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  1. I would be OK with Benn as # 5 to - 6 D man - I think Mete is over rated - he looks great when it's OT 3 on 3 But 5 on 5 , after 85 games he has 0 goals 13 A and six hits
  2. Streit Alzner Schlemko Should have kept MArkov and Sergachev
  3. Don't need 20 games , only 8 and he's back in the minors .
  4. Not sure about Priced but Niemi looks like crap
  5. If I'm Florida , who are no where near close to winning a cup, Im not giving up a 22 Yr star D man , Yea Doughty 's great and all but it doesn't make them that much better plus what do they want a Phaneuf for
  6. "In today’s salary-capped NHL, building through the draft is essential and the Canadiens management team was also slow in realizing the importance of speed in today’s NHL. The Canadiens thought they could turn slow-skating McCarron into an NHL centre and somehow believed lead-footed forward Dwight King could help them in the 2017 playoffs after acquiring him from the Kings at the NHL trade deadline. They also signed slow-moving defenceman Karl Alzner in summer 2017 to a five-year, US$23.125-million contract, and made him the highest-paid player in the AHL this season, earning $6 million with the Laval Rocket.
  7. Josh Leivo traded today to make room for Nylander Jake Gardiner probably can't afford to resign him next year Win it this year then get rid of Marleau
  8. During the Vegas expansion each team was only suppose to lose one player , how did the Habs manage to lose more than 1 and all on D .
  9. For discussion purposes only not to be argumentative but , all three bring virtually no offence, maybe CJ uses the other two because they bring something Mete doesn't. I don't know what it is though , so don't chastise me .LOL Same as he continues to use # 20
  10. lol..of course . But I don't think Mete is the solution to the D problems . I think MB screwed up last year when he let Emelin, Markov, Beauliu and sergachev go with no plan to replace them . Sure those 4 aren't great but they weren't as bad as what they have now .
  11. Im going to take heat for this , but is Victor Mete all that we make him out to be .
  12. I wouldn't be too worried about losing Scherbak , none of the players the Habs released or traded went on to light the league on fire . Yea keeping a SUbban over Weber would probably have been better in the long run but it's not the difference between winning a Cup or not . The team is stuck with a bunch of mediocre players , no real true superstar and a D that is pretty awful IMO
  14. gotta make room for Benn and Sclemko
  15. AWESOME !! A 31 yr old who is probably a # 5 or 6 d man on any other team gets a shot to be the # 1 LHD man on the Habs . And we wonder why the D is what it is