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  1. Philly Boston Philadelphia New Jersey Islanders New Jersey Tampa Columbus Tampa Jets Sens Sens Montreal Vancouver Montreal
  2. Now waiting to see Trump in an Orange jump suit
  3. Edmonton vs Toronto: Toronto Montreal vs Vancouver: Montreal
  4. New Jersey vs NY Rangers: NYRBuffalo vs Philadelphia: PhiladelphiaChicago vs Florida: FloridaWashington vs Pittsburgh: WashingtonWinnipeg vs Ottawa: OttawaColumbus vs Detroit: ColumbusCarolina vs Nashville: Nashville
  5. Columbus Detroit - CBJ Boston Islanders - Islanders Winnipeg Toronto- Toronto Buffalo Philadelphia -Philly Carolina Nashville - Nashville Montreal Edmonton- Edmonton
  6. Washington Pittsburgh Washington Chicago Florida Florida
  7. Boston New Jersey -game is over I didn't vote Montreal Edmonton Edmonton Islanders Rangers Islanders Carolina Detroit Carolina Toronto Ottawa Toronto Columbus Nashville Columbus
  8. Washington vs Buffalo: Washington Boston vs New Jersey: Boston NY Islanders vs NY Rangers: Islanders Carolina vs Detroit: Carolina Columbus vs Nashville Columbus
  9. Pittsburgh vs Philadelphia: Philadelphia Montreal vs Toronto: Toronto Chicago vs Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay
  10. After signing Corey Perry to a 1 year/1-way contract at $750,000, we now show the #Habs with a 23-man roster and a projected salary cap of $82,616,309, which puts them $1,116,309 over the ceiling. Clubs have until Jan 12 at 5:00pm ET to be cap compliant.
  11. Canada hasn't approved for hockey to play The National Hockey League and its players' association reportedly agreed to terms Friday on holding the 2021 campaign. ... Approval from health officials in the five Canadian provinces that have teams is still needed before the NHL can go ahead with the season
  12. Im still waitrng for Otto Leskinen to make the team Otto