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  1. You're on defense. Your guy is standing in front of the net. He looks calm. So what????? I guess we don't put in horse fencing after all. Or so. It was just a really frustrating game. And we won't do any better tonight is my guess.
  2. Philly Boston Philly New Jersey Islanders New Jersey Tampa Columbus Tampa Jets Sens Tie Montreal Vancouver Montreal
  3. Edmonton vs Toronto: Edmonton Montreal vs Vancouver: Montreal
  4. New Jersey vs NY Rangers: New Jersey Buffalo vs Philadelphia: Philadelphia Chicago vs Florida: Florida Washington vs Pittsburgh: Washington Winnipeg vs Ottawa: Ottawa Columbus vs Detroit: Detroit Carolina vs Nashville: Carolina
  5. All right.. But i'm nighters guys..
  6. Looks like you might have a long wait.
  7. I have no idea how they're going to finish this game in the next 45 minutes
  9. I get 6 or 7 bills a month and the rest is garbage. I'd say about 75 cents.
  10. My dog finds my mail person even when she's two hours late.. How much is he worth then?
  11. I knew I left the memo on your desk.
  12. Hockey would never have caught on if an original six team had their uniforms
  13. How can it be blacked out? So who shows up physically AT the game? It's nuts
  14. Pretty late game but could be worse.