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  1. if we lose this one, i am putting full blame on Chairot. That was abysmal coverage on the tying goal.
  2. Interesting that we follow the PP/Goal with the danault line, playing really aggressively in the offensive zone - and a paring of Petry & Weber. Its almost like they wanted to try to overload & get a second goal asap. Not a bad plan. Burrows-lead PP looks terrific. Makes you wish they had tried this move a while ago...
  3. What if you could do say... Price + Caufield + 1st for Eichel? ( i know it wouldnt happen because there's no way Price waives his NMC to go to Barfalo but just for fun)...
  4. It sounds like the biggest system change they have made on the back end is swapping zone and man once they enter the defensive zone. So in the past if a player moved away from a particular zone, the defensman was supposed to let him go, letting the forward pick him up but this doesnt alway work in a practical sense. Its more complicated than that (there's some areas that are zone still but close to goal its man on man) - You would think this old system would benefit a slower defensman but I think that the new plan actually works for guys like Weber, Chairot and Edmundson better since they can
  5. For sure. Its a bit like Tkachuk in Ottawa. They are a terrible team so they just let him "do his thing" for 20 minutes a night - and he's a beast in the offensive zone, but away from the puck he's been pretty bad. On a contending or even decent team, he's probably pushed down the lineup (or at very least limited in his minutes) so he can be less of a defensive liability.
  6. I agree that Weber has made some (very uncharacteristic) errors this year. We've often talked in the past about how good Weber is, positionally. Even as his foot speed slows (and he was never particularly fast) he's managed to be good defensively because he's so elite with his positioning, but this year he has been 'off' - and i think because of that its been way more noticeable than normal. Up until this year, you'd curse at the TV because a guy would get around weber or beat him with speed - that was about it - but this year he's actually been making mistakes. However, i think those
  7. yeah as ive said before: fans often look at highlights and say 'thats what we need' but as good as Hughes is offensively, he's been really pretty bad defensively. Maybe an in-his-prime Weber or similar player playing next to him would have worked but right now Hughes has not been good from his own blueline back. There's still time to learn that side of the game but i almost guarantee if we had drafted him, he'd be in Laval (or maybe on our 3rd pair) and being asked to play a defensive game which, frankly, he may never be suited for.
  8. I think we all agree Weber needs more. I also agree that pushing him down the lineup should help. I think that Weber-Kulak or Weber-Romanov with 2nd pair duties and a few less minutes a night would make him substantially more effective. My only concern is whether that will have a negative impact on Petry. I know Petry still gets tough minutes now. I know that most teams dont only have 1 top line, but i do think he takes a little less of the burder that Weber does - its not just the total minutes, is the type of minutes and I worry that Petry - with ANY of our current LD - wouldnt be as e
  9. Would I want Eichel? Obviously. Would i give up any of the guys you listed there? yes, absolutely. But you're offering a heck of a lot. I know he's a franchise type player but(so far at least) he's more of a Tavares type than a McDavid. There's nothing wrong with that (and he hasnt exactly had a stellar supporting cast) but am I willing to give up that much for him? Probably not. Id absolutely do your package above for McDavid or a Crosby-in-his-prime. But you're suggesting 3 veterans, 2 of our top5 prospects and a 1st. Thats a ton. I know there are salary cap concerns but Danault &
  10. I always think of Cammelleri - at his best - when I watch CC play. Just finds the right spots and releases faster than just about anybody ive seen in ages.
  11. 1. Yes (2nd) 2. Yes (Slick Nick) 3. Yes (Will start 4th line but will be top 9 by the time the playoffs are done) 4. They'll both be with the club. One will have a contract, one will not. 5. Kulak or Romanov or a newly traded for player.
  12. Yeah but there's a difference between attempted passes that make some sense and just dumping when you get rushed. Again, i think he's playing very well - especially the last little bit - but just that tiny tweak (get rushed, move the puck forward or attempt an actual pass, dont just dump blindly wherever) and i think his game is just that much better. Last night I counted at least 3 plays like this where the opposition got an odd man break because of - and had he just moved the puck forward at worst we would have lost possession evenly, not at a disadvantage.
  13. I know what you're trying to say but 6L and 6OTL is not 12L. As soon as the 60 minute buzzer ends its a tie. You cant count a shootout or a 3 on 3 as a full loss. We definitely need to change things but thankfully our record is not as dire as the .455% that 10w12l would bring with it. im unclear how that would even be remotely related to the Gomez deal? We got the best player in the trade, albeit vastly overpaid, for the first couple of years at least. The prospect was the killer but how does that have anything to do with a slumping goalie vs. a slumping goal scorer?
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