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  1. We probably won't hear about it but I wouldn't be surprised if Weber and Price quietly ask for a trade. I don't think either one sees a decent chance to win a cup in Montreal and their windows to do so are closing fast.
  2. Happens every year around the trade deadline. The armchair GMs come out of the woodwork with their speculation and opinions which for the most part is usually wrong or just asinine which is why they are just armchair GMs and not actual GMs.
  3. I don't think it's necessarily considered a checking line anymore. It's a line with cheap players so you can pay your skilled players in the top six big bucks to produce and it's a line to eat up some minutes each game.
  4. Home games have not been good to the Habs.
  5. You forgot 'where to hold the end of season golf tournament the second week of April'.
  6. We're 7 points out of a playoff spot and teams ahead have at least one game in hand. They can afford to lose 3 games more than the Habs so yes, it does really matter what other teams do.
  7. Let's keep in mind a lot of teams in front of us will need to poop the bed before we get in the playoffs.
  8. Sure. Why not? We've had great success with former Habs coming back to either coach or manage. What would be the harm in doing it again?
  9. but not as ancient as Kinot.
  10. I'll just sit here and keep my fingers crossed Weber is traded. I think Petry still has a few good years left.
  11. Precious memories of 17 Stanley Cup wins. Sorry to any youngsters out there. They aren't for sale.
  12. He could have licked it further.
  13. The whole situation could have been avoided if Tkachuk had been called for his head shot on the first hit. And yeah, Kassian should have hit him until he's eating through a straw for the next 6 months.
  14. There would most certainly be serious repercussions if a team was found to be throwing games which is why the term 'rebuilding' is used in place of tanking.
  15. Fans have been watching a losing team since 1993 and things won't change as long as management is afraid to take risks and is content just to make the playoffs.