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  1. I have always said that the chance of MB trading Weber is probably 5-10%. The chance of him trading Petry isnt much higher- BUT - would he trade Petry if he could replace him with a guy like Pietrangelo? I think so. Its a lot of balls in motion (sign one guy, trade another, make the move for an "impact forward" he was talking about recently) but its not outside the realm of possibility. Of course, the right move is probably sign Pietrangelo & trade Weber, but i think thats still incredibly unlikely.
  2. This is a great post. I think the thing - like many of MB's moves - is really not: How do we feel about this trade, but: what now? Will he follow this up? Did we need Edmundson because we already have plans to move Mete or Kulak as part of an existing deal? Apparently, one of the Montreal analists (wasnt Engels but my old brain is failing me) said that the team was positively giddy with Romanov in the practices. Like they think he's not only NHL ready but probably top 4. Seems like a very risky move but i guess if you're just so sure... Anyway, im prepared to wait & see what MB does. So far he's made two so-so moves, but in and of themselves they arent missteps. Assuming he does more (and i think he will) then its still possible he ends up with a positive off-season.
  3. OK you lost me with that analogy, but i dont want further explanation. But you cant mix two players. I dont think the fans (i wasnt one of them) were calling for more size in general - they wanted a player like caufield with more size... who, of course, wouldnt have been available at 15ova. Absolutely! But Jeff Petry also had a much higher skillset than Joel Edmundson. He was clearly a skilled player, he just hadnt put it all together yet. Is it possible Edmundson blossoms here? Sure. Is it as likely as when we got Petry? Not really. Doesnt mean he wont be good, but they clearly have (and had) pretty different ceilings. The other thing is that most players do not have their best years in their 30s. Jeff's late career blossoming is not the norm. I cant speak for everyone but to me this is a typical MB move: In a vacuum, 100% ok. But not really relevant to our team needs. I understand why he did it (he wanted our defense to be bigger and 'harder to play against') but I think adding more skill would have accomplished that better. Its not a knock on Joel whom I am sure is a very competent #4-6 dman. Its also not entirely a knock on bergevin. Once again he made a fair deal (5th round pick and we were able to sign a pending UFA to a price lower than he would have likely gotten on the open market). The knock is on the lack of a plan. I just dont see how Edmundson makes our roster better. Even if I accept he's marginally better than say Kulak or Mete (not sure i do) thats still not what we need. We need a guy who is unequivocally the best LHD in our system. Anyway, its all good to debate, especially when the motive for all of us the same: having a great team that can compete for a cup.
  4. Yeah, i agree. Bergevin (and all old school hockey guys) expect a player to tow the line and be 'team first' but in Dumba's case its a very serious (and much bigger) issue & I dont think MB or anyone else would begrudge him being outspoken on the subject. I dont think Dumba is coming here because I dont think MB has the foresight to make it happen. You'd need to first acquire Dumba then move one of Petry or Weber - too many moving parts for MB.
  5. Yup. We make fun of the leafs for having $33m tied up in their top 3 forwards but at least all 3 are elite. We have $26m tied up in our 2 goalies and bottom roster defensmen (although MB would tell you 2 of those guys are top 4).
  6. I think we're ok at RHD - for now. Weber and Petry look like they have a couple of years left and I still have hopes for Brook. Juulsen if he gets healthy and can overcome the 2 years of progression missed, maybe can be a #4-6 guy. Fleury should be a #5-6. So yeah, we're definitely missing top end RHD that is under 30 but that can be addressed through drafting and trades - but should start now, if the team is thinking proactively.
  7. Its actually not baffling at all when you consider our GM. He made a career (1100 NHL games) as exactly this type of defensman. He spent a full season as Al MacInnis' partner & I think he honestly believes that as long as you have one good defensman per pairing, you've got a good pairing. There is no doubt in my mind that he got Edmundson because, like Weber, Chairot and even Petry (who is huge but doesnt play particularly big) he wants our defense to be "hard to play against." Never mind the fact that most teams are getting quicker and more agile - he still believes you can box out skill and as long as we can throw out 6'3" and bigger guys out there, we will win.
  8. On a positive note, word from around the league seems to be that the deal is fair & likely a fair bit less than he would have gotten as 27 year old UFA. So there's always a chance, if we end up short on space, to trade him over the next 4 years, assuming he maintains his play at roughly the level he has up until this point.
  9. And thats the issue. One way or another we're going to have someone playing in a situation that isnt ideal. Edmundson-Petry and Chariot-Juulsen as your 2nd and 3rd pairings is totally fine - really good actually - but can Romanov take on top pairing minutes? As you said, Mete did it, but I always feel like Weber is far less effective when he's sheltering someone.
  10. So with Joel Edmundson signed, our d-corps looks like this: Weber, Petry, Chairot, Edmundson, Kulak, Romanov, Juulsen, Fleury, Brook, Alzner Mete is RFA (should be re-signed), Ouellet is RFA (may not be resigned,or, resigned for Laval), Folin is UFA (wont -hopefully - be resigned). Reading between the lines and taking what MB has said at face value, our pairs should look like this: Chairot - Weber Edmundson - Petry Romanov - Juulsen/Fleury That means Mete or Kulak is either gone, or press-boxed/waived. Brook will almost certainly be sent to Laval for more development. If Juulsen can stay healthy then I think Fleury goes down again too. Alzner may finally be bought out, or just buried, but either way he wont be on this roster. Its not the worst we've seen during MB's tenure - may actually be one of his best - but is it good enough? I think our RD is fine (a little long in the tooth of course but thats what we've got) but LD is still a huge question mark. Chairot and Edmundon are both (at best) #4 dmen. So having one play next to Petry is fine but the other one should be on the bottom pair. We need to hope like heck that Romanov adapts immediately because if he can take the role of top pairing LD then the whole d corps is suddenly worlds better. Its a big IF though and you're putting it on the shoulders of a 20 year old.
  11. Thats a really tough one. Im not sure where i slot Edmunson in there because he's played with a number of different partners and in various roles over the years. Its entirely possible he ends up the best of the lot or the worst of the lot, although to be honest, there's not a huge range of difference between that group. They are all #4-6dmen imho. Emelin at times played like a #3 and at times like a #6. Likewise Kulak and Benn. Chiarot has probably been the most consistent of them but it wasnt a consistently high rank (and he usually had Weber as his D partner). If i absolutely had to rank them (and considered their averages) id say: Kulak > Chiarot > Edmundson > Emelin > Benn Edmundson goes right in the middle because im not certain. Its probably a little unfair to Emelin because at times (when he was with Subban for example) he was decent. But when he was bad, he was really bad. Benn was only good when be played 3rd pairing. Its not his fault he was played higher up the lineup. Kulak, i fear, is on his way out very soon.
  12. Its a valid proposal for us but Im not sure MB has any intentions of moving Allen. The other problem of course is that Dumba is RD and you arent playing him on the 3rd pair so one of Weber or Petry has to be moved, and im not convinced MB would do that, despite not listing either on his "untouchables" list yesterday. From the wild's standpoint, i think they could do better for Dumba. Allen is a good goalie but has shown he can struggle a bit as a starter. He's also 30 and only signed 1 year. I suspect if they moved Dumba for a goalie they'd want an up-and-coming 'tender like Tristan Jarry or Carter Hart. Im pretty sure Hart isnt available but there's likely someone out there that fits the bill. Goalies, except for those with reputations like Price, have shown a notoriously low trade value in this league. You'd probably have to do Domi + Allen to get Dumba & i know your proposal was to circumvent having to lose Domi in the first place.
  13. Honestly, I think Kulak may be gone this summer. I think the trading for Edmundson (assuming he will sign) is as transparent as it comes: MB & CJ want a top 4 thats big and "hard to play against" I think their plan right now is: Chairot-Weber Edmundson-Petry The lower pair will be Romanov-Fleury/Juulsen the 7th-8th dmen will be one of those guys above + Mete. I think Kulak is the odd man out - which seems crazy to me since he was arguably our best LHD in the playin/playoffs.
  14. This x100. I would rather that MB had decided, a few years back, to go in one direction or the other. "Just go for it" and trade off assets. Sign Pacioretty Long term, move younger players, picks and prospects. Bring in someone like Suter or Keith to play next to Weber - and just take that shot. OR (my preference) do what he did - but follow through. Trade Weber, trade price, trade Petry (maybe not all 3). Stockpile picks, prospects, young players. But this no-man's land isnt helping. Interestingly, on TVA sports yesterday he said Carey Price wont be traded and wont be exposed in the ED but he also made a point of calling Suzuki, JK and Romanov "Untouchable." No mention of Weber. No mention of Petry. In the past, he has lumped Weber into that group. Does that mean there's a sliver of hope we will move Weber? Its no secret that I am, and have always been, a Shea Weber fan but his value will not get higher than it is now. If we can actually move him for young quality player(s) that is the ultimate coup for a GM. I imagine it was an oversight (or, weber isnt 'untouchable' but MB would want way more than fair value for him) but is the first time its happened so could be significant. What about Weber + Domi to Minny for Dumba + Fiala? Hey I can dream. Minny reunites one of the most dominant d pairs in the past 20 years...too bad they're both old now
  15. I suspect its because he was this type of defensman himself.