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  1. Let me be the devils advocate here, but do we really want to win???? Personally I would rather have a shot at the first pick or the 9th pick myself. With saying that the pressure Lefrenrier would be under playing in MTL would be insane, would he really want to play here?? Can Carey keep this up for an entire run through the playoffs?? Very doubtful IMO If we do beat Pittsburgh out we would then face either Tampa, Boston, Philly or Washington do we really have a team that can beat any of them?? Not only are these 4 teams deeper than Pittsburgh but they are much more physical as well and we have a huge issue playing teams that play that kind of style
  2. 4-1 Pit...... Drives me insane saying that and certainly hope I am wrong.
  3. Doesn't matter if he stays and really the build in Tampa is irrelevant, the fact of the matter is Sergachev is exactly what we need. The trade was horrible then and more so now, especially now that Drouin has no confidence, very little drive and absolutely no passion for the game.
  4. Been watching both games so far, and really think the team is in worse shape than I had originally thought. Druion needs to be sent packing, trade him for a water bottle but he just needs to go. I really like what Domi brings to the table with his Grit but it seems like he has lost it in the playoffs, needs to play to his strengths. KK and Suzuki have looked fantastic, and the D is holding their own but their lack of speed is really showing. Would like to see them laying a little bit more body on Crosby, need to make Pittsburgh pay for crossing the blue line. Maybe I am missing something here, but why the hell are we burning a year of Romanov's contract and not playing him?? Put the kid in and lets see what he can do. If nothing else he gets some valuable playoff experience
  5. This team is playing like a bunch of cream puffs!! Weber and Chariot should be laying the body on Crosby every chance they get. Is Domi even in the series?? He may as well go sit on the bench and let Poehiling play. Druin???? OMG I hope we don't even bother resigning him, and if we do to a minimum wage contract total plug. Makes that trade look worse every time he touches the ice. Armia, SHOOT THE GD PUCK!!!! Stop trying these stupid passing plays The remainder of the team has played well IMO, Price has stood on his head to keep this team in it
  6. Domi bring a little much needed grit to our line up. Gaudreau plays too soft of game, not sure he is worth Domi and 1st and third
  7. Still not sure how this idiot has a job!! Either Molson is easily fooled or MB gives better BJ's than his wife
  8. Toronto is a hot spot for the Covid, why would they put hockey there??? Just cancel the season already!!!
  9. Personally I am not entirely sold on Lafreniere, it's not like he burnt up the minor system like a Crosby, MCDavid ect. Add to that the pressure of the kid playing in MTL, we all know how rabid the fans in MTL can be. I would have much rather seen us get the 2nd or third pick as I like the German kid way better and think he will be an absolute beast in the NHL
  10. I'm curious, would the leagues views change if one or two of these infected players were the face of the league say McDavid or Crosby? If a player say gets infected and heaven forbid dies of the virus is the league being held accountable?
  11. Do we really want Hall? I personally think while talented he is a locker room cancer. Look at how every team he has played on has regressed with him in the line up. I would rather see the team spend the cap space on a top end D man to help the D
  12. Watched Laval vs Belleville last night, and really thought KK and Poehling looked good. Brooks seems to have regressed IMO, doesn't play a solid D game but does have some offensive upside. Fleury looked fantastic, I would expect him to be back in the show next year. Not sure who Lynch is, never saw him before but he really stood out for his speed and aggressiveness, could be a potential 3rd or 4th liner next year
  13. I don't mind waiting as long as the team has a sense of direction,and right now the Habs front office has no direct sense of direction. We constantly trade or sign 4th line plugs that are just place fillers. We could have and should have unloaded either Tatar or Petry perhaps both. The offer sheet in the pre season was a joke, 6 mil per year is totally ridiculous, especially when the team was sitting on so much access cap. If MB is the GM next year I know I for one will not watch or attend a single game.
  14. After watching Laval play this weekend against Belleville and Toronto, I think if we are counting on any of these young D men in laval to ever be NHL material we are delusional. I have seen better D performances in peewee. With that said KK looks fantastic!!!
  15. WOOHOO Weber on IR let the collapse begin!!! Can we say lottery