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  1. " If " these prospects make it to the NHL , and there is no guarantee they will , ( look at history and see when was the last time 5 or six draft picks all made it and were significant contributors ) by the time they make it Weber , Petry and Price will all be years older . And instead of looking for just a # 1 LHD , MB we'll be looking for a # 1LHD and 2 RHD and who knows what else .
  2. Weber 58 GP 14 G 19 A + 15 Petry 82 GP 13 G 33 A - 5 I read somewhere that Price's game didn't t start to turn until Weber came back My standards must be too high because I think that ba D of " Petry, Juulsen, Benn down the right with a top LD, Mete and Kulak down the left is still a pretty good D corp. " would be worse than this year's
  3. Then they would have put a hole on the R side
  4. I hope he’s right . Just don’t let the leafs advance .
  5. You don’t live in Toronto do you ?
  6. That's what training camp is for .
  7. But no one knows if Brook and Fleury are NHL ready .
  8. I understand why MB signs elder D men. The Reilly-Juulsen/Brook/Fleury is a recipe for disaster. Two rookies , 49 games over 2 yrs for NJ and Reilly for whatever reason isn't in the good books of the coaching staff . Mete I don't believe is top 2 D man , and Kulak is better suited in the 5 / 6 slot
  9. We do it , every year, with a different set of prospects . Tinordi, Pateryn, Nathan Beaulieu , , Brett Lernout, Rinat Valiev, Hudon , Scherback, Galchneyak , Sven Andrighetto, Renway , Louis Leblanc, Guillaume Latendresse, Sergei Kostitsyn
  10. It's not that far fetched . Bob Mckenzie was saying there is no guarantees that Domi and Tatar are going to have career years AGAIN . People are raving about Poehling but he's a third line C with the potential to be a 2nd line C - two way C that give you some goals . People always assume that a players trajectory is straight up but that's not always the case . The D still sucks . Aside from Weber and Petry none of the other guys would be top 4 on any other nHL team and to expect Romanov to jump in and be top four is stretching it . When TP was traded for Kerby Rychel, defenseman Rinat Valiev , people assumed these two guys would step right in . They didn't even make it to training camp
  11. Arguably the best player in the world for prospects . We don't know how Poehling and Romanov are going to project . It would never happen.
  12. Do you really want to put your young prospects on the 4th line where they will get 9 minutes of ice time a game . Might as well sit in the press box .