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  1. In 2 or 3 years they will need to replace Weber , Price etc . So they will still suck to put it bluntly .
  2. I would stay away from Subban. No desire for his return
  3. If Toronto has a soft spot for its grinders (see: Wendel Clark, Darcy Tucker and now Kyle Clifford), then Montreal has a spot in its heart for those who play the game with ample amount of flair (see: Guy Lafleur and Alex Kovalev). That’s why the Ilya Kovalchuk experiment is working out as well as it has. No one appreciates talent and passion quite like Habs fans, who have embraced Kovalchuk as one of their own since Day 1. That’s why a contract extension seems like a no-brainer … That Kovalchuk has embraced — and fed off — the spotlight in Montreal is not a surprise. Though he spent most of his career in Atlanta and New Jersey, he played six seasons in Russia for SKA St. Petersburg, which is sort of the KHL’s equivalent of the Canadiens.
  4. Alex Galchenyuk is first amongst his draft class in games-played (536) and second in points (313). But the stat that sticks out for me is the No. 3 pick in 2012 is now on his fourth team in three years. That’s a sign of being un-coachable …
  5. any other GM would have probably been re placed by now
  6. If Caufield, Kotkaniemi, Suzuki and Poehling become anything close to Eichle, Aho, Svechnikov, Twoes and Barkov I will be ecstatic . You may want to confirm but I don't think any of Eichle, Aho, Svechnikov, Twoes and Barkov spent time in the AHL . They were that good that they made the jump to the NHL right away . Suzuki seems to be doing fine in his 1st yr Kotkaniemi has taken a step back . Poehling hasn't done anything special . And who knows how Caufield will react when he's playing against pros . I dont have an issue with how the Habs coaches deal with young players. They know and see more than we do . We all want the prospects play with better players and get top minutes but they have to earn it . The coaches are putting the best lineup together that they feel gives them the best chance to win the hockey games . Look at Galchenyuk . We all wanted him to be the # 1 C . Well he's been traded twice , can't seem to be a # 1 C on two other teams and the talk is he's being shopped by Pittsburgh, so I guess Habs' knew something we didn't.
  7. Marner did for a bit . The guys you mention are elite players . IMO the Habs prospects aren't even in the same category
  8. My concern with trading Petry is that the D sucks as it is now . And getting rid of Petry , and or Weber, with no real back up plan will just put the team back to where they were when they got rid of Markov - trying to find a # 1 LD. There's no up and coming D men to fill their spot , so then they'll be looking for a # 1 LD and RD .
  9. But trying to come up with the candidates for the Vezina Trophy revealed that the award might as well be called “Breakout Player of the Year” this season. Usually, the finalists are comprised of a who’s who of the league’s best goalies. This year, it’s more like “who-is-he?” Washington rookie Ilya Samsonov, who made his debut and has played in 19 games, has the best save percentage. Arizona’s Darcy Kuemper, a 29-year-old who is in just his second season as an NHL starter, has the best goals-against average. And Tristan Jarry, who began the year as Matt Murray’s backup, is ranked second in both categories. In Columbus, someone named Elvis Merzlikins has three shutouts in his past four starts, as well as a .928 save percentage for a team competing for an unlikely playoff berth. Combined, the four of them are earning $4.375-million. That’s less than half of what Montreal’s Carey Price is making this season. Of course, it’s not just Price who is being paid way too much. From Henrik Lundqvist and Sergei Bobrovsky to Braden Holtby and Pekka Rinne, several big-name goalies have now become big-name backups — or are playing like they don’t deserve the lion’s share of the net. Even the goalies who are heading to the All-Star Game are not playing like All-Stars Toronto’s Frederik Andersen and Winnipeg’s Connor Hellebuyck were both considered Vezina Trophy candidates in November. Since then, Andersen has posted a .895 save percentage and Hellebuyck’s is down to .886.
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