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  1. Hmm rumors of the habs talking to Simmons, signing him would certainly make shaw expendable. Would like to see Shaw in a package for a solid LHD since he can't play outside the top 6 without doing something stupid every game
  2. I agree fully, would much rather see the kind of cash he is going to demand go to Panarin. Or to a certain extent use a combination of it to get a Gardiner and MaCelhenny(sp)
  3. Are you kidding?? I wouldn't be able to sign the paperwork fast enough to make this deal. We have a full team of Andrew Shaw caliber players playing in laval, while he did have a career year I highly doubt he comes anywhere near those totals again this year
  4. I would certainly agree with this, he was expected to go top 10 for sure.
  5. The Habs had an amazing Draft this year, the pieces just seemed to fall into place, starting Caufield. I think the goalie in the later rounds might have been a waste, never really heard of him before TBH.. But every other pick was fantastic, hats off to our scouting staff. Now if we can turn them into legit NHL'rs we have a bright future
  6. I would have no problem with MB making a run at: 1) Panarin - Has the skill to be a top line scoring threat we desperately need )Gardiner - A Solid LHD that can move the puck very well, could be deadly putting him on the PP with Weber or Petry 3)Perry - A net presence we need to get the dirty goals, our 2nd PP unit has no one that can get in front of the net. Realistically has way more offensive skills than Shaw 4) Stahllman - Another LHD that plays a solid Defensive game, limited offensively but wouldn't break the bank to sign
  7. I think Perry would be a great fit, we need a player that will get in front of the net and get the dirty goals. The only net presence we currently have is Gally, and that showed on our PP as the second unit was horrible. If we could sign him for 5 mil per I think it would do us wonders
  8. Bergevin will screw things up yet! I think we got lucky last year, any injury to Price and we are in deep shit. We rely way too much on him, need a coach that can play todays game of fast hockey
  9. Gardiner all the way, while he does have defensive lapses he is the best offensive D man on the board IMO. And we need more goals
  10. Already considering getting tickets, only 6 hrs from Toronto to Mtl so well worth the trip.
  11. I really hope MB goes after Panarin, he is young skilled and a threat to score from anywhere. Wouldn't be upset if he went after Gardiner as well but wouldn't go over 6 per for him, Stallman would be cheaper. A better defender for sure but offensively challenged
  12. Depending on the price, I think he could certainly add some much needed veteran leadership to the forwards. Much like Weber does for the D, but I certainly wouldn't go over 5 per for him
  13. I agree with your thinking, but TBH I would like to see Drouin moved and break the bank wide open and go for a Panarin.
  14. TBH I would have Drouin on the trade block ASAP. First off he has a crap attitude, he is all about himself. The habs are a hard working team not scared to go in the corners and skate their butts off, JD is the exception never seems to skate hard. Has a cap friendly contract time to move him. Shaw's value has never been higher so move him while we can get max value, he is just too injury prone and will only get worse due to his play style and age. Ohh and he lives not far from me and is a douche LOL
  15. 1. Gallagher 2. Price 3. Poehlin 4. Armia 5.Webber 6. Petry 7. Mete