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  1. archey

    Random Thoughts

    Started the book The Nile by Emil Ludwig. The Nile for 1/2 it's distance flows through desert. Does nothing. Yet the river manages to show us up for being completely human to want all three thing of life which is civilization or some God infused testimony of what life is about, culture like China or the East has culture, and the ability to let things grow on us like Africa forces the mind set of just let it grow on ya. Somebody say sex a couple posts ago? Too many people for the habits we have in our communication so just like someone to stir things up. Be cautious. We're all a little nutzoid.
  2. 8 times as many words of English as French. Who knows. C'mon
  3. No yeah I'm from Chicago. Ya watch Toews and Kane if they don't score on a rush control the zone for a good amount of time. KK just to my mind would confuse the defense we got now anyhow. I don't really care and really don't see him going as THE impediment to getting those extra wins we need to go all the way.
  4. archey

    Cooking tips

    Ok. Don;t laugh.. I tried pasta al bouro.or with butter whatever..with chopped canned apricots some pepper, garlic, paprika and a few red pepper flakes.. Wasn't bad..In fact was pretty good.
  5. archey

    Your Rant.

    Known for causing cancer I think.
  6. Somebody say anchor? How goes it kinot?
  7. If getting vaccinated forces one to see a liberal naked, or if wearing a mask forces one to see a naked liberal it still wouldn't wash away the memory of naked at Valley Forge when it meant sleeping in snow without blankets etc and if it doesn't make for feeling guilty and what not well I guess you're just not cut out to be an American. At least not to my mind. Do me a favor and don't vote.
  8. archey

    Your Rant.

    Seaweed is a handsome pill for dogs, at least in my experience. Underused.
  9. Being held to a higher standard is standard so...What again? lol
  10. archey

    Your Rant.

    How is it I become a Buffalo Bills fan one day and they threaten to move to Texas the next? LOL
  11. Then again when the coach is spieling about destiny and one doesn't know if he eats squid or octopus in any quantity to make a difference which I can tell you I definitely do NOT since zero is not a sum, I can see the risk of kids having nightmares all across Canada if such a thing as destiny is a reality which like I said DD has gone and made anyhow. I'm on Fluery's side, I wouldn't want to play for Chicago either. Kraken..What the...Why would the league even permit such a name?? Serious
  12. Carey gets on his horse that's a bartender right there. I don't get what all the fuss is about.
  13. I'm more interested in Cyprus and Bulgaria at the moment for reasons I won't expound at the moment. Just to say we still have Drouin and the pick will be less controversial if it helps Him which it might. I'm looking up Tony DeAngelo right now BTW.
  14. I think they take a fern before him but who knows
  15. I guess it's up to him but he is a kind of rolling 5 minute major without taking the penalty. This is bad news in my mind.
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