHL teams that reached out to Will Butcher Why do that when you have so many D prospects in the system just ready to make the big club
  3. Hans are 1` top C and 1 topD man away from being a contender
  4. There is a TSN interview with Drew Doughty where he states that a lot of players like being anonymous . In LA he can go anywhere and hardly anyone recognizes him . " If " he were to sign in Toronto he would lose that luxury and it was something , if I recall, he didn't want to lose . Maybe someone can find the interview
  5. Nope Even ranked 13 th of all wingers Even being 5th amongst goals scored in the last 5 yrs Im still not overwhelmed by him
  6. Nah Remember the World Cup when Torts called him out . He never elevated his game to the next level
  7. So Subban for Weber , then Surgachev for Drouin leaves them bare on D . Now some supposed rumour is Max for a guy named Sanheim , who to be honest Ive never heard of . Sure make the deal , then weaken your forward position by adding some guy who may or may not make it to the big league . With SL as coach the kid doesn't stand a chance Should have kept Subban and Surgachec and got rid of MT a long time ago
  8. We do ? What happened to the last decent handful of prospects
  9. Which explains why he was not given a no trade / no movement etc clause when he signed
  10. Don't shoot the messenger When the Canadiens traded P.K. Subban — still funny and relevant, by the way — they did so with the acknowledgement that Weber was more of a stay-at-home guy. He’s not going to lug the puck for you. Neither was Markov, to be fair. Not at his age. Then there’s the addition of Alzner, not known as a puck-mover either. So then who’s in charge of moving the puck through the two non-attacking zones? Jeff Petry? Sure, him. Did it last season, didn’t he?
  11. In 3 yrs with the Bruins he played 65 games . If CJ didn't see enough of him in 3 yrs to give him more ice time , not sure what's changed now
  12. I agree but I think the current D aren't the greatest at passing the puck . Last year Markov was IMO the best and this yr I don't see much in the way of head manning the puck coming from the D . I think they'll get hemmed in their own zone . Teams know that they are slow so they 'll dump it in and beat them to the puck then the Habs will spend the night chasing the other team for the puck . But maybe someone on the back end will surprise us I just don't know who , the D is full of a ton of # 4 to # 8 D men
  13. The forwards are basically the same as last year Take out Radulov insert Drouin, and an aging Hemsky Still no # 1 or # 2 C again It’s a question that has dogged the Montreal Canadiens for years and will continue to do so until they address it, either from within or outside the organization. What are they going to do with that enormous, gaping hole down the middle of their lineup? And if they fancy themselves as a serious Stanley Cup contender in 2019-20, they have a couple of years to come up with an answer. Whether or not it is a player who is listed as a center, left winger and right winger – one Alex Galchenyuk – is as much an unknown as it was when he broke into the NHL five years ago. Even though the Canadiens signed him to a three-year deal worth $4.9 million a season, the organization is no closer to knowing what it has in him. He hasn’t had a sustained opportunity, but hasn’t been terribly impressive, particularly in his own end, when he has had a chance
  14. What assets does he have, besides money , to trade for a top 4 D man ? Every team in the league wants one , they are not going to give it away , like MB did with PK . Beyond that, things are a bit of a mixed bag for the Canadiens. They have a defense corps that will be ancient by NHL standards in three years, which raises questions about whether they’ll be able to keep up in a league that is already fast and trending toward more speed.
  15. I think this D stinks then again I don't know much of what these new guys can do . There aren't any young guys back there . When they go to 3 on 3 in OT the Habs aren't going to have any D men who can skate with all that open ice As for chipping and chasing , The Habs have been doing it for years under MT all it did was get them hemmed in their own zone