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  1. And now the season is officially over. Dont believe me just ask my horse.
  2. If we're not out in 3 you're known as a sax player for this...Kind of a paandemic unto yourself so Good Luck...
  3. Who came up with the idea that a stone or brick house supersedes a nice large log cabin one?
  4. Yeah but I was surprised at the age of 13 or so to find out New Orleans had no curfew..
  5. Many, many years ago in the beautiful gardens built in Rome in the Monti district Caligula met with the Jewish delegation from Alexandria and decided that they weren't really knaves but fools for not seeing he was a god and worshiping him...Eric Trump should die worse than we did to the Japanese and his father is not far behind.
  6. Or can we get an update on the column doctor? I mean the Eiffel Tower is great but kind of old hat..
  7. Anybody out taping a rose petal to the columns they see? I mean who invented those damn things?..
  8. No that's free...No one takes their wife anywhere..At home and barefoot I thought. Lol You guys really going to let kinot be the only boulevard builder? Not to change the subject... LOL
  9. Trump has proved he can't run a lighthouse much less a white house.
  10. I am only SO tired of the two cities competing for being the interior of the country to come up with the wrong one- the one with a B- instead of an A+. The TRUE interior of the country is New Orleans NOT Washington, D.C.. So let's get it straight.
  11. I tell ya what...Trump may act like he's going to wear your underwear on his head during his public appearances but if I were you I wouldn't believe it..
  12. All my spring water comes in the new safe to drink from pewter in recycled soap boxes and if yours doesn' should.
  13. Protests and killing people happen as if in the middle of lakes...But again...I don't disagree..
  14. I don't disagree
  15. You know Trump isn't the only one who thinks he's immune to freshwater keelhauling I bet.. Doesn't make him innocent in the least however.. Not to my mind.
  16. So I'm reading this book and it says there's this new invention called plastic...Never heard of it..You?
  17. WInter's ending and the dreams of having been made tough enough to wake coated in morning dew get stronger and stronger--as well as the doubts..So how tough is tough enough? Oh great...It ain't our team ...So who is it? Damn coronavirus.....
  18. Suspended until prudent and appropriate to resume...Meanwhile I"m going with the chicken marsala with ground mustard at least for the next couple days and some more next week.. Later guys
  19. Nashville vs Toronto: Toronto Buffalo vs Montreal: Montreal Philadelphia vs Tampa Bay: Tampa Bay Carolina vs New Jersey: Carolina Detroit vs Washington: Washington Pittsburgh vs Columbus: Tie Florida vs Dallas: Dallas NY Islanders vs Calgary: Calgary
  20. New York Rangers Colorado Colorado Ottawa LA Kings LA KIngs
  21. Pepsi lives to advertise or so they say