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  1. ^^^^
  2. ^^^^LOL
  3. Go build your snowballs!
  4. You're a meanie!
  5. No, you can't.
  6. ^^^^^^^^^^LOL......sure they were
  7. The Chief Loser Loser in Chief has finally agreed to let the transition begin.
  8. We'll be waiting with bated breath to see pics of the snowballs you've built. Don't let your mittens get wet!
  9. LOL.....it has already melted!
  11. Congrats to our Spengler Cup winning team!!! Way to go boys!!!

    1. habs1952


      I guess no one on the forum knows what a winning team is!! There is hockey beyond just the Habs people!!!!

  12. New Year's celebrations scaled back because it's cold outside? Cold weather alerts? Have we become so sissified we can't deal with the cold? Disgusting!

    1. H_T_L


      That's the society we live in. Afraid to be sued because they were too idiotic to dress properly and got frostbite.

  13. RIP Johnny Bower.

    1. kinot-2


      Watched him play a lot. Could believe how he could still stop pucks at his age. Another legend gone. :(


  14. For subjects/discussion about the NHL not related to the Habs.
  15. The Prime Minister uses the taxpayer as his personal travel agent. Doesn't he stay at home anymore?

    1. kinot-2


      He certainly found time to campaign for his riding candidate, on the taxpayers dime I presume. 

    2. habs1952


      Get elected Prime Minister. See the world.<_<