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  1. Not that I am lending support to MB , but Id like to think that he and everyone in organization realizes that have a problem on D . But , I think the problem the Habs face is what they are looking for , a top flight D man , when teams have one like that , they don't usually trade them away unless you are in a position of strength at D . Like David Poile when he traded Seth Jones for Ryan J . But MB , has done it 2 years in a row . And to get one you have to give something good up . The Habs don't have a lot of good to give up as it would just weaken them elsewhere .
  2. Or this guy in Nashville or this 38 yr old D man in Russia. Maybe Max wishes he were still here to feed him some passes
  3. 1 G 1 A tonight 8 pts
  4. I 'd call the Leafs and Oilers and ask what it would take to get Mathews and McDavid . Call Nashville, Ottawa and LA and see what they'd want for PK, Karlson and Doughty
  5. IMO they need ALOT more than that The D is bad . The hole they[ve dug themselves in after 7 games is big too.
  6. For discussion only why is there a feeling that Andrighetto couldn't be in the top 6 over the players listed . 14/15 : 3 pts in 12 G 15/16 : 17 Pts in 44 G 16 / 17 : 8 pts in 27 G with Montreal then 16 pts in 19 G with Colorado 17/18 : 6 pts in 8 G Why is SA doing fairly well in Colorado yet in Montreal he couldn't get in the line up on a regular basis . What do Hudon, Lehkonen , Gallagher etc etc bring that SA didn't. 'cause right now the guys in Montreal aren't bringing anything
  7. Wont make a difference
  8. One of the top point getters on the team
  9. I wish there was a way to summarize where these shots are being taken from
  10. Alzner 2nd on the team in points
  11. Normal for this organization the past 50 or so games has been a .500 winning percentage That's not going to get them into the playoffs this year .
  12. Forum is a ghost town . No one cares anymore
  13. Just remember , this year's D is better than last year's according to MB .