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  1. I actually really liked the D combinations CJ used against Boston, the pairing of Chiarot and Weber worked good enough, while Mete with Petry paid obvious dividends. Fleury is coming along better than I expected.
  2. Ohh I know just wishful thinking. I really hope Leks turns things around this season, poor guys seems snake bitten this year
  3. Hopefully he plays good enough we can send Thompson or Leks down
  4. Considering it was back to back games, and Sundays game was an afternoon game I can accept that loss. You could see the tiredness in the way they preformed.
  5. Regardless of how this team preforms IF we happen to make the playoffs it will be on Price and dumb luck. It's time to see MB and CJ down the road kicking stones.. Last night was a good victory however it was against a terrible team so lets not get our hopes up just yet. With that said WTH is cousins doing out on the power play? The guy is like a pylon with a stick stuck to it, has no skill and no skating ability. At least Deslauries used to use his bib body in front of the net and be somewhat worthwhile. The skilled players carried the team and played a great team effort Rant for the day over .....
  6. TBH, I don't mind Chiarot as much, I think Petry's poor play has just put more of an arrow on his short comings, Chariot is clearing out the front of the net which I'm sure Price appreciates. Mette is trying too hard, do the little things right and his game will come around. Yes Webber is slowing down there is certainly no denying that, I like to think of him as more of a second pair D man nowadays. I think more of the blame should be placed on the coaching staff over the players, it takes time for a D pair to gel, and the only way that can happen is if they play together. Our poor coaching staff keeps jumbling our lines and no one gets the opportunity to learn to play together, this has been a problem for several years now. Look at all the good teams, the same D men are generally playing together all the time.
  7. He will not be a bust, but as I said at the start of the season he should spend a year in Laval to bulk up and learn the game. Lets face it, it's a night and day difference between NHL and OHL caliber hockey
  8. So after watching last nights debacle I have come to realize one thing, the coaching staff are morons. We lead the league in goals for so hey lets change up the lines WTH are they thinking, if it's not broke don't fix it. Maybe concentrate on the defense which looks horrendous, Frolin and Reilly should be no where near the ice, in fact they both should be in Laval. Am I being Harsh, yes I am they have scored goals in bunches and the defensive game is leaving price to hang out to dry. So far this team shows no signs of improvement more of a regression.
  9. Highly doubtful, he skates like a brick shit house, and with today's game being all about speed
  10. I have watched Caufield play several times, mainly at the world juniors and the kid is dynamite. However he does need someone to set him up and that where I think Poehling will fit in, paired up I think they will make a terrific start to a first line just add a player with some Grit like an Armia type player. The second line with KT and Suzuki could be just as potent, so give us another year or two and I think our top two lines will be able to match anyone in hockey
  11. Expectations overwhelmed him IMO, not sure how he was ever selected in the first round. He didn't really have any goal scoring and his skating left a lot to be desired.
  12. Is Drouin proving us all wrong or is it just a flash in the pan?? Nice to see him skating with some motivation and using his speed
  13. I agree with this entirely, the only way Molson will get rid of the moron driving the bus is to hurt the cash flow. I don't even care if the team is competitive enough to make the playoffs, just to have a sense of direction that makes sense. My god the fan base can see the wholes in the line up, why can't he.
  14. Drouin, just because I want to see him up his trade value lol
  15. I like having Byron there don't get me wrong he has a ton of speed and some offensive talent for sure. But Thompson and Weal? They might be able to play a decent down low grind game, but seriously doubt their skill or speed to be very effective. I think a legit play maker like Poehiling or Evans with Byron would have been a better fit.