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  1. archey

    Your Rant.

    Having a team official flower is better than having none at all to my mind.
  2. Goblins, Goblins, Goblins..and then a world class gremlin to finish us off....Liar, Liar, LIar. Maybe ya spell it lier...I never uses the word
  3. Just that I think maybe these are the right guesses.
  5. Think Muller would give Duke a treat?
  6. Duke says he knows most of those words
  8. They are pretty good..to my mind
  9. we will be the goblin killers..4-2
  10. You guys get your clamtros yet?
  11. I guess I think Perry's experience helps more than you guys do..I think we win this one too though
  12. Buffalo New Jersey Buffalo Pittsburgh Washington Pittsburgh Chicago Columbus Chicago Montreal Ottawa Montreal
  13. Dallas vs Florida: Dallas Tampa Bay vs Carolina: Carolina Buffalo vs NY Islanders: Buffalo Calgary vs Toronto: Calgary
  14. Hey. 4 minutes without taking a penalty
  16. That was a beast of a cross check by Petry
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