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  1. Gorges predicted it when he did that purse thing so...I can already see I'm not the guy to ask about it.
  2. Who truly trusts our guys not to get the opposing teams stoned the night before?
  3. Montreal
  4. Fact is is that after Richard the Third losing his horse with no one to tell him about the New it is...How is Brazil going today anyhow? Lol
  5. Now that Trump has moved the Hope diamond to the Oval Office.....
  6. Anyway...I told 'em….They'll most likely lose anyhow.
  7. Nelson....Thanks for asking
  8. I'll settle for a power play
  9. See how Sarge could spit those seeds..I mean pucks,out though?
  10. Sage advice...Let's see though...Yeast watermelon and some sugar right?