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  2. Peppy isn't in much trouble but enough that I have to excuse myself..... Feel free though... How much can I send to the fund??????
  3. Me too.....................................very. very quietly.
  4. Then today I might have posted in the Delauriers thread something like: Kudos for not fighting. Isn't worth a new thread. Would have said something depending on who if anyone read it.
  5. Tie Ducks
  6. Toronto Islanders Rangers Detroit All home team...Huh
  8. Are you still on the ice if your on the opponent's bench? Think so.
  9. They look like the Eiffel Tower.
  10. Which one was the privileged character?
  11. Information and opinion threads are as different as night and day. Labels can be OK. Community threads have been fun, though obviously not everyone participates. My suggestion would be Mods should be starters of threads or promoted.
  12. Dallas Montreal