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  1. Id almost say our next 6 or 7 are must wins. The last few games of the year are most likely going to be very tough (unless teams are resting players)
  2. I would say that things are starting to get dire. We need to win the vast majority (if not all) of the next half a dozen or so games, before we head into some very tough matchups to end the year. This would be a good time to start playing well again!!
  3. I agree with all of this. Im all for balanced scoring lines but when most of the roster is having trouble scoring maybe its time to put together your best offensive forwards & create a singular shut down line. I love Danault but he looks totally off with the cage. Domi, Gallagher, Drouin, JK, Tatar are your 5 best offensive weapons. Byron can play pretty much anywhere and Shaw has been excellent in a top role so I would use those 6 in my top 2 lines. There's no shortage of shut down players for the bottom 6. LIke you, i think something is off with Weber. I would suspect its an injury. I believe putting Petry with Mete & giving them top minutes, while Weber is allowed a little less ice time and a good fast skater like Reilly (or Kulak) then i think our top 4 would be better.
  4. Wholeheartedly agree. That said, here's what Julien did at practice today: Tomas Tatar - Phillip Danault - Brendan Gallagher Artturi Lehkonen - Max Domi - Andrew Shaw Jonathan Drouin - Jesperi Kotkaniemi - Joel Armia Paul Byron - Nate Thompson - Jordan Weal Victor Mete - Shea Weber Brett Kulak - Jeff Petry Jordie Benn - Christian Folin Antti Niemi Charlie Lindgren (Price had a therapy day)
  5. Yes indeed. Hockey is just a game & sending best wishes to your wife & you.
  6. Well and my concern is that in order to make the playoffs it looks like we're going to have to exhaust Carey Price...
  7. Yeah because at least when you finish a good kill you end up with some momentum. We keep getting worse after each PP. Well at least the Islanders are a powerhouse and stanley cup favourite... oh wait.
  8. Phew. At least we got the penalty, not them. I trust our PK more than our PP
  9. Price IS the answer. Always. Just ask MB.
  10. Id take Weber and Drouin off the first wave. Try something totally different. Tatar - Domi - Gallagher Mete - Petry Or something.
  11. Thankfully, Weal was playing RW on a line with JK and Drouin. Lines at practice were: Tatar - Danault - Gallagher Byron - Domi - Shaw Drouin - JK - Weal Lehks - Thompson - Armia Mete - Weber Kulak - Petry Benn - Folin
  12. I definitely would be swapping a lot of players around on the PP if i had my way.
  13. I actually think he got the nickname in his first game / season. Didnt he play like 1/2 a period & let in 3 goals & that was it for the season? I think like the very next day Red Fisher or someone said in the paper "we cant let ol' "red light" Racicot in nets again. And that stuck with him. He had a couple of decent years after that but was obviously never going to be much more than a backup & spent pretty much his whole time in the minors.
  14. Also agree. Was everywhere that night. He's historically been better at end of the year (and i think he's going to be fantasic in the post season for us) so it will be interesting to see how the last batch of games plays out. I have a feeling he'll be great.
  15. I think it might take more than that (and Im still hoping we can leapfrog into 2nd WC) but yes I agree - pretty near must win. Our next 6 or 7 games will be against teams that have worse records than the isle but I think we need to continue the streak we started in Detroit.