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  1. You're late to the party - TO and Edm were selected yesterday.
  2. The bold is the problem. Fauci just spoke at a health briefing & said he "wouldn't be surprised to see the US hit 100,000 new cases per day soon."
  3. Well and thats the thing. Even if this gets off the ground, will it be even remotely the same? Will guys be in terrible shape after months of non play? Will games that are supposed to be life or death be sloppy and amateurish? What happens when players get sick (they inevitably will)? Will they play a round or two and then cancel it? After the way 2020 has gone, will anyone even care about hockey games? Just so many questions. I understand wanting to get back to some semblance of normal but it just doesnt seem possible right now.
  4. The league said that the requirements are: - NHL quality ice rink - Top quality hotels - A variety of top quality restaurants That rules out a lot of places but there still may be options. Perhaps a place like Halifax or Saskatoon etc could do it. Some universities like TRU in Kamloops have really high end facilities - but do they have the hotel and restaurant support? The other thing is, its not just the ice. There's very strict requirements about players rooms/facilities/boxes... and i doubt if (m)any non-nhl facilities have these. But then maybe - if they are so hell-bent on making this happen, the NHL needs to soften some of these requirements. I just dont see how they (the NHL) will make this work in a large city.
  5. Meanwhile: Look on the bright side. At least we're not red wings fans. Detroit had a historically abysmal season with the 'silver lining" of having the best odds at franchise-player Lafreniere.... or at least a consolation prize of the next two. They drop THREE places down to 4th. Sure, they will still get a very good player but it looks like in this year's draft there may be a big drop between 3rd and 4th.
  6. Agree. One team wins & then the rest fall back into their (reverse order) of points percentage for the season. Meaning we either will pick 1st or 9th (2nd through 8th are decided). If we win the play-in round, then we go up to 16th (this would be unchanged even if we won 1 or 2 more rounds I believe). I can live with 9th- obviously would prefer 1st. Dont really want to fall to 16th unless we were to actually make it to the finals. Even winning 2 rounds doesnt make it worth it to me.
  7. They (the NHL) has addressed this already. If there's no play in series then all the 8 lower ranked teams in the play in round will have an even chance at that #1 pick. Gives us (and everyone else) a 12.5% chance. So the only way we dont have a shot at that pick is if we Do play the play in series and we win.
  8. Im confused. Do picks #1 AND #2 go to play-in round loosers? Right now it looks like thats the way its going because they only have spots 3 onwards listed. (EDIT: when i wrote this, LA hadnt been announced as the #2 pick yet) If there is no play in round, we automatically become team A but i assume that means they will still do a lottery to pick? Or is it possible that if, say Team B's ball was picked, they get 1st OA? Maybe we FINALLY get payback for John Scott???
  9. Actually it was addressed by the NHL. If they play in is cancelled, we automatically become "team a"
  10. 100,000 new cases in the USA in the last 72 hours (and likely MANY more - those are just the ones who got tested) I just dont see this thing taking off. I could totally see players, coaches and others involved not wanting to return without a lot of assurances. Money. Its only a very small group but those that run the arenas, restaurants, hotels, etc would make some good money for a few months. The average citizen in the city though? no real benefit.
  11. Kotkaniemi flew back to Montreal so one has to assume he's fully recovered from the spleen injury. He's apparently been working with a skating coach in finland. Will be interesting to see if he is back on the NHL roster if they do indeed go forward with the play-in series.
  12. This thing is so confusing. So we may know where we pick, or we may not? Clear as mud.
  13. Last week i said 50/50 I now think its closer to 70/30 with the higher odds that it wont happen.
  14. Around 200 players have been tested now, with teams opening facilities for training. 11 of them have tested positive. Thats not great odds. LIke seriously the chances of the NHL actually pulling this thing off seems slim, at best.
  15. Agree. Im still doubtful this thing is actually going to come together. The other thing is: how does it affect next year? Will there even be a next year? Also agree.