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  1. What a difference CP makes http://www.tsn.ca/capitals-open-on-top-of-nhl-power-rankings-1.583412 9. MONTREAL CANADIENS THIS WEEK: 9 LAST WEEK: - While the offseason trade of Subban made the natives restless, the Habs should be much better this season – funny thing that a presumably-healthy Carey Price could make such a difference. In addition to Price, Alexander Radulov was a bargain free agent, and rookie wingers Arturri Lehkonen and Daniel Carr will need to contribute to the attack. Andrew Shaw raises the grit by a bunch, as does Shea Weber on defence, but the bluel
  2. Again is MT on board . And the d looks slow , but then again all MT want them to do is chip it off the glass
  3. It will be Montoya . Unless MB decided to sign him and then MT say Condon outplayed him and they release Montoya .
  4. so long as he stays or the 3 rd or 4 th line fine . When he starts taking a top six spot it messes up the lines .
  5. Reminds of Babcock after the Leafs lost 6 -1 to the Habs last night The one think he said that stuck out was something to the effect that he and his coaching staff have to prepare the players better . I don't recall , and could very well be wrong , MT coming out after a game where the Habs stunk and saying that he ( MT ) needed to coach better and better prepare his players for games . For MT it was always the other team was better , we were tired . we have injuries , we're struggling etc . He could never admit that his line combinations were terrible , his system stunk , the PP
  6. A year in the AHL with SL as coach would probably hurt more than help
  7. Lots of scouts in the pressbox tonight https://twitter.com/HabsIO?ref_src=twsrc^tfw
  8. Maybe the Hawks think they can make it work . But when it doesn't then end up having to dump salary. I don't think we have the organization with the patience to try and make it work . At the first sign of things not working the guy will be sitting at the end of the bench and then in the press box
  9. I have no desire for Yak . Id rather keep Emelin
  10. http://www.tsn.ca/tsn-hockey-preview-montreal-canadiens-1.580013 The Canadiens’ brass seems convinced that they need to be grittier, and that would have prevented last season’s collapse. When the Habs are better this season, how much will be attributed to the impact of newcomers playing a more physical game and how much will land on Price as the primary difference-maker?
  11. lol...you don't get it MB drafted the kid, he is a Francophone, he comes from the Chicago organization , he has that winning mentality. and he's cheaper than Eller
  12. I said this guy wouldn't make the Habs Change my mind , he might stay and Sven Andrighetto is going to be the odd man out
  13. Explaining why Hudon and Matteau were cut, said they didn't outperform Danault, Mitchell, Byron, Carr and Andrighetto. Gave same group twice When asked what he needs from Lehkonen, Therrien said you shouldn't evaluate performance on goals and assists, which suggests he's liked him
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