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  1. Then it was Bergevin’s turn. Maybe he should have stuck with the clichés, because what he trotted out for the cameras was an embarrassment. “It was a disappointing season from start to finish and that is unacceptable,” Bergevin said – a statement with which no one could disagree. “The overall attitude needs to change,” Bergevin went on. “I think an attitude changes a lot of things. Of course good players make things better, but if you have good players with the right attitude. … I could bring anyone in here, but if the attitude is not better, we’re going to be in the same spot.” So who was responsible for putting together this team full of players with rotten attitudes? Don Cherry? Fonzie? Drake? Minnie Mouse? Call me crazy but I could swear Marc Bergevin has been GM of the Montreal Canadiens for six seasons now. If there is a bad attitude in the room, surely he is responsible? What good does it do to shift the burden to the players, when you selected those players? One of Bergevin’s real accomplishments when he came here was to change the culture left by outgoing GM Pierre (The Ghost) Gauthier. Gauthier was on a virtual war footing with his players after his shabby treatment of a couple of traded players (notably Mike Cammalleri). Gauthier was so tense he could make coffee nervous and it rubbed off on the entire organization. Enter Bergevin, a guy you could have a beer with, a prankster with a sense of humour, a man who could get everyone to loosen up. Six years on, however, Bergevin is beginning to seem more and more like Gauthier. Next thing you know, we’ll be hearing the players were forced to eat a vegan meal on the plane following a bad game on the West Coast. Really, what Bergevin needed to say was achingly simple: “I blew it. We needed Andrei Markov and Alexander Radulov, we needed them badly, and I went about it all wrong. It was too little, too late. I should have been out in front with both of them and locked them up early and I didn’t and that set the tone for this entire disaster. “It’s on me, ladies and gentlemen. I’m the GM, I’m the one who messed up.” But like his team’s season, the GM’s exit interview was a disappointment from start to finish.
  2. He's already broken it He now has to make it .
  3. MB should be replaced also. His record as GM is only as good as CP
  4. He's done. Only got that much ice time because Kadri got himself suspended . Sad part is MB will re sign him
  5. Taking a beating in the media because hes done nothing and Sounds like hes going to be going up against # 1 BRuins line tonight. Cant wait for the summer , for when MB resigns him Seriously he should retire
  6. Yes he could , he traded PK when he said he wasn't looking into it Return , no idea . I wouldn't trade young promising prospects for a billion $ goalie .
  7. Mr Molson Shortened translation: "the decision to trade PK was made months in advance. As an organization we just had to find the right fit. Without going into details, a change in the team was needed. When Weber became available, the decision was quick." #Habs On the plan; "Yes, I'm aware of what is planned; I know the names of those who may be let go. But we need to wait and see who will be available after the first round of the playoffs." "Another example was the John Scott trade; we should have told the fans that we took on Scott because the Coyotes wanted to get rid of his contract" In addition to his comments about PK, Molson confirmed Bergevin would need to consult with him to make a deal of that magnitude Me Hey Geoff I'm going to be transparent with you, I don't think attitude is the problem.
  8. Remember this when MB resigns TP and gives us the old " he's a veteran, with character and a positive attitude that will provide leadership " veteran NHL scout, who knows his way around the league and back, watched Plekanec Thursday in Game 1 of the playoff series against the Boston Bruins, after watching him late in the season, and is rather stunned by the quality of play — or lack of play — that the former Montreal Canadien brings to the Maple Leafs lineup. “He looks like he has checked out, emotionally,” said the scout. “It’s like he’s announced his retirement while still on the ice. I don’t know if the last few years of Montreal took the energy out of him or what but he’s playing like he’s not really there. “He’s not doing anything. This isn’t the Tomas Plekanec we’ve seen for years. I don’t know how they keep him in the lineup.”
  9. Hes going to sign a 4 th line UFA C from the leafs ( Plekanec ) and turn him into the # 1 C in Montreal because he ;s got a good attitude
  10. top R , Jesse Belanger ( ? )
  11. Top : Maybe Sylvain Lefebvre , Steve Shutt, Guy Carbonneau , ? Bottom ?, ?, ?, Rick Green
  12. New dressing room slogan ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHNG My assessment of the hockey operation is MB and ALL his staff need to go and same with SL in the AHL It was a disappointing season from start to finish and that was unacceptable,” Bergevin said. “The overall attitude of our team needs to change. We will do a complete assessment of the hockey operations and as a general manager I take my share of responsibilities for the season. But we’re all in this together “I think an attitude changes a lot of things. Of course, players make things better. But if you have good players with the right attitude … I could bring anybody here, but if the attitude is not better we’re going to be in the same spot. And that’s my job to address that and I started today. We had meetings throughout the season, but now the real work starts.” And to think I was led to believe two years ago that P.K. Subban was the problem in the dressing room. All the talk Monday about an attitude problem leads me to believe captain Max Pacioretty won’t be back next season and will be the latest scapegoat after he failed to score 30 goals for the first time in five seasons without ever having a legitimate No. 1 centre. Bergevin will be back, and after six years on the job it’s shocking he still has an attitude problem in the dressing room since he’s the one who brought in these players. This is his team. “Just changing the attitude is not going to be good enough,” Bergevin said. “I just want to make that clear. But bringing other players with the same attitude is not going to be good, either. So we need to start with that and add other pieces to put this back on track.”‘
  13. On a lousy hockey club with a bad attitude . If JT signs with Montreal he's dumber than I thought . Staying in NY is bad , signing here is worse .
  14. Because the majority of those players new the team was crap
  15. I thought he had better players until he traded them , released them , or didn't sign them for inferior players I guess they lacked character and grit So he replaced they with players with bad attitude Id like to know who the bad apples were / are . I recall reading a certain group of players were not happy with the practice effort of CP, JP and Weber