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  1. MB just throw away money?? Isn't that what he is know for?? Bad trades and bad signings..........
  2. I agree, that is the biggest draw back to the Habs is the french "requirement" no insult intended, we focus too much on the language rather than the talent of the player and/or coach and have made some really bad choices over the years
  3. Seriously another small player??? We need to draft a player with some size, who can get in front of the net and battle in the corners. I think Tampa, Calgary, Toronto performance in the playoffs this year proved you need the rugged power forward that has the size to get the puck and battle in front of the net. Lavoi would be a nice fit if he does fall to us but I have my doubts
  4. So we are looking for good young D men and the Oilers are looking for cap space. Make a move to land an over paid sekkera and Bouchard, they have a ton of great young D men in the minors. They need forwards so send them Shaw in return a complete win win, they save on cap and get a forward they desperately need and we get one great young D man in bouchard and an overpaid vet who can play a decent D game
  5. Another option I have been reading about is sending Shaw and Benn to the Oilers for Puljarvi or whatever his name is. A huge bust in Edmonton but a possible steal as the kid has the talent. What ever Edmonton does should really interest us as they have a couple of over paid D men that would look good on our roster if we could sign them for a reasonable amount of cash
  6. If no contract is signed before the 1st I would have an offer sheet in front of Marner so fast, give up the picks. I truly believe the kid has the talent and drive to build the team around.
  7. I really hope that Otto is a replacement for Reilly, it seems he has the puck moving skills hopefully without the defensive brain farts that Reilly has. As much as I think Benn is a decent bottom pairing D man I would like to see him out of the line up, let a younger faster player have that roster spot.
  8. This years draft is really deep for D men, so personally I would wait and see how the draft goes before I made any trades.
  9. Agreed no player is a shoe in, but man seems like 1.4 per is way to much for a player of Weal's skill set. I think half of the players in Laval would have been just as cheap and could certainly use the roster spot
  10. OMG did we seriously just sign Weal to a 2.8 mil contract?? Are mediocre NHL players suddenly a premium? For the love of god plz send MB packing ASAP We have young players that deserve the chance or seasoning more than Weal WTH!!
  11. Not saying he doesn't have a problem with hard work, not sure I am ready to see him cast aside just yet. I yelled at my TV a ton last year watching Drouin's poor back check and turn overs, but the talent is there I think he just needs the confidence to make the leap. As for Domi is he really as good as he was last year?? I have my doubts. At this point I would call the Drouin trade a wash TBH, both players had really down years. Defensively challenged players like Sergachev are a dime a dozen this draft is full of them.
  12. Really sad how fast hab fans turn on our players, no wonder big names don't want to be in Montreal. Drouin is still young and will rebound to turn into a good 2nd line player, put him on the wing where he belongs with a talented C like Poehling or Suzuki ( Oh right you all want to move them too) and the line could potentially be one of the best #2 lines in hockey.
  13. Probably the last game of his career, Lindgren would be a better and cheaper back up
  14. The power play unit with Drouin on it just looks discombobulated. Not sure it's entirely his fault, the drop pass when entering the zone to the D men cause the forwards to stop skating and wait for the shoot in. Then the D men shot it in the forwards have no momentum to chase the puck making it way too easy for opposition teams to clear the puck. Let the players skate it in like we do when 5v5 use the speed.
  15. His problem is he wants to be the team star, and that is no longer the case. It seems to me that he "sulks" and only really plays for the money