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  1. Ohh yeah let Mete go for free so we can open up a roster spot for the OLD OLD veteran Staal. I'm seriously very close to just giving up on this team and the dysfunctional leadership they have in place. From the scouting staff right to the top with ownership it's a constant state of disappointment
  2. We replace Mete who had speed for another washed up older D man WTG MB!!!! Can we start a petition to fire MB
  3. For all the good that MB did in the off season the shit show with Mete will hopefully mean he gets shown the door. Tired of these half asses antics of his, Mete wasn't a great asset but he was certainly a tradable one and to loose him for nothing is ridiculous.
  4. The first goal Weber completely screened him with his piss poor attempt at blocking the shot so Allen had no hope on it. The second and third goals were very stoppable but were beautiful shots so I couldn't really fault it on him. This D core is just brutal, it seems Petry has slowed down maybe to many minutes?? Weber looks like a Grandpa trying to play shinny hockey with his grand kids he's soo dam slow. Mete is just too small, does have great speed but is too small and is just pushed off the puck to easily. Kulak has been surprisingly decent
  5. Price looked great last night!! With Weber's abysmal play and lack of leadership I seriously think that the C should be removed from his jersey and put on Anderson's. This guy was a terrific move by MB, yeah the contract is a little long but I'm sure it will be worth it if he can keep up this style of play. We haven't had a player like him since the Shane Corson days
  6. Personally I think Price has been a hero to play the way he has for so long with the teams MB has put in front of him. I just really think he deserves a chance to win and not sure he will get that here with the D core we have in front of him
  7. From what I understand the only good part of the Weber deal is that if he retires and is still under contract that contract is reverted back to Nashville LOL. Can we now hope Weber retires at the end of the season!!! I am cautious optimistic that Price would be willing to move his NTC in order to go to Seattle we would probably have to include a high pick but totally worth it to get out of that ridiculous contract. It's doubtful he will get the oportunity to win in MTL and he really deserves that IMO. Haven't entirely given up hope we make the playoffs this season but it's dwindling quick
  8. Be nice to move PD for a solid LHD, although the way he has played so far this year not really sure what kind of return we might get for him. Maybe move him to Arizona (he would be a 2nd line center there lol) and a 2nd rnd pick in exchange for OEL .
  9. Coming from a JD hater I will say I am totally impressed by the change in his game since the coaching change. Hope he keeps this up and may even win me over LOL!
  10. I agree 100% with everything you said!! I have tried to be supportive of our Chariot since I really like what he brings to the table but OMG! He is sooo bad this year!! And really not a huge fan of Kulak and Romanov pairing both too young and inexperienced. I would much rather see them paired up with Weber and Chariot respectively. Maybe it's time to drop Weber to the third pairing or the bench for a game or two to wake him up. As for Danault he just looks lost, more concerned about his contract than playing. On the PK he looks lost and just out of sorts, where is the agg
  11. This was a horrible pick, he had multiple option at this point, Brady Tkachuk would look fantastic on our first line of a fringe second line center like KK. He could have traded down a few spots and still got KK. Romanov I grant you was a legit great pick but we totally dropped the ball on KK
  12. If we continue to flounder I really hope MB is gone before the draft, the thought of watching him bungle another high pick like the KK pick makes me feel ill!
  13. Have to seriously wonder if BC poor play is a result of the amount of decline his partner has shown, maybe BC is trying to do to much to compensate
  14. Not disagreeing with you, but 3 of those goals shouldn't ever be going in the net, maybe once in a blue moon but it's just happening too often now days with CP. I seriously think a minor league house league player could have stopped that first goal. Especially when we are talking about a player making the amount of money CP is. At that price they are supposed to be game changers, CP is a game changer for all the wrong reasons
  15. MB has made some great moves during the last off season, however it's the moves prior to this that are killing this club. The Price contract was ridiculous at the time and even more so now with the way he has played. Yes he has made some great trades to fill the cupboard with draft picks however the product on the ice is suffering. He is too attached to his veterans constantly bringing in players that have no place in the NHL and paying them as top line players. Byron, Edmunson, to name a few(that currently still pay on the team). On top of that the Drouin trade will haunt this team for
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