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  1. Right and it was quickly matched. LIke i said, there hasnt been any offer sheet movement of players since Dustin Penner.
  2. I think if you offersheet someone you basically are giving them the middle finger. So the chances of them a) ever trading with you in the near future are probably nil and b ) they will do whatever it takes to match any other offer you make. An offer sheet is an all-in in poker. You'd better know what you're doing or you're going to get burned. Yeah i mean i think there's like a 2% chance he even tries one. Its just soooooo unlikely to ever work out. Back in the 90s there were some offer sheet movements than happened but in the last 10 years there's been nothing. I think Dustin Penner was the last one in what 2007? So thats 12 years. I could see MB targetting a team like Toronto & saying "look, before someone puts an offer sheet in on Marner, lets talk about player x" but i dont think there's any real chance he puts out an actual offer sheet offer.
  3. Right but in both situations if they are going to lose someone, it would be the middle tier guys. If someone offer-sheets Marner, you can bet Toronto has a plan. They may already have talked to someone about a deal getting Nylander in that case. im not saying its not worth trying, I just dont see any way a truly elite player doesnt get matched by his team. Teams can go over the cap in the summer so they have time to work it out if they do. Panarin, Duchene, Karlsson - these are elite players who usually dont make it to UFA. Yes they are a little older, but still worth the add if you can. Not sure we can get any of them here (Duchene seems the most likely)
  4. I just dont see that any offer sheet for any high end player will ever work. I think maybe you get a mid-tier player if a team is hard against the cap but a top player like those 2, the teams have already worked out what they'll have to do to if someone goes that route. There's always a team out there that will take on a bad contract or similar if they can get an asset back like we did with Winnipeg last year.
  5. Agreed. I think MB will try to land an UFA and maybe he'll try to make a trade but i fully expect to have like 18 capable 2nd - 4th liners in camp this year & the hope that one of them "will surprise" and steal a spot. The MB Motto of Quantity over quality. Dont get me wrong, i love our depth. Its amazing, after the years we've had in the past, to possibly have so much depth that our 4th line could actually be something like Byron - Poehling - Shaw is a welcome change. But like last year with so many LD and none being true first pairing guys, we're lacking that top end talent & its just not going to appear. Hopefully a guy like Suzuki is ready but id still feel a lot better if we signed one game breaking talent. Could you imagine this team with Panarin added?
  6. I agree to an extent. I think Duchene is the type of player that if you can get him, you do. Under Julien he would thrive so its a good fit. We have several tradable assets up front but having said that, like you, I worry there is no plan. Last training camp we clearly had not filled out hole at LD and had like 11 second and third pairing players show up hoping one of them could be a top pairing guy. If we signed Duchene, I think you would HAVE to move at least one top 6 guy (and id do that even if we dont sign him, we're getting a logjam) but i also think MB may just let the chips fall where they may & see who excels in camp. I feel like Suzuki is going to force his way onto this roster. He's hungry & He knows he was close last year. JK I believe is going to come to camp ready to rock & I think he's going to be considerably better than last year. Poehling may be the odd man out (despite his career 3gpg pace :P) but he's also older so its entirely possible he's ready to go too. So what do you do? I mean i dont think anyone cares if you press-box Weal or Thompson but after a (prorated 60pt) season for Shaw are we really going to put him in the pressbox or even play him on the 4th line? Or Byron, or Lehkonen? Surely would make more sense to trade someone What about Drouin? If we sign Duchene, Domi presumably goes back to LW and Tatar was a beast so now Drouin is what, your 3rd line LW? So, while I do like Duchene - and I do hope we sign him actually - i sure hope that means we are then trading away guys like Drouin or Shaw to finally get help at LD. Maybe one of them gets moved at the draft so we can move up and draft Byram or something.
  7. Yeah I dont think they would either. I think anybody can be traded, but the likelihood you trade a guy who is basically top 3 (and in many cases top 1) on anybody's list is pretty near nil. Yeah i think we could make an offer they couldnt refuse but it would gut the team. The type of deal I could see- maybe working - although Ken Holland is generally pretty methodical so probably not - would be if a team like Pittsburgh decided "ok, we're going into rebuild mode. We want to build around McDavid" and they offered Crosby, Malkin & Letang + a couple of good prospects or picks for McDavid and Lucy. It would be dumb for both teams but thats the sort of move - you get a bucketload of established players to make the Oilers competitive (mind you not good enough to win) right now but the team getting McDavid is on the long road to rebuild. The problem with an offer like this though is that Poehling is the future and Weber is the past. If you're trading with a team like Edmonton they likely want one or the other. They probably actually want established (youngish) players who can compete now (and probably into the future). I think they'd be looking for something more like Domi + Mete + Suzuki (or Poehling) + one other roster player (maybe Drouin) & probably picks. You cant trade cash. True. The only thing that sort of is like that nowaways is if you pay the signing bonus for the other team depending upon the timing of the trade.
  8. You'd have to think, based purely on some of McDavid's soundbytes, that many GMs have enquired. He seems really unhappy. Having said that, I dont *think* edmonton will move him - especially now that they have new management - but you never know, if the price was right... It would have to be a monster deal though. Multiple quality pieces that helped fill several problem areas on the Oil. I cant see how the other team could do that & still be competitive, even adding a premiere talent like McDavid to their roster. You'd basically have to gut your team offering your #1C, one of your top 2 dmen and at least one or two other high end pieces on wing or defense.
  9. highly doubtful. Ekholm is their Petry: used less because he's behind their #1 but fully capable of top pairing minutes. They *might* consider something like one of our top prospects (Poehling) + a young defensman (Juulsen or Fleury) but I dont think thats the right move considering his age & where we are in our window to compete. The other thing to remember is that the only reason we're hearing trade rumours out of Nashville is that they are purportedly wanting to land a top UFA forward this summer. That means they need to shed salary. At less than $4m per season (signed for several more years) Ekholm is one of the best values for a top 3 dmen out there. Subban's name comes up (rightly or wrongly) because he makes exactly the same money (Cap hit) as Josi + Ekholm + Hamhuis combined. This makes me think of the plan to get back Django's wife from the evil Calvin Candie in Django unchained.
  10. Timmins has said that they felt Kokaniemi was BPA. Maybe thats just blowing smoke but based on how he played year one - and assuming he will develop as they think he will - I think you can argue he may well have been.
  11. I agree. I think there's maybe an opportunity to get Nurse or Klefbom but Id say Bouchard is likely off limits. I also dont know if they are looking to dump Sekera. Sure he's wildly overpaid and Im sure they'd trade him but they arent going to dump him at a loss imho. Sadly, if we want to take one of their youngish dmen I think they are going to insist Lucy goes too. With the Julien connection who knows, but i think MB (thankfully) wont have it because once you scorn him (like Lucic did that one offseason), he tends to remember.
  12. Thats a pretty impressive group of players... wow. Wayne Gretzky Trophy as the postseason MVP, not too shabby Nick
  13. Assuming we dont trade it/trade up.
  14. Yeah i think you're right but i do think the gap between them has been lessened. It will be interesting to see what that 2nd rounder ends up turning into...
  15. He's eligible. The CHL-AHL agreement is that players who are under 20 (by December 31st of that year) are ineligible. Nick will be 20 in August.