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  1. I've paid my dues!!!!!!
  2. Ok skinflint.
  3. Brrrrrrrr....too cold and dreary.
  4. The only ice I've seen here in Kingston covers my pool.
  5. Maybe the ice is too soft.
  6. Utilization?
  7. A lot of forum members would be up in arms if we had an 'enforcer'.
  8. More damage than what's already there?
  9. Bad team?
  10. Some would argue his free time is his to do pretty much what he wants.
  11. Kinots so tight he squeaks when he walks.
  12. I'll put my money on a mistress in 30 cities.
  13. You don't think the added cap space to sign some 4th liners would be a good deal?
  14. The gist I get is its not hockey related.
  15. He should lock himself in his room between games and practices? Wait! He just got engaged, that may not be a good thing.