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  2. Hmmm...he's still here.......not a good sign.
  3. MB would probably trade him to the Leafs for the Nathan Horton and Joffrey Lupul contracts!
  4. Without a doubt!
  5. If we're trading Price,Weber or Patches for 1st round picks we better be trading with bottom dwellers otherwise those picks are useless.
  6. We couldn't beat the Laval Rocket.
  7. Info from a ouija board I'll bet.
  8. Yeah...I don't want him to learn to lose.
  9. I'd take the 'C' off his jersey.
  10. I wonder if CJ is happy with this circus.
  11. How does the medical staff not see this for weeks? The organization seems rife with incompetence.
  12. If we make that deal we don't win the cup until hell freezes over.
  13. They're gonna be so demoralized they'll be lying on the beach, golfing or going deep sea fishing wondering what if.
  14. And hey, wasn't it Serge Savard who recommended MB to Molson? He should just stick to TV commercials!
  15. I think MB will be gone soon but if MB was the best pick at the time it makes me wonder what is available in Quebec to succeed him?