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  1. How long will the Knights last in Vegas with the Raiders and possibly a MLB team and NBA team coming to town? Is it too soon to start the conversation on relocation before they've played their first game?
  2. LOL...the kid probably thinks he's got a good hand! hahahahahaha
  3. Hits from behind aren't the flavour of the week for the NHL.
  4. And we can thank Craig Anderson for the Philly win!!
  5. Meh. Out of the top 35 point getters 27 have more assists than goals. They contribute to their team mates success which helps their team. Patches prefers to take a shot wide of the net instead of trying to make a play. He's basically a one trick pony who scores because of the hard work of his line mates.
  6. Once Vegas picks your player they can just flip him back for a pick.
  7. unless the refs called the game Boucher should be suspended.
  8. My nerves are nervous about tonight's game. I don't think we're hungry or play tough enough. I hope they prove me wrong. If anyone touches Price, Karlsson shouldn't make it to the end of the game.
  9. Not condoning what Crosby did but he is abused every game as is McDavid and a slew of other good players. As we've seen in the past the refs do/or don't call a lot of penalties in the span of a game and as you say, Methot isn't an angel himself and I'm sure he's gotten the benefit of the doubt several times. I think it's also a reflection of the quality of officiating in the NHL today whether it's mandated by the league or not. Maybe slashing wasn't on the league's agenda this week but will be next week.
  10. LOL....with one finger!!!
  11. Peeves me too. Overated player.