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  1. Im actually rooting for the kid. I dont think he'll play here long once Price is back, obviously, but I think that with the right coaching he may end up resurrecting his career. He's got some skills, he just needed to have someone help him develop a better foundation. Will be interesting to see if its too late to do that.
  2. The most telling/scary/embarrassing line from that article: The Canadiens have often looked lost and confused in their own zone this season and have been outscored 70-24 in their 16 losses. Thats like... shockingly, historically bad. Wow.
  3. It starts with MB who likes to tell everyone that he was a journeyman defensman - but he also likes remind people that he played next to Al Macinnis when he won his norris. This is his philosophy to a T. Players are interchangeable. Its why he's always seen quantity over quality. Petry, Edmundson, Chairot, Wideman, Romanov, Kulak - yes, even Savard - are all NHL defensmen. It doenst matter to MB that none except Petry are true top 4. He's got 7 or 8 guys that are all top 6, so we'll just throw them out there & it will sort itself out. I think every member of habs brass deserves criticism at this point. Molson is the only person who can fire MB but has essentially gone into hiding. Mb built this horror show of a team and while we cant really fault him for Price or Edmundson being out, this team was not good enough - even if they hadnt missed any games. He knew Weber was gone & replaced him with Savard who has played like hot garbage. He watched Danault walk & replaced him with Pacquette Calling his play hot garbage would be an insult to garbage. The JK offer sheet was unexpected (and frankly i dont fault him for not matching) but Dvorak is not a replacement for a top 6 centre, that appears to be clear. This team is totally MB's fault. And that brings us to Ducharme. I am sure he is a nice guy. I am sure he is losing tons of sleep right now. I wouldnt be surprised it one day he shows up & his thick head of hair starts to look more like Julien or Therriens's But he's in so far over his head now i feel sorry for him. I just dont understand how he still has a job. I know firing him likely wont make any real difference but keeping him in just makes Brendan Gallagher look more sad every time i see him after a game.
  4. changing our logo for the rest of the season:
  5. This is it in a nutshell. The team needs a shakeup. You do that one of two ways: you make a trade or you change coaches. I dont think we should be making crazy trades right now. Let the new GM mold the team the way he wants to. Interim positions make sense right now but, as you said, that would upset the media. I still wonder if Julien would come back since he's still getting paid...
  6. This is from Chantal Machabee: “I saw Petry in the hotel lobby and he has difficulty putting one foot in front of the other. He's all crooked and I wonder why we haven't brought him a wheelchair." If this is true - and I have no reason to doubt Chantal, who is generally a pretty good source, the real question is: why? Jeff Petry is 33 years old, just signed a long term deal and the season is lost. Why in the heck would we be playing him hurt?? We literally just watched a key player on our team play through injuries & probably end his career. Is that the goal with Petry too? This is not the cup finals. There is nothing to be gained by playing Petry at this point. If this is true every member of habs management should be fired. This is complete and utter asset mismanagement..
  7. The problem with guys like chiarot, savard*, edmundson etc isnt that they arent good players. They are all NHL defensmen & honestly would probably find a home on every single team in the league. The problem is the suporting cast we have around them. Any one of them is fine in the top 4. But we are inclined to play all 3 there. Thats nexer going to work. You can even get away with two there if you have 2 other top end dmen. Last year with Edmundson & chiarot in your top 4... was great n the playoffs (ed really upped his game) but I think would have been ok in the regular season too if Weber wasnt a shell of his former self most of last year. (*this year he's looked abysmal though)
  8. Yeah, the feeling i got was that the habs were ready to give him a shot with the big club if he went pro this summer. Now it is possible that he just really wants to finish his degree but reading between the lines the team doesnt seem confident they can resign him. Its a shame because he's a guy I have really liked for a while and is one of our most developed players outside the nhl. Speaking of Perry, point production really dropped off this year (like 3 points in 18 games or something this year). He could still bounce back but walking away from a 2 year deal from him this summer doesnt look like the worst choice in hindsight.
  9. Suzuki, when he's not being asked to be like the only top 6 centre we have, I think will be an 85-90point 2 way centre. To me that is elite. Caufield, while he's had a rough start this year, showed me a vision i have not seen on this team since maybe... kovalev? He was just always in the right place - and not by fluke. You'd watch him watch the play, make the calculations and get to the right spots. You couple that with his release & Id actually be shocked if he's not (soon) a 40+ goal scorer. HIs size is the only thing but he's a shifty enough skater (and he's pretty solid on his skates) that I think he'll be fine. Better still, lets trade some assets now too - so we're not only guaranteeing a couple of good years of high picks but also acquiring other teams' too.
  10. Yeah, as the article notes, its technically possible, sure, but its incredibly unlikely. And more importantly, do we want it at this stage? This season has been putrid. Is it better to have a great run, squeak into the playoffs (or finish just outside) or is it better to flame out & draft Wright or Miroshnichenko or Cooley, Slafkovsky or Geekie? Right now we have 2 potential elite players in Suzuki and Caufield. Now is the time to add another (or a few if we can trade vets for high picks/prospects). There's just no point in squeaking by and being 'just good enough" to be in the middle of the pack.
  11. This is good advice. I hope management are thinking like this but doubt they are.
  12. And thats why this year is a write off. If we had been healthy all year i think we're a bubble team. Maybe slightly better if some guys like Toffoli or Caufield had caught fire. But with the hole we've dug? If we get back to being a 'respectable' middle of the pack team we cant overcome the deficit. All we'll do is make our draft pick worth less.
  13. You have to wonder how long Price has been struggling with substance abuse. Does his return mean we get vintage Price? or does his past abuse have no real impact on his game. This will be interesting to see. Obviously first and foremost its about him getting healthy - but i am interested to see how this impacts our team too.
  14. I wonder when the last time was that we got 12 out of a possible 40 points in a stretch during a season...
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