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  1. Your expectations are higher than mine.
  2. Gotta protect your assets from offer sheets from the Canes!
  3. LOL......How could the league not know this?
  4. Our D is so bad we could lose Jake Allen to mental health issues in a month.
  5. Don't know about cocaine but I would think if it's a drug problem it would be painkillers due to him dealing with his injuries over the last few years. Regardless, it's great to see him getting help and I hope to see him back between the pipes in the next month or so. or however long it takes.
  6. Galchenyuk has signed a one year deal with Arizona per TSN.
  7. Hab At Toronto, Oct. 5. TSN 4, TSN2, RDS. So, who is the sole Hab chosen to play this game by himself? D-man? Goalie? Whoever it is is gonna be tired!
  8. Don't change the subject. <sticks tongue out>(I was gonna post an imoji but they don't load).
  9. It's pretty obvious no one is doing anything about these damn error messages. I'm just about done dealing with them.
  10. After review, I missed an "s", not an "a". Put your glasses on!!!!!!
  11. The NHL plans to crack down on cross-checking which in my view is years overdue. Question is, what are they gonna let slide to prevent more power plays per game? https://www.tsn.ca/nhl-cross-checking-rule-59-1.1698966
  12. ^^^^I'm old. But not as old a you!!!!
  13. Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Error Heck, I'm not even listed as a registered use anymore.
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