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  1. and the Washington Capitals ( Lars Eller ) move on to the 2nd round
  3. I 'm not even disappointed how this season ended up . I thought the starting roster LAST year was better than this year's ( there was a thread on this somewhere ) . I didn't have much faith in this TEAM . It just seemed like a mish / mash of players thrown together , no real # 1 line , all year trying to find a # 1 and sometimes a # 2 centre I don't follow the farm team but I don't even know if they have any young prospects that could play in the NHL. Heck the Leafs have like 9 rookies this year .
  4. and if that's how they start the season , I will see who the # 1 and # 2 C 's are , but that's weak again , IMO
  5. I was close I said NY in 5
  6. I still think Petry is nothing special. MB traded for Weber but had no one to play him with .
  7. Petry # 58 in pts among all D men, same a Nate, and Nate's average,gte,1&sort=points,goals,assists
  8. Yea it is but I dont' expect any great trades by MB that will make this team better . This year that 13 game winning streak to start the year really helped .
  9. In all fairness to Weber , Weber's supporting cast is weak I like Markov but he's getting on in years and everyone else on D is ...average PK has a guy named Roman Josi .
  10. I suspect they are trying , they are just not good enough . Look at the roster , 3/4 of the team are 3 rd and 4 th liners but we keep thinking these players are nbetter than they really are
  11. MMW, next year they will miss the playoffs , or get the wildcard , unless they get off to a great start again