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  1. 9 goals in 26 games on a struggling Colorado team? I wish some of our wingers were that useless. You see a useless winger, I see a low cap hit playoff rental who put up 8 goals and 11 points in 17 games the last time we went deep in the playoffs. Everyone wants us to hit the home run acquisition. But there are a bunch of teams out there who have a much deeper and more desirable cache of assets to offer teams for big names. In order for us to get a big name we're going to have to give one. Which means we're creating one hole to fill another. The truth of the matter is, adding Rene Bourque to our roster again would automatically tie him for 3rd on our team in goals scored with the currently injured Alex Galchenyuk. I think the additions of Grigorenko, Bourque and Wiercioch are low risk, high reward. They're safe moves and quite frankly, unless there's another Collberg and a 2nd for Vanek move up Bergie's sleeve; you can't really trust our current GM to pull off something bigger.
  2. I'm still insisting that our best trade option is COL. The Avs are going absolutely nowhere fast. But they do have a couple of low cost options for us. Clearly Iginla, unless COL is willing to retain salary is not a realistic option for us. However, they do have 2 UFA's in Bourque and Wiercioch that we could benefit from. They also have a 6-3, 209 lbs. centre, who has the potential to serve as a poor mans Galchenyuk until Galchenyuk gets back. Just so people can see I've done my homework, here's the stat lines on all 3 of the guys I'm looking to add: Bourque: 2017 Regular 26 9 3 12 -8 19 38 12 2 0 0 0 2 48 0.188 Grigorenko: 2017 Regular 27 3 7 10 -3 8 8 8 0 3 0 0 0 35 0.086 Wiercioch: 2017 Regular 26 2 6 8 -2 17 27 31 0 0 0 0 0 29 0.069 In order to add these 3 players, we'll have to give up a couple of assets...Maybe something like: To COL: Daniel Carr, Brian Flynn, Noah Juulsen, 2nd rnd pick, 2017 To MTL: Mikhail Grigorenko, Patrick Wiercioch, Rene Bourque Your new potential line up is: Pacioretty, Plekanec, Radulov Byron, Grigorenko, Gallagher Lehkonen, Danault, Shaw Bourque, Mitchell, McCarron Emelin, Weber Wiercioch, Petry Markov, Beaulieu Price Montoya
  3. So having said all of that, this further handcuffs MTL's ability to land a big name like Duchene. I don't feel Hanzal is the answer where we already have 6'6 centre down in St. John's by the name of Mike McCarron (Who was just called up). I'd rather use him in a centre role as I do see him as our 2nd centre behind Galchenyuk down the road.
  4. http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/team/philadelphia-flyers/injuries According to tsn.ca, Couturier is on the IR with a sprained MCL so, no good to us. The problems we run into with the trade route are: 1. In order to get a big name, we'd have to give up top prospects, picks and or a good young roster player. Or give up a big offensive piece of our own of equal salary. No one's gonna offer us Duchene for DD, Pateryn and a 6th rounder. 2. All the guys we're rumoured to be in on don't have that greater numbers than DD or Pleks (Except Duchene). AND 3. Any deal that works for us salary wise is going to be a young guy who isn't working out on his current team. However, if that deal is for Mikhail Grigorenko, I am all for it. Grigorenko has only 1 less point than Hanzal on the season, at almost a 3rd of the cap hit; AND he's 7 years younger to boot. I pitched a scenario involving Yakupov before, but lets scrap Yakupov altogether. Let's just stick to a deal for Grigorenko and Wiercioch that I had pitched in my previous post. What does that take to get done? Maybe a 1st? Maybe 2 2nd rounders? Maybe: To COL: Stefan Matteau, Zach Fucale, Zach Redmond, 2nd rounder, 2017; 2nd rounder, 2018 To MTL: Mikhail Grigorenko, Patrick Wiercoch Lines I would actually like to see: Pacioretty, Grigorenko, Radulov Lehkonen, Plekanec, Gallagher Carr, Danault, Shaw Byron, Mitchell, Flynn If you go the call up route, now would be the time to bring up McCarron and Scherbak. Both young, with size. Maybe go: Pacioretty, Plekanec, Radulov Scherbak, McCarron, Gallagher Lehkonen, Danault, Shaw Byron, Mitchell, Andrigetto
  5. I've given much thought to acquiring Yakupov as well...at this point you could probably trade Brian Flynn for him straight up...And I would have absolutely no problem waving bye-bye to Flynn. I never was a big fan. There has been talk of bringing in Matt Duchene. But Duchene I see more as being an off-season move. There are 2 names on COL's roster that did catch my eye: Patrick Wiercioch and Mikhail Grigorenko. Hear me out. Both Grigorenko and Yakupov are former 1st rounders from 2012. Their respective careers have been anything but storybook thus far. However we do have the epitome of turning a hockey career around in the form of Alexander Radulov. He could be a great example for these young former 1st rounders. You may even be able to salvage their careers for them. I did noticed last night that the other 2 Russians (Markov, Emelin) have elevated their game since Radulov's arrival. I saw a lot of strong 2nd efforts from our D. Maybe Radulov could be the missing pieces to Yakupov and Grigorenko's puzzle of success. They could play harder for their fellow countryman and as a point of personal pride. It would also make up for the size and skill your missing with Galchenyuk out. As for Wierioch, he could be the left side D your looking for to compliment Weber. Wiercioch is having a rebound year after only registering 5 assists all of last season in Ottawa. However Wiercioch is still only 25 years old and is 6-5 and 200 plus pounds. Similar to the Russians, Wiercioch could benefit from mentoring under the wing of 2016's Mark Messier award winner Shea Weber. The reason why I'm an advocate for these moves are as follows: 1. They're cap friendly. Wiercioch (800K), Grigorenko (1.3 mil) and Yakupov (2.5 mil) altogether are still 1.4 mil less of a cap hit than Duchene. 2. They're trade friendly. In order to realistically trade for Duchene, you're going to have to give up perhaps Pacioretty and picks. Yakupov will take Flynn as I stated before. Wiercioch and Grigorenko would most likely take a package a mid range prospect and 1 or 2 of our 2nd rounders. Maybe like Matteau or Josiah Didier and both our 2nd rounders in 2017. 3. They're low risk. If these guys don't pan out you walk. If they do pan out, you can protect them, sign them to bridge deals and expose one of your bigger cap hits (Plekanec) to Vegas. Currently you have both Desharnais and Galchenyuk out for 6-8 weeks with lower body injuries. Bringing in these young men via trade could help fill gaps on our roster. Moving forward you could go with lines like: Yakupov, Grigorenko, Radulov Pacioretty, Plekanec, Gallagher Byron, Danault, Shaw Lehkonen, Mitchell, Andrigetto Wiercioch, Weber Markov, Petry Emelin, Beaulieu Price Montoya Taxi Squad: Carr, Redmond, Pateryn
  6. I noticed in looking at the Dougie Hamilton trade that Calgary coughed up a 1st and 2 2nd rounders in 2015 for Hamilton. Maybe if MTL threw their 1st and 2 2nd rounders this year towards a bottom feeding COL, it would be enough to acquire a Matt Duchene.
  7. I'm wondering if MTL can't resolve it's lack of size issue by simply sticking Chris Terry down in the minors and calling up McCarron and Scherbak. Try some lines like: Byron, Galchenyuk, Radulov Pacioretty, Plekanec, Gallagher Scherbak, McCarron, Shaw Danault, Mitchell, Whoever
  8. I imagine where it's Bergy,The protected list will look like: Forwards Gallagher Galchenyuk Radulov Shaw Pacioretty Byron Danault Defense Weber Emelin Beaulieu Goalies Price
  9. I'm still not opposed to the idea of acquiring Scott Hartnell. Maybe that's a movwe we can make involving DD. Hartnell would be a good playoff Power forward to grab.
  10. I still think Yakupov could be had for very little in return and I think having him out there with a guy like Radulov, benefits Yakupov and hopefully, MTL. Radulov also had stalls, starts and disappointments during his early years in Nashville, not entirely dissimilar to Yakupov in EDM. Radulov may be part of a leadership core that helps this kid become better. I also saw this on tsn.ca: http://www.tsn.ca/report-isles-trying-hard-to-acquire-a-forward-1.609435 We have a forward NYI could be interested in by the name of Max Pacioretty. I wonder if NYI would do a deal like: To NYI: Max Pacioretty, Nathan Beaulieu, Sven Andrighetto To MTL: Nick Leddy, Anthony Beauvillier, Mathew Barzal If you could couple that with trading Desharnais to St. Louis for Yakupov, your new line up could be: Yakupov/Byron, Galchenyuk, Radulov Beauvillier/Lehkonen/Carr, Plekanec, Gallagher Beauvillier/Lehkonen/Carr, Danault, Shaw Pick a winger-Mitchell-Flynn Leddy, Weber Markov, Petry Hanley/Barberio, Pateryn Price Montoya
  11. http://www.hockeyfeed.com/nhl-news/possible-trade-coming-between-flyers-and-canadiens?ref=luc This is a bit of far reaching rumor, but according to hockeyfeed.com, MTL could be looking at a swap for Shayne Gostisbeher. Which I think would be awesome if MB can actually make it happen. It would all be dependent on who we send back though.
  12. We're rumored to be in the hunt for a top 4 D, NYI is rumored to be looking for top 6 offense. Assuming you can get Pleks to agree to it, why not kick the tires at Leddy for Plekanec? Because both of our teams are tight against the cap, you'd have to do a dollar for dollar swap and Pleks and Leddy numbers are only half a mil in difference.
  13. I don't see it happening simply because they don't like dealing with players who have "attitude problems" perceived or real. Besides which I think MTL feels they have a legit scoring winger in Paul Byron
  14. I would think acquiring Yakupov would definitely benefit him. Radulov, I would think would be nothing but a positive influence on him. A former 1st rounder who had a rocky start to his career. If you can get him for Desharnais, then good.
  15. There was a trade rumor last year that Islanders offered Barzal and Strome for Patches at the deadline. If they'd do Barzal and Beauvillier for Patches, I would take that.
  16. The potential could be real for a Desharnais/Pacioretty move. One option that could be available is to Columbus. Perhaps moving Patch and DD to CBJ for Hartnell and Johnson. Hartnell plays more of the style that Terrien and Bergevin seem to be on the hunt for. Plus, Hartnell still has good hands. You could also look at swapping Desharnais to T-O Milan Michalik. Bad contract for bad contract. If you went the CBJ way though, you could potentially end with a line up like: Lehkonen/Byron, Galchenyuk, Radulov Hartnell, Plekanec, Gallagher Carr/Andrighetto, Danault, Shaw Byron/Carr, Mitchell, Flynn Emelin, Weber Johnson, Petry Beaulieau, Markov/Pateryn Price Montoya
  17. If you can move any of them, I'm not entirely opposed. Then again I'm not entirely opposed to rebuilding completely. I've considered trading Price at the entry draft so many times in my armchair GM brain ;). Price is a UFA in 2018. He's already had a considerable injury history. Trading him at the 2017 entry draft saves you from signing him to 8 mil per for 8 years. That could be another teams decision. You could ship him to Arizona on draft day for their 1st. It's a move that potentially gets you another young gun that can potentially help in the immediate future.
  18. Agreed I'm also horrifically sick Terriens "Magic 8-ball" lines. You know, where he shakes the authentic NHL merch Habs 8 ball and always comes up with DD on a line with Patches.
  19. If I'm GM, this maybe an opportunity to cash in on L-A's current lack of crease depth. They're going to be looking for a cap friendly solution and maybe if we offer them a Zach Fucale and a 2nd this year for Kempe?
  20. This, in bold. I don't understand why they swapped out Carr after only 2 games. MT said it was because he wasn't producing offensively, but he did assist on Shaw's 1st goal. Ever since the switch was made, this line looks out of sync.
  21. Yes, but at what cost to his overall development?
  22. Nothing is ever a sure thing. But I feel he's head and shoulders above both Pateryn and Redmond.
  23. I kind of see this kid as the best of both worlds. He's got the skating and skill of a young Markov, coupled with the size and heavy hitting of Emelin. I believe this kid to be a complete package D-man. I also believe it's time to send one of either Pateryn or Redmond packing, if not both. I'm tired of this healthy scratch nonsense. I feel Sergachev gives us a better chance to win than Redmond and Pateryn combined.
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