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  1. Suzuki Paehling could be deadly to my mind
  2. Vancouver vs New Jersey Montreal vs St. Louis Ottawa vs Arizona Boston vs Toronto Colorado vs Tampa Dallas vs Philadelphia Vegas vs Pittsburgh New York vs Columbus Florida vs Nashville Buffalo vs San Jose
  3. Colorado vs Florida Dallas vs Pittsburgh NY Rangers vs Caps Columbus vs Chicago Detroit vs Edmonton Carolina vs Anaheim
  4. All of 3 RW's this game...2 for us
  5. Tampa Bay vs Boston Tie Minnesota vs Montreal NY Rangers vs New Jersey NY Islanders vs Winnipeg Detroit vs Calgary Ottawa vs Las Vegas Buffalo vs Los Angeles My Lenovo z50 has been going about 5 years and probably has 5 more
  6. Home teams for Wednesday please.
  7. If the guys can play while eating a plate of spaghetti I should get some too to my mind
  8. Just surprised it wasn't Weal and Lehkonen on the ice
  9. Only when he dyes his hair purple