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  1. I guess he would have to suck it up and wait. Realistically, who would want to sign a 39 year old for 5 mil.
  2. I thought Price had a no movement clause put into his expiring contract?
  3. A good, fast team with a great goalie that doesn't give you time to breathe when you have the puck.
  4. But keep in mind they have no history of developing professional talent.
  5. If Weber is/was so good why did the Preds trade him in the first place? To get the younger, better player? I'd bet there are 30 other GMs who wouldn't have made that deal.
  6. Why would JT go from bad to worse? I'd be willing to bet he would take less money(of what he's speculated to be paid) to go to a cup contender(Pittsburgh).
  7. True. But he's been in Montreal for quite a while and I don't think anyone else would have been dumb enough to offer him 10 mil/yr for 8 years.
  8. Impressive! Absolutely torches the Habs torch ceremonies. I just hope that kind of support stays for the Knights if the NFL, NBA or MLB come to town. Being their first professional team and hockey being an exciting sport which is actually played for 60 minutes, I think it should be a success.
  9. Just call me Frank! Ever seen the show Shamelss? (American verson)
  10. The players other teams didn't want are out to prove them wrong.
  11. Time will tell. I don't think MB has a very good record of hiring great coaches. He can't even evaluate players.
  12. I can't see Price wanting to go to a team that is/will be years away from winning the cup.
  13. He was. Bergevin even stated he's the kind of player you need for the playoffs. The Habs got rid of him because Bergevin screwed up the team so bad that if you don't make the playoffs you don't need guys like Eller.