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  1. There's no doubt in my mind MB thought they were bluffing. Not that they wouldnt make an OS but I think he assumed it would be $1.5m or so less than it was. Its still a risk for them. We shall see how this plays out & right now I give them credit, it was a clever way to get a young, highly touted player, but he's still just 'potential' at this point.
  2. Dont disagree they would value him more in a trade than OS but you would have to think that MB would at least consider 'life after kotkaniemi" and had to imagine that the offer would probably come in somewhere between $2m-4.3m (in which case we match - the compensation is just a 2nd rounder) or between $4.3m - 6.5M (1st-3rd) So he knew he'd be either in a situation to match or potentially be walking away for less than what they were offering. I guess maybe he thought they'd only offer $4.5-5 and he'd swallow that but who knows. I still imagine that if Carolina had made an offer including a blue-chip prospect it was instead of a 1st rounder, not as well as one.
  3. I think its a combination of things. If you look at the HEOTP top 25 under 25 we have a lot of young players on the squad or in Europe or NCAA right now. Suzuki, Caufieild, Romanov, Norlinder, etc I think we have young players, we have prospects and some are potentially elite, but yeah, at the laval level right now you're looking at mostly middle-tier talent, if they even make it in the NHL.
  4. Yeah, considering all the garbage they have pulled trolling on their social media, I would say its more than likely they leaked an exaggerated offer. If MB would walk away from JK just because of money, I feel like 1st, 3rd + Suzuki would have gotten it done for him. More likely they offered Suzuki or Gunier + 3rd. Not the prospect, the 1st and the 3rd.
  5. Marner is a tough one because he's absolutely an incredible player and there's no doubt in my mind he will bounce back. But on the flipside a (nearly) $11m cap hit is tough to swallow. He makes close to the same amount as Toffoli - Dvorak -Hoffman. Thats a pretty high quality line. On a team like ours, where depth is our only high point, id have a hard time paying him that sort of coin. If he was a #1 centre or defensman, id definitely try to make something work but wingers -even elite ones, are not really high on our list of needs.
  6. There's a pun in there but im not touching it...
  7. Slick Nick is one of the guys im least worried about. Same with Caufield. There will be an adjustment period to be sure but I think they'll both start getting the points soon enough.
  8. I like Dvorak but man.. now im wishing we had both 1st rounders. I really hope, if we dont somehow recover in a hurry, that MB tries to get a couple more 1sts
  9. Im not suggesting that. I agree with what you said above - i think that we're also missing key players like Weber and Danault for their contributions on their ice but right now we're also seeing a team in complete disarray. If we were playing well when Toffoli-Suzuki-Caufield-Petry-Kulak were on the ice but absolutely owned when Perreault-Pacquette-Armia-Chiarot-Wideman were on the ice then I can say, yeah, its just talent but when the entire team seems to have lose their way - and their confidence - overnight, I do wonder how much those guys might have helped. Its not that they necessarily should but if the other players buy into the man mountain narrative or the wall of price narrative... i just think that in this case some veteran leadership might have made a difference and gotten us a couple of wins. We'd still be crap but 1-2-2 is better than 0-5-0
  10. I agree. The TO game wasnt terrible, we had our moments but then when we started to tighten up you needed guys like Weber and Price to remind them to have fun. Even Corey Perry might have made a difference. I love guys like Petry and Suzuki and CC but im not sure they offer the same level of calm that the wily old vets did. Toffoli, Anderson, Gallagher even - they are all good "lets go guys" sort of teammates but im not sure they offer the stabilizing force that came from guys like Weber and Price. I do think we'll pull out of this slump and I actually think we might go on a bit of a win streak but this is a fragile team. Slumps are going to be BAD this year.
  11. The problem is that i dont trust our development team at assessing prospects. If i did and they thought, for example, Poehling would never be more than a #4 and another team wanted him as part of a package for a top 2 dman, Id move him. But i feel like we may say "he'll never amount to much" and then he'll become a 60 point centre. To be a legit contender, yes. I think that adding another player like Dvorak and a dman who falls somewhere around petry-edmundson would help. I dont know you'd have to include a 1st for either of those (depends heavily on the age of teh player & their contract status) but i agree that not moving a 1st would make it difficult. that said, MB has made a lot of trades & i believe Dvorak is the first 1st he's traded in 8 years so i dont think he would have been likely to move one anyway... It would be interesting to watch the fireworks!
  12. I agree that our 1st rounder is probably untouchable but I dont agree that he cant make any changes. We have a lot of winger depth, we have some prospects - we have guys we could move. Will we? probably not, but not wanting to move a pick doesnt mean MB cant make a change.
  13. Yeah you have to wonder how much of our playoff run was coaching & how much was simply guys like Price, Weber, Edmundson, Caufield, Suzuki etc stepping up their games. We had some luck, and the toughest challenge (that we overcame) was the Knights - and that was actually Richardson who got us through that series...
  14. If Price took time off for anxiety/mental health etc - you have to wonder if he's going to rush back if we're like 2-15 or something. I mean talk about putting yourself under mental pressure.
  15. Maybe Carey has some advice for how to accomplish this...
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