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  1. Musta been a Democratic arbitrator.
  2. ^^^^LOLOLOL
  3. You?
  4. Do you mean like the Chelios for Savard trade? That one really sucked.
  5. Prunes are still medicinal!
  6. ^^^^LOL
  7. Price has been so heavily relied on for the past few years he's been burned out.
  8. At least Trudeau showed up. The damp weather irritated Trumps bone spurs and he cancelled his cemetary visit. LOL. Quite the insult when you picture the conditions under which all those soldiers died. Actually, it's disgusting.
  9. Any doubts this was planned when Pleky signed?
  10. Still not tired of watching Patches float?
  11. Wasn't a hit. Malkin braced himself for the hit and Oshie's face got in the way.
  12. Looks like being a Bruin at one time carries protection for the rest of your career.
  13. I can't see why he should be fired. How can you expect privacy when your talking right in front of a stranger? Heck, your in/on the driver's property! Sure the driver could have been discreet about the whole thing but I don't think he would be legally bound to be discreet.
  14. LOL...your in a cab with a stranger.....you must be a moron to say the things they said regardless of the legalities.
  15. Cheeto in chief.