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  1. No . The Habs would never re sign him and I see no need to bring him back . He's going to end up playing in the KHL with that other Russian they got rid of .
  2. and this is why Trump will still be president . He may not win outright but he will cheat and he has his enablers to thank for that. If there was a God he would lose by a landslide and they would handcuff him and the rest of his republicans
  3. Trump aide: ‘We’re not going to control the pandemic’ They basically given up . If you get the virus, good luck
  4. someone needs to look in the mirror
  5. Civil War
  6. Absolutely . And he will still be president come NOvember . He will contest the result and not leave the white house .
  7. That's not happening any time soon
  8. And the Toronto Maple Leafs sign Joe Thornton - 1 year $ 700,000 Why ?
  9. Signed a 2 yr extension today
  10. They probably will still not make the playoffs next year - if there is a season
  11. Tax records show 200 entities funneled money to Trump properties while reaping benefits from White House: NYT
  12. Fat people struggle to breath He is a horrible human being IMO but I still think he will be president for at least another 4 years . He is going to rig the election in his favor somehow .
  13. How many times have the Habs made the playoffs while MB has been GM ? Any other organization he would have been replaced by now
  14. paul stastny traded to winnipeg