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  1. WELCOME BACK CRB!!!!!!! We missed you!
  2. ^^^^^Those fish still have the price stickers on 'em!
  3. It wouldn't surprise me one bit IF Trump and Giuliani were in cahoots in some nefarious real estate deals while Giuliani was mayor.
  4. Fake news........he didn't cry. Once again Turdeau embarrasses the country.
  5. Our Prime Groper in blackface!!!! Disgusting!
  6. Justine!
  7. Kinda tells you all you need to know about Honka.
  8. To me it's why drafting is so important. You could afford, to some extent, to overpay for a free agent if you had good young talent on cheap contracts playing for you instead of signing Alzner type contracts.
  9. Michel Therrien scored a goal???
  10. Bianca Andreescu wins the US women's tennis open. Way to go Bianca.
  11. I think you're lying. You've already said you didn't play organized sports.
  12. Who in the world produces these people?
  13. HURRAY!!
  14. Oh, I am getting older, but I'm also getting better!
  15. Money.