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  1. I dont think there's any possibility MB trades Gallagher. Maybe Drouin. Maybe Tatar, but thats probably it from our top 9 to be honest. (maybe shaw if you count him as a top 9 player on this squad) I think MB believes he's building the core just how he wants it.
  2. Theres a few teams that apparently have their 1st in play for the right deal (Toronto too) but the Oilers' could end up being a top 10 if they cant turn yet another season around.
  3. The bright side is that there's been speculation Byron has been playing hurt (minor lower body injury) so this will give him some time to rest up a bit.
  4. Absolutely ludicrous.
  5. Yeah Im on the fence about Muzzin because I do think he'd help in the short term. Muzzin isnt an ideal first pairing guy but would slot in ahead of everyone else on our d corps and could be a short term band-aid solution for a year or 2. However, I am pretty sure LA would want what we dont want to give up (picks, young players etc). If we could get him for spare parts - say Schlemko-Hudon-3rd or something, sure but Im assuming the Kings will want a quality prospect like Poehling or Romanov or someone plus a roster player.
  6. I was worried we might have!
  7. No Alzner or Schlemko on the list??? I could actually see MB enquiring about Muzzin and Edler. I dont *think* he'll have any interest in Bouwmeester but you never know. I think Muzzin's price will be too high and I think we'll eventually balk at Edler too.
  8. The chance of Romanov coming to the NHL within the next two years is nearly zero. Romanov has a KHL contract that is valid for the 2019-20 season. A player with a valid KHL contract can not break this contract in order to go to the NHL. Theoretically Montreal could 'compensate' the KHL team (like LV did for Shipachyov) but its highly unlikely for a player like Romanov right now. Even if there was an NHL/KHL agreement, because he was picked in the 2nd round (not the first) he cant be "forced over" - the term they use for 1st rounders like JK - despite a valid Liiga contract. In the meantime his KHL team can negotiate a new contract with Romanov at any given time, Montreal can not. I still think Romanov will come over but its EXTREMELY unlikely it will be in the next 2 - 3 years.
  9. Yes, it was a rhetorical question since he just set 2 records by an opposing goalie in Florida
  10. So I wonder who will be first star?
  11. That was just a ridiculous goal. You expect that from a 28 year old 7 year NHL veteran. Wow.
  12. Personally I wouldnt press-box him but I understand why you would. I dont think he is trying to be selfish, i think he genuinely believe he's "laying it all out there for the team" but he's not helping us playing this way. Id love for him to take a long hard look at Gallagher. The textbook example of how to be a pest and be effective. One of the best in the league, just down the bench from him.
  13. I feel like Tye has been telling him how to play. I cant see Julien liking this. MT would have but Julien has been great at settling guys like Shaw down & showing them how much more valuable they are to the team out of the box.
  14. Tough one. I think Shaw is the better player right now but man his injuries worry me. i think if you're set to trade shaw, a contender like Toronto or a team looking to get over the hump like Edmonton may give up some futures for him which is more valuable to us right now, but just my 2¢
  15. IMHO Id have no interest whatsoever. He's old, he's had some injury troubles and he's scoring below what id want in our top 9. He'd be no improvement over Domi, JK or Danault and while he's technically better than Chaput right now, at 31 Im not interested. I mean if they want to give him to us for Alzner or Schlemko, fine but im not giving up any assets for him if im MB.