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  1. That would be interesting for sure. It gives the bigger market teams a bit of an unfair advantage (on ice) but if it means smaller markets wont have to close shop then i think they would accept it. Agree. Its a very odd dynamic. Maybe because he himself was a journeyman he thinks that those guys need the help. For the most part his top 6 and top 4d are signed to good, smart contracts but he almost always gives too much $$ and/or term to the bottom half. Its very odd.
  2. While I like the idea, I just dont see it. I think we will have too many potential quality players available, i dont think they will be keen to take on Byron's salary. Remember that like the Knights, they will likely take on a number of players who are decent quality but overpriced, so there's a decent chance they wont have tons of cap space. Its definitely a conundrum. On paper, there's no way you rank him in our top 10 forwards. Maybe not even top 12 and yet he's our 6th highest paid forward. Thats problematic. With Tatar, Danault and Armia all UFA this upcoming summer, I suspect at least one will walk. Maybe MB will move one at the deadline although I could just as easily see him say 'he's our rental" and keeping a guy for the playoff run. A lot is up in the air. If Suzuki & JK can start strong, maybe Danault gets moved. If our wingers do well, maybe tatar gets traded or a guy like Drouin is moved. Will be an interesting year (if we actually get to play during this pandemic). Its moot because there's zero chance MB lets his Man Mountain go for nothing - or even for a trade for that matter - i think MB would move just about anyone else before he'd move Weber (Price, Suzuki and JK excepted). That said, i dont disagree in terms of Weber as a declining asset. The smart thing would be to trade him. Even if he only brought back a small return, it would be better than losing him to expansion or age - although I dont think it will happen.
  3. Definitely very promising. The big concern now is just sample size. Most of these samples are in the 40-50k range, which is great for normal viruses, but if there's one thing Covid19 has shown us its that its not normal. It seems to affect people in wildly different ways, has crossed species several times (tigers, dogs, minks) and just seems baffling. So hopefully one (or more) of these vaccines work but I do worry that it will mutate or something else in keeping with the general theme of 2020.
  4. interesting he's got a lot of assists but no goals. Makes you wonder if the team (either the Badgers or Habs brass) have asked him to work on other aspects of his game or whether its just situational (no opportunities for goals so far).