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  1. The jury should be out on all of them . Still prospects . No guarantee that one yet all can make the jump to the NHL
  2. Boston Buffalo BOSTON New Jersey Pittsburgh PITTSBURGH Rangers Islanders ISLANDERS Carolina Tampa CAROLINA Columbus Florida FLORIDA Detroit Dallas DETROIT Toronto Vancouver TORONTO
  3. https://portal.healthmyself.net/hrhcovaxvaccination/guest/#/V7V/book/type if anyone is interested
  4. Apparently max domi is being benched due to his recent outbursts
  5. Carolina Tampa CAROLINA Columbus Florida FLORIDA Detroit Dallas DALLAS Ottawa Calgary CALGARY Montreal Edmonton EDMONTON
  6. IMO if someone were to list the top 50 NHL players today we would be lucky if any HAB player made the list . I even think Price might not make it ,
  7. Washington Boston BOSTON Rangers New Jersey RANGERS Pittsburgh Buffalo PITTSBURGH Islanders Philadelphia ISLANDERS Toronto Vancouver TORONTO
  8. Price was elite . Currently there are no Elite players on this habs team . IMO
  9. Sure , why not . Hes not doing that much worse than CJ so maybe it wasn’t a coaching issue . Maybe it’s a personnel issue : collectively these guys aren’t very good . Maybe they are an average hockey club and no amount of line up changes will turn them into aN above average team
  10. I know but someone get a spine snd shut it down not let everyone come in and then get together in a hotel
  11. New Jersey Rangers N Y RANGERS Washington Philadelphia WASHINGTON Pittsburgh Buffalo PITTSBURGH Ottawa Montreal OTTAWAl Nashville Carolina CAROLINA Florida Tampa FLORIODA Chicago Detroit DETROIT Columbus Dallas DALLAS
  12. Great another two week extension of this lock down in Ontario. Thanks Doug Parks , golf courses closed 25 % capacity for big stores Geez we've been shutdown for six months and infections keep increasing so we keep the same stores closed . Meanwhile manufacturing plants remain open after an infection occurs Police will also have the authority to ask anyone outside their residence to indicate their purpose for leaving home and provide their address. That includes stopping vehicles.
  13. https://torontosun.com/sports/traik-eotomy-does-joe-thornton-still-have-a-place-in-the-maple-leafs-lineup … After acquiring Erik Gustaffsson and Jon Merrill at the deadline, I’ll put Montreal’s defence against any other team’s in the North Division. Trying to pick a top-six once Ben Chiarot returns from injury is going to be a fun challenge for head coach Dominique Ducharme, especially after seeing how Alexander Romanov was able to physically keep Matthews in check the other night
  14. Adding these two : Chicago Detroit CHICAGO Columbus Dallas DALLAS
  15. 4 what do you consider as an impact player ?
  16. Remaining games Flames 4 Ottawa 3 Edmonton 4 Winnipeg 1 Toronto 4 I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they miss the playoffs
  17. Sabres vs Washington WASHINGTON Devils vs Rangers RANGERS Jets vs Leafs TORONTO Predators vs Hurricanes CAROLINA Florida vs Tampa FLORIDA Isl;anders vs Bruins N Y ISLANDERS Flyers vs PengUINS PITTSBURGH
  18. Weber, Petry, Edmundson, Chiarot, Romanov, Kulak, Merrill, Gustafsson Which two are going sit ?
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