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  1. 155,000 dead " it is what it is " , do you think he cares . And I think he will get re elected
  2. Sad thing is , I think he will get re elected . And if he doesn't he won't leave , he will contest it .
  3. The virus will disappear .................eventually . Trump will be right , eventually .
  4. Trump claims there is a vaccine for aids - which there is not
  5. Mary Trump, niece of President Donald Trump, is set to publish a book this summer with “harrowing and salacious” stories about her uncle, sources familiar with the project told the Daily Beast—becoming the first Trump family member to openly speak out against the President. Though details are being kept under wraps, the Daily Beast reports that the book will also include “intimate and damning thoughts” by the President’s sister, Maryanne Trump Barry. The Trump niece also reportedly writes that the President “contributed to” his brother Fred Trump Jr.’s death “and neglected him at critical states of his addiction,” which ultimately played a role in his fatal heart attack at the age of 42, according to the Daily Beast. How fast before the white house attempts to block the book from being publsihed
  6. He will blame the governors when / if things get out of control .
  7. He continues to lie day after day and the people fall for it
  8. I pick scouting .
  9. The clean up needs to start with him . Everything he does is to make money for himself , his family and his rich friends . He's going to end up killing millions of people to satisfy his ego
  10. Montreal is going to need it
  11. NBA season is suspended . A player on the Utah Jazz has it . Only a matter of time before the NHL stops
  12. back to subban - he's fallen off a cliff never to get up again .
  13. sergachev
  14. Bergevin might do well to take a page from Ken Holland’s book when it came to signing Dylan Larkin to a contract after his freshman year at the University of Michigan. Larkin desperately wanted to play in the NHL and it turns out he was absolutely right. But when they were negotiating his entry-level deal, Holland said directly to Larkin and said, “If you’re staring out the window of a bus in the middle of the night on a road trip from Milwaukee to Grand Rapids, remember it was you who made this decision.”