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  1. Maybe yea, yea , no . Im pretty sure he went to his wedding
  2. Not all of the players but some AND the coach
  3. Good one I should have said "playing " careers . We are very good at providing jobs for friends of MB in coaching , scouting , management or public relations
  4. I don't think the Habs are very good at reviving careers
  5. This is good . This builds continuity .
  6. Another player not good enough to be a back up for the Habs goes elsewhere and contributes positively Without Condon filling in for the often-absent Craig Anderson and compiling a 19-14-6 record that included five shutouts, the Senators would never have even made the playoffs, forget about becoming one of four teams that still have a shot in mid-May at winning the Stanley Cup
  7. another jab at Habs Management / coaching “It’s the feeling, you know?” Subban said of the confidence this team has with a 2-1 lead on the Anaheim Ducks in the Western Conference finals. “The chemistry our team has starts with, I believe, ownership and management. I believe that’s where it starts. Based on the atmosphere you create around the work premises and work environment is how guys are going to feel when they come in to the rink. If you’re going to treat guys in a way where they’re going to love coming to the rink every day and love working hard and practicing and getting better, that’s what’s going to happen. If you don’t create that environment, it makes things a little tougher.
  8. SUBBAN NO PROJECT P.K. Subban set up the overtime winner in Game 1 and had seven points in the first two rounds of the playoffs. For someone labeled as an offensive defenceman during his time in Montreal, though, it’s been his attention to detail in the defensive zone that has really stood out since arriving in Nashville. And yet, don’t expect head coach Peter Laviolette to take any credit for Subban’s supposed transformation. “We're not talking about a project. It wasn't a project,” Laviolette said of Subban, who is a plus-5 through 12 playoff games. “He was a good defensive player when he got here. “And, in fact, his defense, for me, and the way that he played defensively, the way he can break out of an end, the way he can hold off a forecheck and use his skating ability, and his passing is elite passing … He's been a really good 200-foot, two-way player for us.”
  9. Our daily Hab rumours, no credible sources though According to what we are being told, Nathan Beaulieu & Alex Galchenyuk will NOT be returning to the #Habs next season and are being shopped around by the organization. Beaulieu did not play the tail end of the #Rangers series because of an incident in a New York City club & Galchenyuk, despite the involvement of his father, has not been able to straighten himself out. More to come as we get more information
  10. and what does MB do .?
  11. it was alleged that MT made a comment to the effect that he ( MT ) could not win a Stanley Cup with PK in his lineup. PK hasn't won one , yet , but MT couldn't win a Stanley Cup with Crosby in his lineup either
  12. Carey Price is an elite all world goalie and his supporting cast is lacking also . This team has a couple of elite players at positions but overall the team is mediocre
  13. I agree . I think the problem was Weber's lack of a supporting cast .
  14. with the yr Byron had and his salary , they could take a shot at him