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  1. Have you actually looked at the team Dvorak played on?? How can anyone have good or decent numbers on that shit team?? I completely get what your say but KK is not worth 6.1 mil any way shape or form. Personally I lean more towards he was an average C at best, and I'm not jumping the gun and saying Dvorak will be the super star center for MTL but he will be a better fit than KK
  2. So let me get this straight..... MTL let KK walk for a ridiculous 6.1 mil contract for a 20 point player who was brutal on face offs and played a very soft defensive game in return they get a 2022 1st and 3rd round pick. Then they move a first and 2nd for a 4.5 mil center who played on a horrible team with less than legit line mates, who put up more points, has a good face off record and plays both ends of the ice well. But yet people are complaining??? Are we serious??? This is an absolute fantastic move, KK didn't want to be here it was a poor draft choice at the time. He will never be a great center and we will need all the cap space we have available to re sign core players down the road. While I really don't like MB as a GM I will say this was a great move. You can't toss away the farm to sign a player on potential
  3. If a player that put up 20 points is worth 6.1 million whats Suzuki worth who put up 41 points?? You can't possibly pay a player 6.1 on potential that's crazy. You have to put the rest of the team in perspective, if the habs pay that kind of money to KK what are all contracts down the road worth?? If they do match on a one year deal they lose him next year for nothing!! Not saying the kid doesn't have potential but he certainly isn't worth 6.1 per
  4. God I hope there is no intention of matching this offer, what a joke this would be if they do. Time to let him go and a bust for someone else!! Take the picks, and move the picks for say Dvorak whi is cheap and IMO a much better C anyways.
  5. I agree with this entirely, have been very high on him myself!! I personally think the problem with the whole KK fiasco is I will call it the Bettman theory where you make a horrible mistake (yes I consider drafting KK a horrible mistake) and now you just keep digging deeper because your too stubborn to admit they made a mistake and just let it go. Similar to Bettman with Arizona expansion. MB has seriously got to go and take our entire scouting dept with him. Not sure who hired these clowns but they would totally screw up if they had the #1 pick
  6. I would love to see MB shown the door but to call KK super talented is a joke. He was a poor choice for third overall but that really doesn't surprise me with scouting staff. No way is KK worth 6 mil be nice if they could both pack at the same time
  7. Personally I actually think Weber being out and the addition of Caufield will help Price more than anything and he will have a great year. First off Savard is way more mobile than Weber, being more mobile makes him a better defender this should help Price. Secondly Cauefield will put the puck in the net, more goals a game will take some of the pressure off Price where he feels he will not have to be perfect every game . Also having a full season of Allen behind him knowing what he can bring to the table to play some games and alleviate some of the pressure will help Price as well. Lets face it he is no the Price of 5 yrs ago but he is still one of the best in the game
  8. Gee the no plan part he just described MB to a tee LOL
  9. Yeah lets over pay because he's bilingual and played on the bottom pairing of a stacked defense core. Sounds exactly what MB will do
  10. I would agree with this entirely. Got a feeling MB is about to pull off an Alzner 2.0
  11. Personally I have no issue with the Hyman deal. he is exactly what the Oil need. And being on a wing with McDavid he could very will put up insane numbers.
  12. Good, want no part of Hamilton in MTL, still say there are reasons he has been on so many teams at such a young age.
  13. If we are going to piss off another GM with an offer sheet I wouldn't waste it on Timmons it would be put directly on Petterson. While I get we need the D man, Petterson is and can be a game changer. The team lacks offense more than anything
  14. So with VAN signing Garland to that ridiculous contract and their tight cap situation now would be the perfect time to slip an offer sheet to Petterson, say 7 mil should about do it. Doubt Van could match it
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