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  1. I keep hearing this as a reason for not trading price but remember that pretty near any team that trades for him is going to want us to take back their starter. Obviously the guy wont have the pedigree of price but if it happened (it wont) I wouldnt at all be surprised to hear Waite said to MB "yeah, i can work with that guy." All of your points are valid but im pretty sure that one would work itself out if there was a trade - but its moot, because i dont think there will be one. If i put odds on who i think MB might trade of our "important' players id say: Price: 5% Weber: 8% Petry: 10% Tatar: 20% Byron: 30% the likely trade targets will be guys like Thompson, Weise, Weal, Scandella, etc but even then i think MB will likely hold on to most of them.
  2. Well i think you'd have to insist on a great prospect. I agree a 1st from a contender is basically nearly a 2nd rounder. We need to get some more high quality prospects though. I mean we all know they arent all going to work out & we need numbers. Funnily when they were negotiation with LV about Pacioretty MB was purportedly interested in Cody Glass + Pick. Vegas would not budge on Glass. Instead they countered with Suzuki + Tatar + Pick. It remains to be seen if Glass ends up as the better player but for right now im pretty happy the deal changed.
  3. I guess it all really comes down to what he wants. In LA he was getting paid just over $6m a year for 3 years. He's older, and obviously less valuable now (even though he's scoring better now than he ever did in LA) so one would think he'd have to expect less than that but how much? I could see him resigning for $4m for 1 year or $3/year for 2 years.
  4. I agree. I think there are options out there but they would basically be tantamount to 'throwing in the towel for the season' which i dont think MB will do. I believe we could trade vet(s) Tatar, Petry, Danault even - and come out of it with top flight prospects at virtually any position if a contender believes they are just one player away from the cup, but i dont think MB will be willing to do it.
  5. I agree that the odds are heavily stacked against us. I believe Bergevin thinks our odds are better though & I think he will go into the TD doing basically nothing. Maybe adding a piece or two but likely not trading anyone unless its someone insignificant. I think he probably believes we can (and will) make the playoffs. I also believe he intends to resign Kovy and Scandella.
  6. The Cousins thing i can live with, for a few reasons: 1) he's actually got decent S/O stats over his career. I think his percentage is actually only behind Drouin and Byron on our roster. 2) He had the hot hand. 9 out of 10 coaches will put a player who just scored 2 goals in for the shootout 3) someone mentioned that in the team's practice shoot outs, Cousins was one of the best, so while it may seem weird to us, i can see why CJ chose to do it. The Kovy thing in the last 2 minutes i dont get (i understand the Danault line always gets that sort of assignment but then put Suzuki at RW or Thompson!) and i also am still baffled Cousins is on the PP. At least Weal is off i guess.
  7. I personally hope its not, since i really like Max but you'd have to think the return could be pretty substantial. Personally id like to move Domi back to LW and then trade one of Tatar, Drouin or Lekhs although I imagine only domi or drouin would command a return like what we want. I know Domi will be expensive but he's also the only LW option we have who can slot back in at centre if injuries make it a necessity.
  8. Actually, it doesnt. If you win all 33 games you make the playoffs, end of story. Obviously we're not going to and - we're likely not going to win enough to make the playoffs but - at this stage - the team still has complete control in their hands.
  9. Yes and no. Ultimately you cant worry about the teams ahead of you. Sure, in real terms you need to get past them but if you just concentrate on winning, the rest doesnt really matter. You get 23-24 wins in the last 33 games & it really doenst matter what the other teams do. You'll have upwards of 96 points and that should be sufficient. Honestly i think we have a better chance at a #3 division spot than a wildcard entry anyway.
  10. Juilen has been playing with Suzuki at centre a bit lately. He also seems to love Kovy - and Gallagher basically works anywhere in the lineup so i wonder, when everyone is healthy, if he'd consider something like this: Tatar - Danault - KovyDomi - Suzuki - GallagherDrouin - JK - LehkonenPoehling - Thompson - Armia Byron ends up being our 13th forward at this point. Crazy.
  11. Totally agree. I think even guys like Kovalchuk and Scandella will remain with us (unless we absolutely plummet before the deadline) and MB will say "these guys are our rentals"
  12. Agree. Whether or not its possible, I think MB will believe we can win. Assuming you need roughly 96-98 points to make the playoffs, you need to finish the year roughly 7-8 games above .500 Right now we're at .500 exactly (21-21-7) We're going to need to win like 23 of our last 33 games. I dont love the odds but I think MB looks at it like "we're going to get players back, Kovy is playing awesome.. Price back to top form" this can happen. The overall confidence of the players still seems very shaky, but if they can string together say 5 or 6 wins things could change in a hurry.
  13. You wait see. We're going to make the playoffs - and this game - this fight in fact - will be seen as the turning point in the season. or else it wont, we'll continue to suck and we will miss the post season yet again.
  14. If thats true (that he was acting differently) then I almost feel like he and MB are considering a tank. I mean there are really only a few options: a big trade (why would he act differently) a firing (why would he know about it?) or a tanking. Tanking is something that really has to be done at management level, as we've discussed before. You cant ask players to go out & play poorly and you cant really even ask the coach to make moves that will hurt the team - unless, its things like "we'll play the backup tonight" or "we'll give this guy less ice time." etc. I could see a mandate like that weighing heavily on Julien - especially since he's been in situations before with the Bruins where they were counted out & then they went on at tear to end the year & made the playoffs. Will be interesting to see what happens in the next few weeks.
  15. hrm. Maybe MB and CJ are planning the tank... ? Will be very interesting to see if anyone of note gets traded in the next few weeks.