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  1. LOL...we can't even start careers!
  2. So, if the Preds win the cup will Bergevin and Molson accompany Subban when he brings the cup to the children's hospital?
  3. ^^^ I see you're keeping the school's location secret. Is it's location kept secret for national security reasons?
  4. And in the regular season he would have been suspended. A rule for the elite and a rule for the peons.
  5. Do you want a hint?
  6. Maybe we should be talking to the Wild.
  7. " And the finalist's for GM of the year are Dorion, Chiarelli and from Nashville, Marc Bergevin"
  8. He's obviously not good enough for the big club so there is no chance MB protects him.
  9. Haven't you heard, we're gonna trade Sergachev for him in 4 years. Geez...I thought everybody knew that.
  10. It tells me how poorly we've drafted D-men.(Except for Subban)
  11. MB won't be fired because Molson has run out of Francophone general manager options. If MB was the best available at the time the cupboard is bare.
  12. And high sticking, slashing, etc.....continue to go unpunished.
  13. Maybe Timmins and staff aren't as good as they're made out to be.