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  1. I agree!! MB is like the Barney Fife of NHL GM's
  2. Hopefully we have someone new directing the ship before that point, MB's track record at the draft is abysmal
  3. Dovorak is better than both of those players we lost, he had more points than both of them COMBINED while playing on a shit team. He has a better face off win percentage than either of those players. So yeah he is a great replacement, Evans is a fine replacement for KK he has just as much potential. The problem isn't our centers, the problem is our shit D that can't skate, pass or hit anyone. They telegraph their passes so even a blind man can see what they are doing, the forwards are not coming back to help support and make the passes shorter. This is a coaching issue not a who we lost issue.
  4. Watching Laval play and the lack of any sort of prospects to be excited about can anyone explain to me how our scouting staff has not been axed?? Every other team has at least 1 prospect they are looking forward to seeing in the NHL.
  5. I seriously question if this is a DD issue or a MB issue. DD coached to keep his job and not to win, he is way too conservative. Belize could have been inserted into the line up to add some fire, these vets are just not cutting it. Or on the other hand is MB just signing players and painting DD into a corner as to what he can do with the players he has?? No amount of coaching is going to fix the lack of effort these players are putting on the ice, constant turn overs by Kulak, Hoffman, Toffoli and Wideman are amplifying the issue.
  6. Yeah that would have fixed all our problems, it's the entire team not the play of any one player. 6.1 for KK is a joke and certainly not worth that crap. Seriously think of the bog picture, if the team had of signed KK or Danult to these joke contracts what would Suzuki think he is worth when he put up more points than both of them COMBINED????
  7. Last nights game was disgusting to say the least!!! The only players showing any heart at all are Allen, Anderson and Chairot!!! Anyone who says Kulak is an NHL D man is obviously not sure what a NHL D man is, I couldn't count the number of plays where he got easily knocked off the puck, made poor pass after poor pass. At this point I would easily rank him and the very worst D man on the team and should be sent back to the NHL. Glad we gave up on Mete for this clown, at least Mete could move the puck and skate!!! Hoffman why do we have this turn over machine?? MB should be fired just for signing this guy and letting Perry walk I have never seen such poor play from a NHL vet, hell bring back Staal and get rid of this clown what a waste of cap space and a roster spot. We have way too many soft players with no drive and want to shoot from the perimeters and not drive the net, we are built like the loafs with half the talent!! Best plan at this point is to fire MB before he does any more stupid things, trade as many players as we can for picks and do a full blown rebuild. Ohh yes and remove the blind mice running the scouting dept because they are obviously watching lawn bowling and not players for the upcoming draft
  8. I seriously can't see that as he is worth at least a third rnd pick to any team that needs some toughness. But MB is a tool and anything is possible
  9. In order to do a proper rebuild and that's exactly what we need we need to get rid of our entire scouting dept. They are by far the worst scouting dept in the NHL couldn't find a diamond in a jewelry store!! It's a deep draft, and time to move some players for as many high picks as possible, yes fans in MTL will cry but it's what we have to do. We have played mediocre hockey for 20 years and have payed the price in our draft stock, when we did get a high pick our scouting dept and GM completely shit the bed.
  10. ZERO shots on goal by Brooks 12:32 ice time,Gallagher 13:44 ice time, Lehkonen 11:13 ice time, Petry 22:51 ice time. How is this even possible?? This team seriously need to pull their head out of their ass and play some old school get to the net hockey. Again an arm chair coach BUT CHAIROT AND SAVARD AS A PAIRING IS NOT WORKING!!! Is DD scared to makes some changes but I guess our shit GM has painted him into a corner by giving him shit players on D. Good on Molson for not giving MB a contract, time to let the garbage go
  11. It certainly didn't look like much of a hit but as I'm sure everyone knows it just takes a hit to the right spot. Hope he is OK and can find his game again
  12. Yeah I would agree more now than ever we need to do something with our D, but I'm sure MB with his infinite amount of stupidity will make a deal to acquire another slug of a D man who will be no help what so ever. I can see him moving our first for Chara or some other moronic move
  13. Was at that game and OMG did the Rocket look bad. McNevin couldn't stop a beach ball, Ouellet looked brutal and not sure if there is any NHL potential left there at all if there ever was to begin with. It was just a disappointing game all around. Was a huge supporter of Poehling but after watching him in the pre season and his limited action Sat night I am really beginning to wonder if the potential is there at all??
  14. I would chalk this up to his first game in a Hbs jersey and say the whole team played terrible
  15. I agree, but man that first goal was a wrist shot from over 30 feet away, I have seen my beer league goalie stop shots like that all day long. Yes I know 3rd string and all but he is seriously supposed to be a NHL caliber goalie. Several of those goals he was just clearly beaten on, and that can't happen at this level, you can't even chalk it up to nerves as it wasn't his first NHL start. Yes I'm being critical but man at this level you need more than mediocrity in net
  16. Once Edmunson and Niku come back from injuries we wont be forced to be playing Kulak and Wideman it should help our D immensely. At this point I really regret letting Mete go and Keeping Kulak, Mete was a much better D man at this point in his career. While Kulak has potential whether or not he ever reaches that potential is a mystery, personally I think he is and always will be highly over rated and is no more than a 3rd pairing D man at best.
  17. Our PP looks absolutely dismal is everyone scared to shoot the friggin puck!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 on 3 and we play hot potato looking for for the perfect shot WTH!! Yeah I'm an armchair coach but even I know you can't score if you don't shoot!!
  18. While not his fault he certainly didn't do anything to help him or the team, several of those goals were pretty weak and should be stopped by an NHL caliber goalie
  19. Chiarot while not a great D man is far from the problem. Wideman should be sent back to the KHL , makes poor decisions and constantly takes himself out of the play. While everyone seems to think Kulak is a worthy D man, myself think he is entirely over rated. he is a third pairing D man at best. Romanov will be a solid D man but needs more experience and will not get that playing with sub par partners, should be paired with Petry on a constant bases I think they would play well together. Our D is way too SLOW!!
  20. Good for them! After watching last years inconsistent officiating I would welcome a monkey in at this point as long as it makes it a fairly called game
  21. I think this is a fantastic signing, I don't mind the term or the financials pretty standard contract IMO for a #1 center
  22. Lets face it MB has been a brutal GM. Last year was a total fluke, don't think anyone can argue otherwise. MB has given out some really bad contracts but has been saved by a few very lucky deals IMO. I for one wouldn't upset to see him shown the door And yes agree 100% Timmons and his entire staff should be sent packing as well
  23. Caught him so off guard that just a week ago he claimed Montembeault off waivers. MB is just a tool and is totally transparent. With that said I hope the best for CP and certainly hope to see him back on the ice soon
  24. While an enjoyable read I think you are very very wrong. First off it's kind of hard to score when you constantly lose the face off, can't score if you don't have the puck! KK had 14 points!! I don't care if the other players had 100% more chances to score when he was on the ice when a player has 14 points what exactly is he contributing??? Put Poehling with the same linemates KK had last year and I guarantee he will have more than 14 points, add to that he will hit and will play some form of defense. I'm not going to say Poehling will be a top 6 forward but KK certainly wasn't. Maybe they used him wrong or developed him wrong but he was a non factor in most games. In hindsight I would have rather traded KK and Poehiling both for a stronger player at C. But I firmly believe that given the chance Dovorak will be a much better 2C that KK ever was and Poehilng will develop into a decent 3 or 4C.
  25. Poehling is already going to be better than KK, he is much better in the face off circle. Is just as good defensively and will certainly put up more than 14 points this season. Then again being better than KK was last season isn't a real big achievement
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