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  1. It's all part of MB's 5 year plan started 8 years ago.
  2. I don't know any of these players either but, IMO, a Blake Wheeler type player is just what the Habs need.
  3. LOL.....and probably never hear of him again.
  4. Who?
  5. Reaves will sit for one lousy game.
  6. Does this mean Price is possibly on his way out? 15 million for goaltending is too much.
  7. You didn't bring cookies.
  8. Nice to see you paid attention in the arithmetic classes at school.
  9. Should Canada build a wall along our southern border?
  10. I know I am but is anyone else disgusted at Turdeau's physical appearance. Crappy beard and blue jeans. Is that how the PM should be dressed in public while representing the country? Does he think he's in college? Disgraceful!!
  11. Sucks to be you!!!!!
  12. Career stats for JD: GP G A PTS +/- PIM PPG PPP SHG SHP GWG OTG S S% 349 67 142 209 -51 124 20 76 0 0 15 2 689 9.7 Not too impressive for $5.5 million/year. And his NTC kicks in after next season.
  13. That has a nice ring to it! I accept!
  14. Do you think the rest of the league is gullible and doesn't see the same thing? I don't think we'd get very much for Drouin except for getting rid of his contract.
  15. Not so fast buster!!!