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  1. The only silver lining is that they are only down by 2 goals. Still time to come back but they need to fix this crap NOW. Julien must be furious.
  2. This. Where is the team that played 2 nights ago??
  3. For Robby Fabbri So St. Louis trades away skill for size.. interesting. DLR: 31pts in 195 games. Fabbri 73pts in 164 games. Kind of a surprising trade for St. Louis.
  4. This. Especially the bold. He often has slow starts - last year he didnt really take off until Weber came back (so, november). Like you, im confident he'll bounce back as the season goes on. Thankfully we've been scoring a lot so the goalies havent had to be brilliant (yet). Price and Kinkade have both made some spectacular saves and let in some stinkers. We just need a little more consistency out of them & I think they'll be fine.
  5. bruins looking sloppy in their own end. My friend who is a bruins fan (i know, i know) says this has been a concern all season...
  6. I actually think we'll do ok. Just a gut feeling but i think we're going to jump out to a lead & never look back. 3-0 Habs.
  7. Stop that line & win the game. Its that simple (I know, not simple, they are amazing) but after that line- Pastrnak (29) Marchand (28) Bergeron (15) - they fall off a cliff. Aside from Torey Krug (11) their next leading scorer has 6 points. Id be tempted to play Lehks on the top line tonight (Lehks - Danault - Gallagher) and just try and smother them all night. Tatar is going to have his hands full with Pastrnak.
  8. Ps, on a more serious note, Im going to make a bold prediction that Ryan Poehling never plays another AHL game. I know people will think thats nuts, since he wasnt particularly dominant down there, but knowing his game & how he played in the NCAA, i think there's a very legitimate chance he's one of those rare guys who plays much better in the NHL than in the minors. He himself said "I just think it’s completely different. It seems like the NHL is more systematic than the AHL. The AHL is a little different. I think it kind of suits my game. I’m a systematic guy, so I think this league kind of suits me more so than the AHL.” Julien's structure is going to feel like "home" to Poehling (and he'll earn Claude's trust immediately). Bouchard is excellent but he's all about the long game - working on specifics with players, more than worrying about wins for the team. Duncan Keith, Bo Horvat, Shattenkirk - and our very own Brendan Gallagher - are all guys who come to mind as players who were (often considerably) better in the NHL than the AHL. I dont think Poehling will be a PPG player or anything but I think he's going to play well, step right in & look NHL-ready and make waiving a player like Weal an obvious choice.
  9. obviously! I mean he is the all-time leader in goals per game in the history of the nhl so...
  10. I totally get what you're saying and i agree to an extent. I feel like Mete + Byron + 1st could probably net you a top 4 LHD who is much younger than Martinez. However, I think our big problem is the next 2 years. Between Romanov, Struble, Nolinder, Harris etc I am confident we have at least 1 top pairing LD. If we can limp along for a couple of years with a "left handed Jeff Petry" type of player, i think it would make a world of difference now. Like Petry Martinez is way older than ideal, but also like Jeff, he's a great skater so the age is somewhat mitigated by skill. Ideally you'd keep mete and trade Reilly, Chiarot or even Kulak for the guy to play on the top pair, but i dont see any other LD we have that would be of interest to a team in a trade. The other thing is, lets say hypothetically we got Martinez for picks +a forward. Who sits? Now you have Martinez (clear #1 on our roster), Mete, Kulak, Chiarot, Reilly, etc. We also have guys like Leskinen who has looked pretty good in Laval and Gustav Olofsson (who is finally healthy) so you have way too many middling LD.
  11. I could totally see them having interest in Martinez for Mete + Whether it makes sense for us to do it or not depends on a few things: 1) is martinez good enough to get the job done at #1LD for the next 2 years? 2) do we have the players to be #1 after that? A guy like Martinez is probably as good as its going to get in terms of a stop-gap. I honestly dont see MB trading quality players to fill that role with a 22-24 year old, so an older guy who can (hopefully) perform for a couple more years may be the only option.
  12. Agreed. And he's bigger & more mature this year so you'd think it would be the reverse.
  13. Because Cousins - Thompson - Suzuki was so good I could see them going back to that & putting Poehiling in JK's 3rd line centre slot. Although you cant really argue with the logic, I sort of hope they dont. Lekhs - Suzuki - Byron was really good and I believe suzuki had the best advanced stats on the team the last game, with no real sheltering. Id really love to see him at centre for a bit longer to see what we have.
  14. really makes me think he's been hurt for a bit & hiding it. At least that would explain some of the slow start