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  1. Boston  Buffalo                  BOSTON

    New Jersey  Pittsburgh     PITTSBURGH

    Rangers  Islanders            ISLANDERS

    Carolina  Tampa                CAROLINA

    Columbus  Florida             FLORIDA

    Detroit  Dallas                    DETROIT

    Toronto  Vancouver            TORONTO

  2. 56 minutes ago, campabee82 said:

     You ask if I would trade Gallagher for guys like Raantanen, Marner, Marchand or Pasternak well my answer to that is absolutely not 3 of the 4. The only one I would consider is Raantanen but it would only be 1 for 1 and only due to the age difference as Raantanen fits better with the time frame of KK, Suzuki and Romanov. There are maybe 3-5 RW in the league I would consider moving Gally for and that list does not include Ovi or Stammer. Kane even would be hard for me to consider due to just the age gap.

    Glad your not G. M . ( just kidding ) 

  3. 13 hours ago, campabee82 said:

    I hate to disagree with this cause so much of it is true but here are the 2 I disagree with.

    1 elite winger we actually have 2 and 8f Drouin would smarten up a bit I would say 3. Gallagher ranks 5th in the NHL for 5 on 5 goals over the last 3 seasons and not only that but also ranks in the top 5 of many other advanced stats categories see link. The second player is Toffoli who right now sits 11 goals behind Matthew's for the league lead. When was the last time we had a top 10 scorer this close to the end of the season?

    2 Petry is 2 goals behind the league leader in goals by a D man while playing 22-25 minutes a night with 14 games left in the season and gives up nothing defensively. I would say that ranks him in the top 15 of the league maybe even top 5 for RHD. 

    IMO if someone were to list the top 50 NHL players today we would be lucky if any HAB player made the list . I even think Price might not make it , 


  4. New Jersey  Rangers           N Y RANGERS

    Washington  Philadelphia     WASHINGTON

    Pittsburgh  Buffalo                 PITTSBURGH

    Ottawa  Montreal                  OTTAWAl

    Nashville  Carolina               CAROLINA

    Florida  Tampa                     FLORIODA

    Chicago  Detroit                   DETROIT

    Columbus  Dallas                DALLAS

  5. Great another two week extension of this lock down in Ontario. Thanks Doug 

    Parks , golf courses closed

    25 % capacity for big stores 

    Geez we've been shutdown for six months and infections keep increasing so we keep  the same stores closed  . Meanwhile manufacturing plants remain open after an infection occurs

    Police will also have the authority to ask anyone outside their residence to indicate their purpose for leaving home and provide their address. That includes stopping vehicles.

  6. https://torontosun.com/sports/traik-eotomy-does-joe-thornton-still-have-a-place-in-the-maple-leafs-lineup


    … After acquiring Erik Gustaffsson and Jon Merrill at the deadline, I’ll put Montreal’s defence against any other team’s in the North Division. Trying to pick a top-six once Ben Chiarot returns from injury is going to be a fun challenge for head coach Dominique Ducharme, especially after seeing how Alexander Romanov was able to physically keep Matthews in check the other night 

  7.   4

    10 hours ago, BigTed3 said:

    So who's likely to give us more? Kotkaniemi and Suzuki are likely to both build on what they've done so far. Romanov should get better with experience. Evans maybe has a bit more to give but likely is not going to be ever be a top 6 player. Anderson I think can still give more. But by and large, we have more guys who are likely to be the same or worse next year and the year after that, and just a handful of current players who are going to get better. So most of the improvement in our club is going to come from guys who aren't yet here. Caufield. Poehling. Ylonen. Norlinder. Harris. Guhle. Struble. Primeau. We have some nice pieces to add to our roster. But now ask yourself when those players will be impact players

    what do you consider as an impact player ?

  8. Sabres vs Washington               WASHINGTON

    Devils vs Rangers                      RANGERS

    Jets vs Leafs                             TORONTO

    Predators vs Hurricanes             CAROLINA

    Florida vs Tampa                        FLORIDA

    Isl;anders vs Bruins                    N Y ISLANDERS

    Flyers vs PengUINS                   PITTSBURGH


  9. Tony DeAngelo  would never fit in with the Montreal lockroom .



    A history of not being able to playing nice

    This isn’t the first time Tony DeAngelo’s name has been thrown around in a controversial fashion.  Back in February of 2014, when he was playing for the OHL’s Sarnia Sting, DeAngelo was handed an eight game suspension when he was found guilty of violating the OHL’s harassment, abuse and diversity policy.  The suspension came after DeAngelo was accused of using offensive slurs toward one of his teammates, and it wasn’t the first time that the teenager was in trouble for violating the OHL’s harassment policy.

    DeAngelo was also involved in two more incidents when he was suspended one game for the abuse of an OHL official, and then during the 2016-17 NHL season he was suspended for three games due to a similar incident involving another official.  DeAngelo was a member of the Arizona Coyotes at the time.


    AND he's a huge TRump supporter 

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