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  1. Dudley can go with him and take Melanby and Carriere as well . They are all responsible for this mess. With this many suits in the office someone should have pointed out they needed a back up plan if they couldnt resign Markov and Radulov. And if trading Sergachav for Drouin , to be the # 1 C didn't work out, then what ? You don't have that # 1 C you thought you would have and you also don't have an up and coming D man either
  2. Other teams aren't giving away their players just because Montreal has cap space. Find a team with an elite C or D man who doesn't want that player . Then you have to give them something to get that player.
  3. AG ( - 20 ) Drouin ( - 19 ) PEtry ( -22 ) and max ( -13 who is terrible at back checking )are right up there but only AG gets singled out
  4. You do realize Bergeron has won the Frank J. Selke Trophy four times ( demonstrates the most skill in the defensive component of the game )
  5. This team isn't making the playoffs this year . Rather than trade for another 3rd or 4 th liner why not bring up someone from the minors and see what they can do
  6. Remember the Carbo era , I think they went bowling
  7. Great another 4 th liner. In all fairness I know nothing of him . And unless he's a # 1 C ....meh
  8. By the time Poehling makes the NHL, if he makes it , we'll be forgetting about 1/2 the current lineup
  9. MP for Duncan Keith 3X Stanley Cup Champion 2X Olympic Champ 1 Conn SMythe 2 James Norris and he's 34 on the downside of his career , just what MB looks for
  10. Lack of puck moving D men Thanks MB
  11. PK for MP
  12. Ive read that he's slow for todays game
  13. Its OK there isn't going to be playoff hockey this year