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  1. Had family in town tonight. Looks like i didn't miss anything.
  2. He didn't recognize you. You didn't have your Captain Morgan uniform on!
  3. Pittsburgh! We could get Tinordi back!
  4. He may not bring a lot to the table but the effort is there every night.
  5. Now being looked at for the Olympics but there may be too many stumbling blocks. https://www.tsn.ca/canada-eyeing-mete-for-olympics-1.945020
  6. C'mon man.....even the worst goalies have luck every game.
  7. Nice outcome considering the ice was tilted in the Devils favour after the blatant crosscheck on Byron wasn't called by the "best" officials in hockey.
  8. You'd have to hope LA hasn't scouted Alzner this year.
  9. That's because we are elite and we get all the Habs games on TV!!!
  10. Over the last few years we seem to be getting rid of everyone of importance to the team.
  11. Well deserved!