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  1. So we scored a goal and it got taken away? LOL
  2. To Kinot:: She says she's my fiancée and I agree btw..I wasn't trying to post a racy pic...I just wanted you to know my friend.
  3. Knew a guy from Sicily who did that a lot...LOL
  4. WQhat do you think a defenseman's lving room looks like to MB I mean when all the suit of armor, lances, crossbows and battleaxes are removed?
  5. Right Detroit can go 0-9 so can we
  6. So close ....How far off? 8 losses maybe?
  7. Columbus @ Boston Nashville @ Buffalo Florida @ Montreal
  8. Detroit @ ColoradoEdmonton @ Tampa Carolina @ NYIWashington @ PhiladelphiaNJ @ Anaheim Who can think? lol Thank
  9. If I were GM all I would ask of a coach, and you can ask her when she gets here if that's not right, is that he would mind to be dedicated solely to the team and that he would try to speak better of them year by year (in French).