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  1. Did I ever mention that no one, but no one! ever goes to Shipshewana Indiana?
  2. We get pretty darn graphic at times don't we? C ya AM.
  3. We know Nesterov is gone but I don't trust my memory on how well he played. Not altogether too badly I don't think.
  4. A wholesale nursery should be able to ship all the products they produce, especially when no one else seems to have the plants.

  5. Why? The photographer's jet blast won't get ya.
  6. Uh-huh. Knowing the Pens have won is my new key. Go ....Sens
  7. Sens will win but I'm disappointed that you care. lol
  8. Great games but considering the teams super disappointing.
  9. The Bluejays.
  10. St. Louis period. And not even that much anymore.
  12. Duke has left without comment. It's now though..............................or later......
  13. Is it the bronchitis or the game? A little bit of both I'd guess..........but the game 51%