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  1. ^^^^^Either Bergevin lied on his resume or he has racy pictures of GM. Or both.
  2. If my math is right we've been shutout 15 % of the games this year.
  3. We'll have a much better shot at the #1 draft pick next year.
  4. And the countdown begins.
  5. LOL...we were done October 7, 2017.
  6. Would that not amount to collusion?
  7. That is absolutely PRICELESS!!!!
  8. Yup.....I've already started practicing.
  9. I think Molson still thinks we have a shot at the playoffs.
  10. Relief is just a few games away.
  11. Because you gotta pay your dues to join.
  12. This team needs A LOT of work!!
  13. Probably because the owner plans on running the team and the GM will sit in his office watching soap operas.
  14. I don't think he'd retire but if he isn't fit to play I think he'd be classified as a long term injury so he wouldn't count against the cap.
  15. We can call ourselves "The Never See The Habs Win Another Cup Club".