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  1. We'll be creating holes to fill holes because of out drafting/development and trading of assets.
  2. I thought I did say that.
  3. You've just relegated a bunch of past elite NHL stars to mediocrity because they have never won the cup.
  4. True, but winning the Cup is what hockey players want the most, except the money of course.
  5. The Oilers could also wait until next year's draft and make a pretty good deal then for RNH. Heck, maybe MB can trade the first overall pick for RNH.
  6. If Canadian teams started winning the Stanley Cup those 'anonymous' players would be clamoring to play in Canada.
  7. Patches kills penalties only because we don't have anyone else.
  8. Patches is our Phil Kessel.
  9. If MB really thought he was getting the better player he has no business being an NHL general manager. Of course players didn't bad mouth Weber, it's a tight knit community, they're all friends. Heck, I bet Mike Richards wouldn't bad mouth PK today.
  10. ^^^Looks like something off a barge or tugboat used for towing.
  11. The Hab's 'window'
  12. Which is why , when you find a gem, you keep him.
  13. People are missing out on the pajama sale!
  14. Since he's American I'd be willing to bet he's gonna stay put in the US.