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  1. I agree. The one thing about our defense is that we do have some quality players - just none that I feel are truly first pairing LD. I feel like if you added a top guy, youd not only be able to get more out of him than say, Mete, but you'd get more out of Weber too. Unlike years past, we have mostly good defensmen. There's no Alzner or Schlemko or even Emelin - waiting to be exploited. Even Folin, who i think is on the outside looking in, is a decent 3rd pairing, 'keep it simple' guy. Chiarot worries me simply because i think they will overplay him because of his contract $$ Im pretty excited about the new season. I think this team is going to surprise a lot of people. Im not saying we're definitely going to finish above Toronto in the standings but i definitely wont be shocked if we do.
  2. Wondering the same thing. If Suzuki is indeed ready thats a solid top 6 with JK being able to swap places with Danault when ready. We could afford to lose Drouin if the return was that elusive top pairing LD. If we do keep Drouin I do actually think he could be ok with JK. However, I think JK has outgrown Armia. I like Joel a lot but he's no longer necessary to 'shelter" JK. If you could give them offensive minutes I think Drouin - JK - Hudon could be quite interesting. Its so nice to have such an abundance of talent & potential combinations... finally.
  3. on a normal year Id say he was a lock. With the guys we have now.. not so sure. I mean you could conceivably have something like Byron - Cousins - Weal as your 4th line. Thats a 3rd line on several teams in the league... Agreed. I suspect thats how they play it too. Of the 5, Charlie has sadly probably dropped to the bottom when you look at current level + potential.
  4. FWIW: At today's practice Suzuki played RW next to Danault and Tatar. This is quite an interesting development because a) Gallagher played with Domi last night & this is really the first time they've messed with that line for about a year. b ) suzuki is getting tried at RW, where he probably has the best chance to crack the roster (top 6). I dont think they will play him on the 4th line & he's likely not deposing Domi-Danault-JK as a centre just yet.
  5. I agree. Any of these young guys, if they cant get actual, quality minutes, should be in Laval. We have a great system down there now so it only makes sense.
  6. That really sucks. For both of them. McCarron was apparently looking better than ever but just cannot catch a break.
  7. I also like the idea of having him next to JK. I am not sure Julien would go for it (two very young players) although both are quite defensively responsible already so maybe. I agree with you that this is a special case so 3 rookies is more likely than in past years but I still dont think Cj/MB will go for it. I think they may keep 2 up (one on the 4th line or in the press box - which is a whole other issue) but id be quite shocked if all 3 make it to the main roster to start the year. I think at least one of those guys will be the #1C-#2C in Laval to start the year. He left in the 2nd and did not play the third. No real word on what it was or how severe. Hopefully it was just a precaution like "oh its sore? its just the preseason, take the rest of the night off, your roster spot is safe" but have not heard anything official yet.
  8. im telling you, he's my pick to make the team. Even maybe moreso than Fleury or Brook (with Juulsen out). I have a feeling they want Poehling to train with Bouchard but i think, considering our need for more scoring, they are going to keep Suzuki up. Very curious to see if Julien tries him on the RW soon. The ideal spot would be RW with Domi. They could switch off on faceoffs where you want a righty (like shaw often did) and I think they would feed off of one another well.
  9. Claude usually likes 3 or so games where he has close to his full roster (just a couple of bubble players) so I suspect we'll see 6-8 guys cut by tomorrow & then another chunk after the next game. There will probably be only 4-5 guys left who are battling a couple of vets for the final spots up for grabs imho.
  10. Lets hope we have enough skill now that we dont need any Mathiew Darche's on the team...
  11. If a guy like Brook or Fleury can help get the PP going i could see one of them getting that last RD spot over Folin...
  12. I feel like he might. I mean say what you will about MB (and Im certainly not his biggest fan) but he can count. He knows he has way too many players vying for spots. One of his big advantages is an owner with deep pockets so you can sign a guy for a million or two as "insurance" and if they dont work out, you put them on waivers. A lot of owners would not be down for that but i think with a few of the signings (or re-signings) MB did that. Guys like Thompson and Cousins are on alert: you have to earn your spot. I feel like right now these are the order of young players making the roster: Suzuki Fleury Evans Poehling Leskinen Brook And thats about it. I dont think any other rookies have a shot & I honestly am not sure if any of the above will either. Even with the possible open spot at RD (if Juulsen isnt back right away) I could see Folin or even Reilly (who has been playing some RD) taking that slot. I just think they (MB and CJ) look at Mete's jump last year & think guys like Poehling would make strides if they spent a bit of time down there. Suzuki, I think has the skill to maybe sneak his way into the top 9, especially if he has a few good PP looks in the preseason. Im sure he'll be one of the last 2 cuts if he doesnt stick with the big club. Obviously a lot is going to do with whether they try him at wing or not. Suzuki at centre probably doesn't make the club out of camp. Suzuki at RW just might. Evans i could see starting on the 4th line. He's older, defensively responsible & having a great camp. If they do decide to go with a young RD for that 3rd pairing spot I think Fleury has a slight advantage over Brook (even though i think Brook has more of a ceiling) just because of his development in Laval last year. Leskinen I am sure will be called up this year but I dont know if they will give him a shot ahead of Mete/Chiarot/Kulak
  13. In fairness we only have a 1/2 roster on any given night. Until we have the complete group i think we need to reserve judgement. That said, I have a worrisome feeling that the coaching staff is chalking up the poor PP to "bad luck" which turned into "low confidence" last year. So, basically, we'll keep the status quo & then hope for different results. Hopefully im wrong on that.
  14. Im sure they'd be very open to a package but I would imagine they would have very little interest in Petry or Kulak. I would think their ask would be something like Romanov + Fleury + Poehling and maybe a pick. They wont have cap issues any more but their SC window would effectively be over, and they'd be very much in the middle of a reset. Laine would easily be part of that but if they need to move on from him, they'd do that via a return of youth, not vets imho. I think there's a definitely possibility Montreal does well this year but I think there's even more of a chance Toronto flames out. Half your salary cap to 4 fowards. Yikes. Toronto has some absolutely elite talent but they also have a lot of middling player and some that, frankly, are AHL caliber. There's also a good chance they wont be able to carry a full 23 man roster because they are $13m over the cap & even with LTIR recoveries are going to be right on that line al year... Its one thing to have 4 elite dmen and pay them 1/2 the cap - they can play over 50 minutes a game. But there will be long stretches when Marner, Matthews, Tavares and Nylander are not on the ice. Are they good enough to carry the whole team? Dunno. I have a sneaking suspicion that the loss of guys like Kadri, Marleau, Gardiner etc is going to hurt them more than one might think. Fans were already turning on Babcock last year... if they do poorly.. .watch out.