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  1. In 3 years Weber has completed only one full season(78 games in year one). He's past his due date and Hab fans are gonna have the honour of watching him turn mouldy.
  2. Drouin, at 5.5M, is the type of player teammates come to resent.
  3. In hindsight I think that was a case of two teams dumping players they didn't want. Weber for age/salary and Subban for being Subban.
  4. John Rahm makes the stupidest decision I've ever seen a golfer of any level make.
  5. I saw the first one yesterday.
  6. Ain't gonna happen. Management is more focused on the extra $$$$ they'll make with a couple of playoff games than the extra experience the young players would get.
  7. Probably should have been sent back to Finland after 40 games. 82 games at the NHL level is too much for an 18 year old.
  8. And now it's probably too late to trade Weber for what could have possibly been upgrades throughout the lineup. I don't think Bergevin has the guts to make a big deal.
  9. Be strong Habby.
  10. The Habs may as well start booking their T-times early and getting prepared for year 8 of the 5 year plan. Bergevin really needs to go.
  11. Yeah, a backup in those days was really only there in case your starter got injured during a game. Backups didn't play enough to stay sharp.
  12. Sounds to me as if someone got a bribe. It's not uncommon you know.
  13. Puled Pule \Pule\, v. i. [imp. & p. p. Puled; p. pr. & vb. n. Puling.] [F. piauler; cf. L. pipilare, pipire, to peep, pip, chirp, and E. peep to chirp.] To cry like a chicken. To whimper; to whine, as a complaining child.
  14. How can the Preds win 3-2 when the Ducks won 3-2?
  15. We'd have a really good shot at Jack Hughes.