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  1. Have you ever watched Matthews play? He cross checks more than any player I have ever seen yet he hasn't gotten a single penalty.
  2. Speaking of PK, what is with all the penalties being called on MTL? The refs entirely cost them the game vs Toronto and it really looked like they were at it again last night?? But your right our special teams have been dynamite
  3. Hmmm I still think I would hold onto KK as I believe he is going to be of the same caliber as PLD. Now I would move a DD + caufield I think that might be a fair deal as Caufield is all speculative talent. He was non existent at the WJC
  4. Rumors are MTL and CBJ are very close to a deal, any speculation on what the deal consists of???
  5. If that was the asking price I wouldn't hesitate. Although there will be huge pressure for MB to get him at all costs due to the French connection....we really need to get past this whole french player crap
  6. Would be a hard pass for me acquiring PLD, the cost to get him would be insane. And really KK and Suzuki will be better IMO.
  7. My thoughts..... 1) Edmunson looked absolutely brutal, not even a NHL caliber player IMO, OK first game jitters possibly give him a few games.... 2) Byron.... the only thing he brings to the game is his speed and he certainly didn't have that so no point in having him in the line up.... again first game give him a few 3) Leks, sorry but totally fed up with him... last year he was mediocre at best time to replace him with someone that bring more to the table. He has no speed, no offensive ability, limited defensive abilities. 4) Why is Danault on the top line, I get he is a great definsive forward but he is a hindrance to those who play with him. Put him on the second or third line where he belongs. 5) Suzuki and KK look great!! 6) All the people that chirped about the Anderson trade hope you like the egg on your face Thought our D looked OK, but certainly not great, again first game going to give them a few before I get to harsh
  8. Couldn't happen to a better guy! What a douche nugget!
  9. At least he may get a chance to play some regular minutes, although not sure how that's a good thing being it's in the dumpster fire know as Florida
  10. Love this signing, will add more grit to our forwards. Has plenty of playoff experience, may not be the fastest player on the roster and certainly not the player he was a few years ago but a definite upgrade over Weal, Byron IMO. And adds the one thing we have missed the last few years, another player that will go to the front of the net
  11. There is no way I would include Armia in any trade. I think he brings a much needed physical element to the team and is good in all situations. And really I like having Edmunson in the line up, granted is a bottom pairing dman but he is excited to be in MTL and is looking forward to playing here. Given a chance he could very well surprise us fans if his enthusiasm translates to how he plays. As for Patches, not really interested in having him in our lineup, he is too soft and really doesn't play a 200ft game very well. Think that type of player would be a detriment to our young players development
  12. Tampa has signed Sergachev to a 3 yr 4.8 AAV deal. Man a great signing and at a relatively chap price