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  1. I can name 30 other teams that, if in the same predicament as the Leafs, would sign the player and deal with the cap issue later. With a player of that caliber it's a no brainer decision.
  2. A lot of people warned Bone Spur about Flynn.
  3. I'm not too sure about that. Isn't the Canes owner a tightwad?
  4. Fake news! Never happened!
  5. The Not Honest League blows it again. This has gone far beyond incompetence.
  6. His bone spurs have turned into bonehead.
  7. We could use another inmate patient.
  8. Guilliani is just a diverting sideshow to the Trump fiasco. He's just around to obfuscate issues.
  9. Welcome to the forum loyal!
  10. Oh, the irony.
  11. Try to sign both Duchene and Skinner. Deal Drouin + for a much needed LHD.
  12. YUP!!!!! I've earned the right to be grumpy. But I wasn't grumpy until 1994!
  13. Yes it would be. A D-man playing his wrong side is basically playing with his back to the play. (Plays along the boards using his backhand)
  14. And the NHL wonders why they're always fighting an uphill battle to attract fans.