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  1. I was reading on another site where they expressed that the calls and conversations between the on ice officials and the replay booth in Toronto should be open so the viewers could hear and understand the conversation. I would whole hardheartedly agree with this as I believe it might more accountability to the review team as well as make it public knowledge as to who is actually make the calls and why
  2. I seriously hope he puts PD in the press box, he desperately needs a shake up to face reality that he isn't the top line center he thinks he is. He needs to play to his strengths!! With that said I would really like to see this, and see how it works Toffoli-Suzuki-Anderson Drouin-Kotkaniemi-Gallagher Tatar-Evans-Armia Byron-Danault-Perry Chiaort-Petry Romanov-Weber Edmundsont-Kulak
  3. I don't feel any sympathy either, we as fans could see the issues with the team on the ice but for some reason he couldn't or if he could he wouldn't address the issues. His lack of creativity and reliance on old school methods were his downfall, as well all know (if your in the working world) you have adjust every day to new challenges in JC case he was a dinosaur that couldn't adjust
  4. Wouldn't it be fantastic if we could get him to wave his NTC and goto Seattle? Would probably take a first as well but totally worth it.
  5. I don't disagree with what your saying at all, however Chiarot does bring things to the team that no one else seems to. Some form of accountability!! Yes he is slow, and certainly doesn't pose a huge threat on the offense but I would take his physical game over the skills that Kulak, Mete bring to the ice every day of the week. Kulak is constantly caught out of position, almost plays like playing defense is new for him. And Mete think I have beat that horse to death with regards to size and decision making skills
  6. Same one I got originally, went into panic mode LOL
  7. Well the excuses are over!!!! Not overly familiar with Ducharme , anyone have any input?
  8. CJ IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *Insert Happy Dance Here!!!*
  9. You make some very valid points however I seriously question if Mete is even a NHL caliber D man, yes he has great speed but his small size and questionable decision making concern me. I would really like to see a combination of Petry-Chiarot or Romanov-Chiarot to see how it works. Weber has certainly started to show his age and lack of speed so I would almost consider moving him to the third pair and consider him a PP specialist.
  10. I put the entire debacle of last nights game on the coaching staff!!! In fact I am putting this entire season on the coaching staff, we played very well until CJ got his dysfunctional system in place Price played well IMO, not exceptional but certainly good enough for the win. The PK once again looked horrendous, I've seen better constructed PK in house league hockey. Get PD off the PK, he looks completely lost has ZERO confidence. You know who I thought looked great on the PK although in a very limited exposure, Anderson when he came out from the 5 on 3 his speed kept the Sens off b
  11. Seriously why the hell would we trade Chiarot? The only D man we have that has any balls! Yes he makes mistakes but so does the entire team. After watching the game last night Chiarot, Petry and Romanov are the only 3 I would be willing to keep on the D side
  12. Best way to fix the PP IMO is to stop doing this stupid drop pass entry into the offensive zone, this negates one of our biggest advantages by eliminating team speed. By doing the drop pass our forwards are standing still waiting at the blue line for the D to either carry the puck in or dump it in. Also, our current PP is pass the puck to the D and let them shoot OMG this is soo obvious it's pathetic. Teams cover the D and our coaching staff has no clue how to change things up. Would love to Gally and Perry on one PP and see them clog up the front of the net, would potentially drive th
  13. I agree, I would like to see us pair our D men up so there are less short commings. I.E. pair up Webber with Kulak or Romanov, their speed will offset Webber slow as shit. Combine Petry and Chairot for the same reasoning just a thought anyways
  14. That is one of our biggest issues! Why does he need to speak French? It should be the best man for the job We seriously just shoot ourselves in the foot with that entire mentality
  15. Comments from an armchair coach...... Mete is terrible!! Far too small to play D in the NHL, watching the Ottawa player man handle him and skate around him like a pylon for the first goal was a joke. He is too small and weak to play the body and relies on his speed. Weber needs to play like the mountain man he is, use his body. He isn't very fast so he has to use intimidation and smarts Price...... Needs to just retire!!!!!!!!!!!! I have supported him from day 1 and have never said anything this harsh towards him before. But I seriously question his willing to compete anymo
  16. I tend to agree with your analysis of CJ however I am not entirely sure Muller is the man for the job either. He is more of a defensive oriented person and I fear we would just trod along the same dismal path we are currently on. I would love to see us go with a young coach with new ideas for the new style game say a Jim Hulton from Charlottetown Islanders I think might be an excellent choice
  17. I would give Weber a solid B+, they need to change the PP up opposing teams are coving him closely this is a coaching issue not a player Gallagher B+ he is grinding hard and setting up PD a ton just PD is a waste of space on the team and can't finish PD F In his head he is a 1C and trying to play like however he lacks the talent and the drive. Watching him last night he isn't even fighting for position infront of the net Edmunson C- he is slow and offensively challenged but does provide some size and presence in front of the net. Needs to add more grit and physicality to his
  18. I was reading an article earlier this morning that says the following ...... "The team came out this season with few practices, playing having fun and scoring a ton of goals. JC has now had more time with the team and they are now playing his style a more defensive style rather than the run and gun. The players no longer look like they are having fun, this is an old school coaching at a new school game". I wonder how much truth is in this statement
  19. Personally I would swap PD and Evans. Evans has some terrific speed and drive, would like to see what the kid can do with legit line mates. PD can sulk on the 4th line or be replaced by Poehling, his lack of drive and looking lost on the ice is getting old in my books
  20. I've said it countless times that PD has to go, I am sure he is the dysfunctional piece of that line, he just seems totally lost this year. I get he thinks in his mind he is a top line forward but I really think he need to face reality
  21. Once again the refs will be a "big" influence on the game regardless of it being a phantom penalty or an assist by kicking the puck out in front of the net. Price needs to be his usual steady self unlike the last game he played Lets go habs we can beat the refs and the leafs!!
  22. I suppose your right, I just find it extremely frustrating that two obvious head shots and nothing is done about it by the league.
  23. Yeah pretty sure we all said the same thing when Myers took out Armia, next game the players did shit all about it. And Armia is still out, but ok lets keep this going. What if next time it's one of our young studs? Better to take care of it now before we actually lose a player long term. Would rather lose the 2pts and keep our young players safe.
  24. Again another head shot to a Habs player and again not a single player does jack shit about it. We need a player with some balls and toughness!!!!
  25. Tossing this out there.......... What about asking CP to waive his NM clause to enter the expansion draft and toss Seatle a 1st rnd pick to take him, would need to with that contract. Keep Allen as a mentor for Primeau. After watching the Habs/ Sens game on Sat I see no reason why PD is even in our line up. For being a great PK defensive C he was awful. Lost 4 of 5 face offs on the PK was very slow getting into position for coverage. Totally not worth any more money than he makes now, in fact I would move him before he becomes a distraction again IMO
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